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On the deck in spring

Spring is here, and the weather has taken a very welcome turn for the best! With the sun finally out, now is the perfect time to spend a little quality time on your deck; here are a few ideas for how best to spend these sunny days:

  • Host an outdoor dinner party: Given how few opportunities we Brits get to do so, it's easy to forget how nice it is to eat outdoors. An al fresco dinner party is spectacularly easy to set up - just place a table and a few chairs on the deck and you're ready to go! Bring your food out from the kitchen course by course, or - if you don't feel like cooking - buy a selection of picnic food and have your own outdoor buffet!

  • Have some drinks on the deck: Now that the evenings are getting warmer, you and your friends should have plenty of opportunities to crack open a bottle and watch the sun go down. Wine always tastes better when you're drinking it outdoors!

  • A spot of sunbathing: It's hard to resist catching a few rays when there are actually rays to catch! A deck makes the perfect place to sprawl on a lounger with a good book, a magazine, or just a pair of sunglasses and the fresh air!

If you don't have a deck, don't worry - there's still time to transform your garden in time for summer! Click here to order a free sample of TimberTech's composite decking, or contact us to find out more about what we can do for you and your outdoor space.

The weather is beginning to warm up now, but the joy of sliding into a bubbling hot tub can be appreciated at any time of year! If you're lucky enough to own a hot tub of your own, of if you're thinking of splashing out (no pun intended) on this luxurious new feature for your home, bear in  mind that TimberTech decking is ideal for hot tub surrounds.

Why? Well...

  • It's slip-resistant. One hazard that hot tub owners must be wary of is the possibility of slipping on water that has been splashed around the edge of the tub. Our composite boards may well be the closest thing to non-slip decking on the market; using our hot tub decking will help to minimise the risk of a nasty fall.

  • It won't stain. Unlike other forms of decking, TimberTech boards don't need to be sealed to keep water out. The composite wood has a very low absorption rate; any excess water will remain on the surface and evaporate quickly, preventing stains, mould, and mildew from forming on your pristine deck.

  • It comes in all kinds of different designs! Composite decking is a very good look for a hot tub surround; our contemporary wooden boards will ensure that your tub really stands out!

Click here to learn more about TimberTech's swimming pool/hot tub decking, or order a free sample to take a closer look at what we have to offer!

As well as transforming homes and gardens across the United Kingdom, TimberTech's composite decking products are also used to make over a number of commercial properties. Public houses and restaurants are great places to spend a warm spring/summer evening. They provide social avenues and allow us to embrace the outdoors in the warmer months, and as such, it's important for these outdoor areas to be aesthetically pleasing and inviting to customers who wish to enjoy the facilities. 

TimberTech's outdoor decking solutions ensure durability, low-maintenance and slip-resistant properties as well as being extremely beautiful - all of this makes our products the perfect option for pubs and restaurants, making the area look lovely and contributing to health and safety properties too! 

Here are some examples of TimberTech's composite decking being used in commercial properties around the UK. 

Terra Nova, Bar & Restaurant, Cardiff Bay, South Wales

The Terra Nova bar and restaurant in Cardiff Bay is a popular evening and nightlife spot, and it needed a stylish outdoor decking area where customers could enjoy the wonderful view and ambience. The Terra Nova team chose our gorgeous edeck decking in grey.


Inn on the Green, Public House & Mediterranean Restaurant, Solihull, West Midlands

Inn on the Green has a very quaint outdoor decking area with benches for customers to truly enjoy this beautiful location. They thought our VertiGrain decking would do just the job - and we completely agree!


O'Neills, Public House, Birmingham, West Midlands

O'Neills also thought our VertiGrain deck boards would be a perfect fit for the outdoor area of their public house. The warm brown tones are inviting, and the non-slip properties are perfect for this location.

If these examples have inspired you to look into purchasing some composite decking for your commercial property, why not get in touch? Our experts can help bring your vision to life, starting with a phone call to 029 2037 1586 today.

Are you looking for a stylish, low-maintenance decking solution that can stand up to the elements? Do you want an authentic-looking deck that can simply be wiped clean in the event of a spill? In that case, allow us to introduce EasyClean Legacy, the latest addition to our product range and quite possibly our best composite decking option to date.

Earthwood EasyClean Legacy decking

A spiritual successor (in both name and functionality) to our extremely popular Easyclean Terrain range, EasyClean Legacy is a 'capped' composite decking product; each board has a protective sleeve that keeps your deck safe from inclement weather and allows you to wipe any stains away with ease.

In addition to these helpful features, we also feel that EasyClean Legacy is one of the best-looking composite decking solutions on the market. Available in several different colours, these composite deck boards are practically indistinguishable from traditional hardwood decking - they're sure to look absolutely fabulous in your outdoor space.

If you would like to learn more about EasyClean Legacy decking, call the TimberTech team on 029 2037 1584 or click here to order a free sample.

Commercial decking projects

We at TimberTech UK are lucky to have been involved in so many high-profile commercial decking projects over the years.  From Tenby Lifeboat Station to Watermark Holiday Homes, we’ve worked with some truly amazing spaces over the years, and our composite decking products have never failed to do those spaces justice.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that we are still very much in demand as a supplier of commercial decking; here are three stunning projects from the last year or so...


Cardiff Pointe decking

Cardiff Pointe

Location: Cardiff Bay
Type: Luxury Apartments

Cardiff Pointe is a complex in Cardiff Bay that contains a number of beautiful homes and luxury apartments. We were asked to supply 418m2 of Grey composite decking for this project, and we think that this was a fantastic choice – the Grey edeck boards look utterly perfect in this contemporary setting. Click here to read more about Cardiff Pointe.


RES office decking

Renewable Energy Systems

Location: Hertfordshire
Type: Business Premises

RES is a globally-active organisation that specialises in renewable energy and its use in modern society. As an avowedly eco-friendly company, composite decking was an obvious choice for RES (did you know that no trees whatsoever are cut down in our manufacturing process?), and our Slate VertiGrain boards look fantastic in the shadow of the nearby wind turbine. Click here to learn more about this project.


Celtic Manor decking

Celtic Manor Lodges

Location: Newport
Type: Holiday Lodges

You’ve probably heard of Celtic Manor – it’s the luxury resort where the 2010 Ryder Cup and this year’s NATO summit were both held. This means that Celtic Manor has hosted top sportsmen and world leaders alike, and so the decking that we supplied for Celtic Manor’s new lodges earlier this year gave us no small amount of pride. 700m2 of Cedar Reliaboard decking were used to give each lodge an attractive outdoor space where holidaymakers can now enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset. Click here for more information about the Celtic Manor lodges.

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