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It doesn’t take long to start realising the advantages of composite decking. Imagine someone has written down the biggest problems and annoyances associated with traditional timber decking – well basically, our deck remedies every one of those issues, and as such makes for an exquisite flooring surface! Now if you just bear with us for a moment, we’d like to talk you through the advantages of composite decking, and why it’s the benchmark for all other floors:

Advantages of composite decking.

Little to No Maintenance

Nobody enjoys carrying out maintenance on their property, and there is nothing much worse than unnecessary maintenance! Timber decking requires regular staining, sealing, and painting just to keep it looking half-decent; we’re already pretty limited with our days of sumptuous weather as it is, do we really want to spend one or more of them with a paint brush in our hand?

Safety First

Remaining safe in your property should always be a large consideration, and that’s why our decking remains one of the most slip-resistant available. Not only will you be able to freely roam your decked area without fear of a nasty slippage, you will also be able to roam barefoot without fear of a splinter. Our decking’s ability to resist slips and splinters makes it one of the safest outdoor walking surfaces money can buy!

Long-Term Investment

When making an investment in something large like a decking project, you want the comfort of knowing it is going to last! Timber decking splits, splinters, and warps, but our decking boasts a 25 year guarantee that ought to prove just how serious we are. The careful manufacturing process ensures an extremely durable material, and its long-lasting properties will protect it from all of the elements!

The advantages of composite decking are ones that you’re going to feel and enjoy for a lifetime! To begin your journey to decking heaven, visit our website for more information.

Here at TimberTech, we pride ourselves on the quality of our composite decking, and if you read our reviews you will see that we most certainly do not disappoint our customers! However, occasionally we think it’s important to show you why our lovely customers are so satisfied, and why TimberTech’s reputation is indisputable.

The Case Studies section of our website details lots of examples of our fantastic composite decking in action in various locations around the UK, but our latest is really quite special, so we thought we’d tell you a bit about it.

This is our Michaelston case study where Mr Davies transformed his Michaelston-le-Pit property with the help of TimberTech. After receiving some free samples of our EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple and a visit from our in-house architect, plans to completely transform the property were well under way!

Mr Davies ended up with a new deck made from our Silver Maple-coloured composite decking boards and some frameless glass balustrades fitted to his new decking, to provide a chic and sophisticated finish, completely transforming the appearance of his home.

If you want to breathe some life into your outdoor space but you’re not sure how, why not give us a call on 029 2037 1584 and we’ll see what we can do for you. Alternatively, request a free sample to check out the quality for yourself! 

We’re nearing the first day of December which means just one thing: the whole country is poised ready to begin the festivities that mark the Christmas holiday period. For some this means new gifts, spending copious amounts of time with questionable family members, and several self-induced food comas. For us here at Timbertech, Christmas marks one of the best seasons to get even more excited about our quality deck lights!

Now we don’t want you thinking our deck lights are a novelty item to be cast-aside in January – the joys of deck lighting last for a lifetime, and not just for Christmas. We just think that this time of year is a perfect one to install these lights as the way they beautifully illuminate your outdoor space is oh-so Christmassy! 

Not only are deck lights the ultimate Christmas decorations, but you’re also getting something you can use, enjoy, and cherish all-year-round! They’ll act as high-quality fairy lights throughout December, but they’ll work just as well in August when the sun sets and they bathe your home and garden in a fluorescent glow.

Why not grace your home with our contemporary and alluring deck lights just in time for Christmas? You can save yourself the fuss of having to get tangled up in the wires of fairy lights, and instead make a long-lasting light investment in your outdoor space!

When it comes to choosing the right material for your outdoor deck you are inundated with different options. The decision-making process can be a little overwhelming: do I want PVC, plastic or composite decking? What are they and what is the difference between the three? This guide aims to answer all of your questions about PVC, plastic and composite decking, helping you find the right decking material for your project with ease.

Plastic Decking

The primary benefit of plastic decking is its low-maintenance nature. This synthetic decking option requires little to no looking after, and once it’s laid down your job is pretty much over. Having said this, plastic decking cannot provide the gorgeous natural look and feel of natural wooden decking and often comes in a limited shade range, so while you might be getting a low-maintenance decking choice you are likely compromising the aesthetic qualities of your garden too.

  • Low maintenance option
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as wood/composite
  • Water resistant but slippery in wet conditions

PVC Decking

PVC decking is considered to be slightly more sophisticated than plastic decking (despite it coming under the plastic family). It is made entirely from polyvinyl chloride, an incredibly hard and strong plastic, so requires little to no maintenance after installation. PVC decking offers significant fade, stain and mould resistance and a number of varying colour options providing a more diverse choice than plastic decking, but still doesn't have the gorgeous wooden deck feel that most people prefer. 

  • Likely to be the most expensive option
  • Artificial finish
  • Water resistant but slippery in wet conditions

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made partially from plastic but contains a blend of wood and polymer to imitate the gorgeous earthy tones of wood decking with the moisture resistance of plastic decking. As well as looking the part, composite decking is easy to maintain and is close to natural wood in the way it feels underfoot - providing excellent grip! It is an environmentally-friendly option, with its wood and plastic components often saved from landfill sites. Composite decking is often easier to work with and install than plastic decking because it behaves more like wooden decking. 

  • Easy to work with
  • Excellent slip-resistance and moisture resistant
  • Similar in appearance to wood decking

So when it comes to choosing your garden deck, it might seem like you’re inundated with choice, but really, there is only one answer: composite decking. If you’re still not entirely convinced then why not browse our composite decking range, order a sample and observe and feel the high-quality and aesthetically pleasing properties of TimberTech decking for yourself!


A lot can be said about the way our low maintenance composite decking performs, and in particular, the way it stands up to the elements. This pleasing property not only makes for a low maintenance composite material, but it also ensures your deck will carry on looking sumptuous years down the line.

Now the usual routine would be to list the many advantages of TimberTech, and explain how it stands up so well to weathering, warping, and general wear and tear. Instead though, we thought we’d talk about the competition, as they don’t quite cut the mustard like our low maintenance composite boards do.

Softwood Decking

Softwood is a popular choice among homeowners, and once freshly laid it looks strong, stout, and sturdy. The problem is longevity – if it is not going to stay looking this good, then why set yourself up for inevitable disappointment? Softwood decking absorbs water and this will be the root of its eventual decay. Long periods of moisture will eventually lead to mould and mildew build-up, and the deck itself will soon suffer from splits and splinters. It may look good to start with but softwood decking – even with regular maintenance – has the shortest lifespan.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decks may fare a little better than their softwood counterparts, but only if you put the time in. Regular staining, sealing, and oiling are required to keep the decks impermeable, though they still will splinter and split. There is also an ecological concern as most hardwoods come from the very tropical forests we’re trying to protect!

Plastic Decking

While the other two suffer from water damage, you may think plastic decking will help you lead a maintenance-free life. This is not quite the case, as PVC decking is highly susceptible to cracking and bowing, which can cause major problems. Plastic decking can also get extremely slippery when it’s wet, and while the wooden decks have a luxurious look to them, plastic decking can look, well… a bit plastic.

As you can see, all of these decks have their positives and pitfalls; none of them, though, can boast being completely maintenance-free. Our low maintenance composite boards, on the other hand, look as good as the wooden decking, and let in as little moisture as the plastic – and as if that wasn’t enough already, we also offer a 25 year residential warranty, so you know we’re not kidding around.

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