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If you want to add a beautiful finishing touch to your composite decking, why not try our Deck Lights on for size? These small LED lights can be incorporated into the decking with ease; they're barely noticeable when they're switched off, but when the sun goes down and your lights come on, the effect will be jaw-dropping.

Our deck lights are available in five different colours, including brilliant white, midnight blue, radiant red, and more. The deck lights themselves are water-resistant and safe to walk on - the LED bulbs don't even generate any heat, so you can step on them barefoot without getting burned!

Colourful deck lights are a fantastic way to add an extra bit of atmosphere to your deck, and there are many different ways to use them; whether you're defining a path or shedding some light on your garden's gorgeous centrepiece, you can do anything with deck lights.

Hardwood decking has plenty of advantages. High-quality, genuine hardwood looks and feels fabulous, and the authentic feel is more than worth the cost.

But hardwood decking can also be a bit of a hassle. Installation can be fiddly, especially if you want your decking to look good, and real wood requires rather a lot of maintenance and care. And then of course come the issues of rot, decay, splintering, and general fading over time. Your tropically-coloured hardwood decking may look great when you buy it, but how long will it stay that way?

That’s why we’re so passionate about composite decking. Installation is a breeze – you won’t require any specialist tools, and the Concealoc system gives you a flawless finish without any difficulty. Better yet, once your composite decking is down, you only need to sweep it and give it a light power wash now and again to keep it spectacular. Stripping and oiling don’t enter into it!

Composite decking is also more durable, resisting rot and decay for decades. For more information on why we believe that composite decking is so much better than hardwood decking, head over to our hardwood decking page.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we at TimberTech couldn't resist running a delicious December decking offer to get you in the festive spirit! Throughout December, our sublime Cedar & Grey edeck Composite Decking will cost just £38 per square metre - that's a saving of over £10 per metre!

edeck Composite Decking is a fine choice for any decking project. The boards look beautiful, and they're sturdy enough to stay that way for years to come. The material is UV stable, meaning that it won't fade from exposure to sunlight, and it's slip-resistant, so you don't need to worry about it getting wet! Whatever the weather, edeck composite decking will stay rot and splinter-free for decades, and it's astoundingly low-maintenance, too.

edeck will make any outdoor space look elegant and contemporary, adding value to your property without a lot of hassle. And this brilliant decking offer makes it all the more appealing, so why not take advantage of our December decking offer and give your garden the gift of cool composite decking today?

TimberTech only sell the highest quality decking, and as such, our customers can rest assured that their deck will last a long time – not just years, but decades. We offer a 25 year warranty on all of our home composite decking installations (10 years for commercial decking), meaning that your top quality decking is guaranteed against rot, decay, splinters and splits for a quarter of a century!

We at TimberTech have a great deal of confidence in the quality decking we sell. We didn’t become leaders of the composite decking market with poor workmanship, and we want our customers to know that the deck into which they have invested their time and money isn’t going to let them down by falling apart or fading away after a couple of years.

TimberTech produce quality decking that lasts for decades and requires only a small amount of care and maintenance. For more details, read our Installation & Maintenance Guide, or visit the Care & Warranty page for more information on our 25 year guarantee.

TimberTech UK have overseen hundreds of decking installation projects over the years, bringing our beautiful composite decking products to homes and commercial properties alike. Some of our more high-profile decking installation jobs have even been featured on TV! Here are some of our favourite composite decking projects from down the years:

Tenby Lifeboat Station

Perhaps the highest-profile decking installation we've ever undertaken, not least because the project was featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs programme! Tenby Lifeboat Station was a listed building in need of some serious renovation, and our composite dekcing products were the perfect solution, especially given the building's proximity to the ocean. Our decks don't warp or rot like normal wooden decks do when they get wet, and several years on, the Lifeboat Station still looks just as great as it did when it was first completed!

Yorkshire Care Homes

This project saw us visiting a pair of council-owned care homes in South Yorkshire and installing over 1,400 square metres of our beautiful composite decking in their outdoor areas. Slip-resistant and low-maintenance, TimberTech's products were ideal for the staff and residents of the home, and since then we have also provided decking installation services for care homes in Monmouth and Dublin.

All of this is a mere taste of what we and our composite decking products are capable of achieving. If these case studies have inspired you to get some composite decking of your own, why not order a Free Decking Sample today? Or you could simply Contact TimberTech for more information on getting your decking installation started!

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