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So you’ve had a look around the TimberTech website, weighed up your options, and decided that composite decking is perfect for you. Great! What’s next?

Well, the first thing you’ll want to do is order a free sample pack. We like our customers to have seen and felt the product they’re buying before they pay for it, so if you want a free sample, all you have to do is click over to our Free Decking Sample page, fill out the form, and wait for your sample to arrive. You’ll receive a small sample of our composite decking and a copy of the TimberTech brochure, and if you don’t like what you see, there’s absolutely no obligation to continue.

However, if you do like the composite decking sample (and we’re sure you will), the next step is to start designing your deck! There are several ways to do this; you can either request a 3D design through or 3D Deck Design service, or just send us the plans you’ve made yourself! We’re happy to discuss any ideas you’ve got in mind.

Once you’ve designed your composite decking, we’ll give you a comprehensive quotation for your project and, if you’re happy, it’s time to build your deck! It really is that easy. Gorgeous composite decking is just a few steps away, so Contact TimberTech today and you’ll be relaxing on your deck in no time.

TimberTech's composite decking doesn't need any help looking great, but if you want to give your decking that little something extra, allow us to introduce you to RadianceRail. This peerless railing system is made from exactly the same hard-wearing, low-maintenance materials as our composite decking products, so it's hard to imagine a better partner for your deck.

Available in black or white, the RadianceRail railing system will bring a modern, streamlined look to any outdoor space. This resilient rail will stay looking resplendent for years, and it never needs to be sanded or re-painted – perfect for busy folks who want their deck time to be relaxing, not filled with chores!

So once again, if you’re worried that your composite decking will look a little lonely on its own, the RadianceRail railing system is the ultimate decking accessory. It’s the definitive decking handrail, with a striking design, no exposed hardware once installed, and a 25-year guarantee! Take a look at our RadianceRail page now.


Composite decking isn’t just for homes. We at TimberTech have undertaken a wide range of commercial decking work for all kinds of purposes, and we’re always ready to take on new commercial decking projects!

If you want to see what kind of projects we have completed in the past, our case studies page contains several examples of our commercial decking work. Particular highlights include the renovation of Tenby Lifeboat Station, and the addition of composite decking to a pair of care homes in South Yorkshire.

TimberTech composite decking can be used in any number of situations. We can provide play places for Schools & Nurseries, decks for Mobile Homes, outdoor dining areas for Hotels, Cafés and Pubs, and much more. 

These are just a few ideas; we are happy to hear from any potential clients with a commercial decking project for us to consider. Composite decking looks fantastic in any setting, and the long-life, low-maintenance nature of our decks mean that you’ll save a lot of money in the long term. If you wish to get in touch with us regarding a commercial decking project you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to email us at or phone us on 02920 371584. There is also a simple enquiry form on our Contact page, so if you’d prefer you can fill that out and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The composite decking that we provide to our customers is beautiful, of course, but those wonderful wooden boards would be useless without an array of decking accessories holding them together. The screws, fasteners and joists are what turn that pile of boards into your own relaxing wooden haven, and while the gorgeous composite decking will always be the focus, we realise that the tools that go with it are just as important.

We only use top quality decking accessories here at TimberTech, and from essential parts like the fasteners to extras like fascia and weed suppressant, we make sure that every aspect of every deck we sell adheres to our high standards. Good composite decking is something of an art, and we do everything we can to ensure that even the smallest of decking accessories are up to snuff.

Still, if we put all of those joists and screws on display, they would probably make the decking itself look a little bit messy. That’s why we try to keep the decking accessories hidden – fasteners are a necessity for any composite decking, but that doesn’t mean they have to be visible! We use CONCEALoc® Hidden Fasteners, which do a great job of holding everything together but don’t get in the way of your lovely composite decking.

So if you want your decking accessories to be just as good as the deck you’re accessorising, TimberTech will ensure that every little part of your composite decking is perfect.

If you’re thinking about investing in composite decking, there is a great way to finish off the look – have a look at our decking handrail designs, the perfect compliment to any of our decking products.

Our decking handrail designs share the same qualities as our high quality decking boards – they look great, come in lots of different colours to suit all tastes, they’re incredibly low maintenance, and weather-proof, and they’re built to last.

If you’re looking for decking handrail designs to match your decking, our range of Ornamental Handrails are just the job. In three shades – cedar, grey or redwood – they perfectly complement our natural shades of decking. There are even integrated handrail deck lights to complete the look.

Maybe you’d prefer decking handrail designs that are a little more modern? Enter the Radiance Rail, which comes in Classic Black and Coastal White – great for a clean, streamlined look to complement or contrast with your decking.

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