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One of the first things people notice when they arrive at the TimberTech website is the pictures. Our site is positively packed with them, and each and every one is a great example of how beautiful and versatile our composite decking is.

But pictures don't tell the whole story. Lots of products look great when they're new, but after a couple of weeks they'll have fallen apart. We want to prove to our customers that TimberTech products are both great-looking and long-lasting, and who are the best people to ask about that? Our previous customers, of course!

The following reviews all come from real people who bought decking products from TimberTech. So how did the composite decking hold up? Read on to find out...

"I love this decking. After a party with lots of people, there wasn't even a slight scratch on it. The morning after, we just gave it a quick wash and it looked as good as new."

Melanie Smith, Bury

"With bog-standard decking, I'd have spent hours trying to create this lovely grey finish with stains and varnishes and all sorts. But with TimberTech, it's just the shade and finish that I was looking for, without any of the hard work."

Adam Watson, Lincoln

"Two years after installation, the deck looks as good as it did the day it was fitted."

Mr Leslie Layton, North London

"We needed something durable for our sea facing balcony, especially given the marine environment where conditions can be particularly unforgiving. Normal wood decking would warp quickly and become weather-worn in no time at all. TimberTech was perfect for the job!"

Brendan O'Donovan, Project Manager, Tenby Lifeboat Station

"I can't believe how great our decking looks and how simple it was to fit and look after. The grey finish looks really stylish too."

Fergus Donovan, Crawley

Impressed yet? That's just the beginning - our Reviews section contains a whole heap of other reasons to get your decking from TimberTech. Our composite decking is durable, beautiful, and guaranteed to last for years.

If you're not particularly DIY-inclined, don't let that keep you from having beautiful composite decking in your back garden. Our composite decking products are actually not too difficult to install, but you don't have to tackle the decking installation process at all if you don't want to - you're more than welcome to let our experienced decking installation team handle it for you.

Decking Installers

Neil and Jac are TimberTech's professional decking installation duo, and they've been working with wood products like composite decking for decades. As TimberTech employees, they know exactly how our composite decking products work, ensuring that every decking installation they carry out is smooth and efficient.

And once the decking installation is done and dusted, you'll be pleased to discover that your new composite decking products require almost zero maintenance! Just keep your deck tidy, and give it a wash every now and then, and you'll be laughing. TimberTech composite decking is the perfect product for the DIY-averse, so start planning your deck today, and rest assured that our decking installation experts will handle the hard bits!

The weather may not be at its best right now, but mid-January is actually the perfect time to start planning your dream deck. Why? Because it will soon be springtime, and that's when you'll want to come out from under your duvet and spend some quality outdoor time with your friends.

And what better place to hang out than on a gorgeous TimberTech deck in your back garden? If you want your dream deck to be completed by the time the sun comes out, it's best to start planning it now. The first thing to do is take a look at your garden's current state and think about where your TimberTech deck could go - you could build it right up against your home as a kind of outdoor extension, or you could put it right up the other end of the garden and use it as your own personal relaxation zone. It's always nice to have a place where you can get away from the stresses of the day!

Once you've got a basic idea for your TimberTech deck, it's time to come to us! Have a browse of our website first to see what kind of decking ranges are available, and then contact TimberTech to discuss getting your project started. We'll help you through every step of your decking installation, and your beautiful springtime relaxation spot will be ready to use before you know it.

So you already know how beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance our composite decking products are, but are you aware of just how environmentally friendly decking from TimberTech is? We've always been proud of our eco-friendly practices, and yet many people are surprised to discover that not a single tree is cut down to make TimberTech composite decking.

Sound impossible? Our environmentally friendly decking is made of reclaimed wood, which means that instead of cutting down new trees to make our composite wood products, we use waste wood that would otherwise be headed directly for a landfill. This practice saves over 45,000,000kg of wood every year, not to mention all the trees that are left undisturbed.

This method is just one of the reasons why we believe our composite decking to be the most environmentally friendly decking available. We carry out all kinds of other eco-friendly measures on the road to your dream deck, and you can read all about them on our Eco-Friendly Decking page. We believe that sustaining the environment is just as important as providing a fantastic product, and our environmentally friendly decking is as sustainable as decking gets.

January's here, and what would January be without a January sale to ring in the New Year? We at TimberTech love a good offer, and if you're looking to buy yourself a deck this year, you're sure to be thrilled by our new deal. We've extolled the virtues of our sleek glass balustrade many times in the past, and there's never been a better time to bag yourself a balustrade because for this month only, you'll save £27 on every metre of glass balustrade you purchase!

The TimberTech glass balustrade system is an essential addition to the contemporary deck. It provides a bold and stylish outline for your decking area, and the crystal-clear glass that makes up the barrier won't get in the way of your view. The eye-catching combination of glass and stainless steel makes for one fabulous design, and the high quality materials ensure that your glass balustrade will stay pretty for years.

This fantastic glass balustrade deal can be found on our Composite Decking Sale page, along with the other fantastic decking deals we're offering this month. Check them out now, and save yourself a packet!

Oh, and on behalf of everyone here at TimberTech...Happy New Year!

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