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Capped composite decking

Our fantastic range of EasyClean composite decking is made with the most cutting edge of decking technology, and is our primary range of capped composite decking. What is the difference between composite decking and capped composite decking, you ask? Though our traditional composite decking contains all the usual impressive TimberTech qualities (slip-resistance, low maintenance and of course the gorgeous aesthetic beauty of all of our decking colours and styles), the capped composite decking is the future of composite decking development.

Our capped composite decking incorporates a protective sleeve which completely protects the TimberTech boards from the elements and ensures that the boards remain impervious to moisture and algae. This takes the typically low-maintenance composite decking to the next level, not only requiring hardly any cleaning, but assuring you that your deck will withstand the test of time, continuing to transform your outdoor space for many years to come. The other benefit of the protective polymer sleeve is that it creates a wipe-clean surface for all of our EasyClean ranges- meaning any stains or spillages can simply be wiped clean in an instant. 

Capped Composite Decking really is the future in decking technology, and our EasyClean range currently contains two different colour options: the gorgeous Silver Maple and the rich Brown Oak.

However, we are pleased to announce a new range of capped composite decking which we'll be unveiling in 2015. Our new range, Easyclean Legacy, will utilise the capped composite decking technology and offer even more stunning colours and textures for you to choose from when decking your outdoor space. In addition, there will also be new colours in the current EasyClean range.

Not only will any of our capped composite decking products take your design to the next level, but rest assured you will have decking which is easy to clean, easy to maintain and completely safe for children and family members with its slip-resistant nature. Capped composite decking really is the Rolls Royce of modern outdoor decking.

As you know, at TimberTech we're always encouraging our customers to make the most of their outdoor space. Seeing as we've now hit October - and more significantly, Autumn - this may not seem quite as applicable, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare your garden accordingly.

Here are 7 ways in which you can prepare your garden this Autumn, to ensure you can go on enjoying your garden for the rest of the year.

1. Take this time to evaluate what you liked and didn't like about your garden, what worked and what didn't, then think about redesigning accordingly.

2. Sort out your landscape by removing dead leaves, debris, and any fallen stems off flowers, shrubs or plants.

3. Consider planting mums or pansies this Autumn - these will add definite colour to your garden!

4. Think about moving any plants that are in containers indoors to protect them against the changing elements.

5. Divide perennials and plant new bulbs to encourage new growth and economically add new life to your garden.

6. Cover any tools you may usually leave outside, and also clean and maintain your garden tools as a whole.

7. Trim your trees of any dead branches before they drop themselves and potentially damage your garden.

If you are looking for a modern and contemporary flooring solution that requires no maintenance whatsoever, we really can't recommend our Grey plastic decking boards enough!

A quick glance through the various colour options of our plastic decking boards shows some beautiful and striking tones, but if you want something completely unique and effortlessly-cool you have to consider Grey. As well as being sleek, silvery, and striking to the eye, our Grey decking comes in three different varieties depending on the effect, finish and fit you desire.

Whether you want to breathe some life into a more traditional house by giving it a contemporary deck, or find the perfect outdoor flooring surface for your swanky and stylish apartment, you can guarantee these Grey boards will transform your area - and that's not even the best bit!

The greatest thing about these plastic decking boards - as with all of our decking - is that unlike timber, our composite has the weather-resistant properties which will make it a doddle to maintain. We're talking scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, frost-resistant, slip-resistant, and with a 25 year guarantee your beautiful new deck is going to resist the usual signs of ageing and weathering all other materials will inevitably face.

So if you're looking for a thoroughly modern deck with classic good looks, our Grey composite decking is the one for you.

Our Gardendreams range allows you to create a comfortable little retreat in your very own wilderness! Made from toughened glass panels and a sturdy aluminium frame, these structures are as robust as they are ravishing!

You can either use our Gardendreams structures as an extended part of your indoor space, or as an additional garden feature in itself - its versatility means it works around you and your home.

All of our structures come with a sliding door that allows you to create an unspoiled transition between your home and garden. At TimberTech, we fully endorse the idea of utilising your outdoor space to its full potential!

The enclosed nature of these structures means you can enjoy them all year 'round! Simply pop in a heater for those cosy winter evenings, and open the doors on those sumptuous sun-filled afternoons - bliss.

Choose from either graphite, grey, or white; and start visualising your stunning extension today!

Grey canopy

Have you seen our Gardendreams range yet? These structures are a brand new addition to our collection, and they're already selling like hotcakes! The photograph above shows a canopy that we provided for a customer in Danescourt, a suburb in the western part of Cardiff.

Here's the story. The customer in question was driving past our showroom on Hadfield Road when one of our Gardendreams constructions caught his eye. He popped in to enquire, and he was soon completely sold on the merits of our products. He decided that the contemporary look of our weather-resistant aluminium canopies would be perfect for his garden, and looking at these photos, we wholeheartedly agree!

Project in Cardiff 

The customer worked closely with Mark, our Gardendreams sales executive, to ensure that he was making the right choice for his home. He went for a Graphite Grey structure, and we sent an architect over to Danescourt to measure the patio and make sure that everything was in order.

Patio furniture 

But our involvement in this project didn't end there. The customer requested the assistance of our professional installation team, so Neil and Jac visited the property in Danescourt and constructed the whole thing for him.

As you've seen in these photographs, the results of this work look very lovely indeed. Our customer now has the perfect place for a spot of rest and relaxation - even when it's raining, he'll be able to get some good use out of his patio furniture!

If you'd like a beautiful Gardendreams canopy for your home, call 029 2037 1584 to speak with a member of our team.

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