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Of course our wood composite decking has its rivals, and at TimberTech we haven’t done any ‘sweeping under the carpet’, instead, we’ve ridden out and faced them head-on! Softwood, hardwood, and plastic all offer their services to the decking world, but as you’re about to find out, none do it as well as our own composite decking!

Vs. Hardwood

Hardwood decking is a beautiful thing, and so it should be considering how many trees are pulled down to make it! We all like a slice of the genuine, authentic, and real, but sometimes the alternative offers a far better material to live with. Hardwood may look good now, but in order to maintain it you’re going to need to strip and oil it regularly – this is a time-consuming and potentially messy job that just isn’t necessary with wood composite decking.

As well as being maintenance-free - and a much more responsibly-sourced option - wood composite decking is also a lot safer! Hardwood decking can crack and cause hazardous splinters to appear, it can also collect algae and become slippery. You see, wood absorbs around 50% of water meaning it takes an age to dry, our TimberTech decking on the other hand absorbs just 1.2% meaning it’ll dry in just 30 minutes. In the inevitably-wet environment that is Great Britain, it makes so much more sense to have a slip resistant material like wood composite decking.

Vs. Softwood

Our decking looks a lot like traditional timber boards, only it is going to cause you a lot less fuss in the long-run. Not only that, but even when it comes to installation our decking is by-far the easiest option! The kind of softwood decking you’d be likely to find at your local DIY store can be a real nuisance to fit – they may also require specialist tools, and can result in loads of wasted wood!

TimberTech is made from a patented mix of polymer and wood flour, so there are no knots, and therefore no wasted wood! It truly is one the easiest decking materials to install, and we even sell accessories to make your job easier still. Plus, wood composite decking also requires none of the same maintenance and care that both softwood and hardwood do – so why guarantee yourself regular labour? 

Vs. Plastic

Plastic or PVC decking has the right idea, but if you’re going for the manufactured option, our composite boards are still miles ahead! Plastic decking is maintenance free so it definitely has that advantage over softwood and hardwood flooring. The problem is, plastic decking can look a little cheap and flimsy, as well being susceptible to bowing, flexing, and splitting. TimberTech deck is also maintenance free, but there is nothing inferior-looking about our boards – we have worked hard to reach an aesthetic level that matches the finest of real woods, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

And although plastic may require little maintenance, it doesn’t back up its quality with a 25 year guarantee like our composite deck does! Plastic may be the slightly cheaper option, but it looks it, and in a period of time you will soon see why!

So there you have it, softwood and hardwood look good, but require a heap of work to keep them looking so. Plastic decking doesn’t come with this issue, though on the other hand it doesn’t have the same quality or looks that the woods do. Our TimberTech deck really is by far the most superior material: it has all the pleasing and natural looks of the woods, but like plastic requires no regular preservation; and as an added bonus it’s easy to install, and will keep on pleasing you for years and years to come!


September has almost come to an end – we know, it’s really flown – and so anyone looking to take advantage of this month’s decking offer had better move quickly!

We’re currently offering a fantastic discount on our beautiful edeck Cedar decking – it usually costs £48.57 per square metre, but if you place your order on this side of October the 1st, you’ll get it for just £33 per square metre. That’s a saving of more than £15 per m2!

The edeck boards are slip-resistant and, like all TimberTech composite decking, spectacularly low-maintenance. Cedar is a beautiful choice of colour, too, with a nice, natural look. It’s just as appealing as timber decking, and far more versatile!

To enquire about ordering our discounted Cedar decking, call 029 2037 1584 or email today.

When we talk about ‘decking accessories’, we’re usually referring to our CONCEALoc® products – the screws and fasteners that are practically invisible once installed, leaving your flawless new deck unfettered by unsightly fixings.

That, however, is a blog post for another day. Today we’re talking about a different kind of decking accessory – the kind of accessory that looks appealing and adds interest to a space. These decking accessories will really help you to feel at home on your deck.

Right, now that we’ve hacked through the semantics, allow us to share with you some of our favourite decking accessories...

Coloured Lamps
Every deck needs lighting – especially at this time of year, when the nights are starting to draw in – but nobody ever said that lights had to be boring. Top design boffins have harnessed the power of LED lighting to create colourful lamps like the one in the image above. Great for adding a bit of vibrancy to the deck – some of them even change colour! 


A British favourite – those little triangular flags tend to be our first port of call when decorating the garden. Bunting looks great at any time of year, so why wait for another royal wedding? Get the bunting out and string it up in your outdoor space today.


Reclining Chairs
You may have to pay a pretty penny for a recliner that can survive life in the garden (weatherproof armchairs tend not to come cheap!) but if you can get your hands on one, you’ll really, really appreciate the benefits. Just go out into the garden on a sunny evening, glass of wine in hand, and sit back as far as that chair will go...we feel relaxed just thinking about it!


Fondue Set
It could be a cheese fondue, or it could be a chocolate fondue like the one in the picture above; either way, it’s hard to imagine the gathering of friends that wouldn’t enjoy having a fondue set at their centre! We’d advise you to place the fondue set on a table or mat of some sort, rather than straight onto the decking – you wouldn’t want to leave a burn mark. Other than that, just make sure everybody’s got a fork and tuck in!


Finally, we couldn’t finish off this list without mentioning fountains. A water feature will add elegance anywhere it’s placed, and we think that fountains look especially nice on deck. Don’t you agree?

Bunting image credit: jjagner
Fondue image credit: Wendi Kelly

Balcony decking with a sea view

A balcony is something to be treasured – if your house has one, you’ll surely want to make it look as good as it can! There are many ways to beautify a balcony, but we’ve always felt that composite decking is an especially effective option for outdoor spaces above the ground. 

We frequently provide balcony decking for customers throughout the UK, and given how good these balconies end up looking by the time we’re finished with them, balcony projects definitely rank among the most rewarding of all! Just take a look at this beautiful decked balcony in Shoreham:

Decked balcony in Shoreham

Love that sea view! Of course, natural-looking deck boards aren’t the only thing we can offer our clients. Every balcony needs a balustrade, and we’ve got plenty of great options on that front, too! Round off your brand new balcony with a gorgeous glass balustrade; you can even get it without the handrail if you’d prefer an uninterrupted view.

A balcony is a peaceful outdoor retreat that offers its owner a beautiful view and a quiet place to relax. We’re of the opinion that decking makes the perfect companion for such a space, and once you’ve seen the beautiful balcony decking that peppers our gallery, we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree.

Did you see Through the Keyhole with Keith Lemon on Saturday night? Did you spot the decking in Bruno Tonioli’s garden, about five minutes into the episode?

That delightful deck – the one just behind Keith Lemon himself in the screenshot above – was provided by none other than TimberTech! The Strictly Come Dancing judge used our VertiGrain decking, and we think it complements that pretty green lawn rather perfectly. 

In case you’re not already acquainted with Through the Keyhole, it involves a panel of celebrities who are shown the house of another mystery celebrity and asked to guess who the house belongs to. The new, Keith Lemon-hosted version is just the latest incarnation of a programme that’s been on our screens since the 1980s; some of you may remember the original version, hosted by the late David Frost and starring Loyd Grossman as the presenter who would show viewers around each house before asking, famously, “who would live in a house like this?”

We were thrilled to see our cedar composite decking pop up on ITV last Saturday, and the best part is that you can give your garden exactly the same treatment as Bruno Tonioli gave his! If you’d like to find out more about our cedar decking - and how you could add it to your outdoor space – get in touch with us today!

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