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It’ll soon be Christmas, so it’s time to start thinking about how your TimberTech decking can reach its full festive potential. We have put together a selection of decorative ideas that are sure to complement all of our TimberTech products.

Add a Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath is the perfect outdoor decoration, combining evergreen branches with decorative ribbons and pine cones. We think a Christmas wreath (or two) would look gorgeous hung from your TimberTech Radiance Rail

Let There Be Light

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without lights. If you haven’t already, we recommend investing in our Energy-Efficient Led Decking Lights. Available in five different colours, these lights will not only make your decking look incredibly Christmassy, but they will also ensure you can use your decking safely throughout the winter months – a great investment or gift.

Alternatively, you could invest in some waterproof Christmas lights and intersperse them through your trees and wind them around your decking to achieve a similar festive effect!

Beautiful Baubles

Add a touch of Christmas to the garden with some beautiful outdoor baubles. We think silver and red baubles, like the ones you see here, perfectly complement our EasyClean Terrain Composite Decking in Silver Maple. For warmer decking shades like Elm or Birch, you could use gold and copper baubles to achieve a similar effect.

Decorating your outdoor areas for Christmas can be just as fun as decorating the house! These are just a few ideas, but we’re sure once you start, you’ll think of many more. 

Here at TimberTech, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with low maintenance composite decking that never needs to be painted or stained. If you choose to invest in our high-quality decking boards you’ll save yourself so much money in the long run, because our boards do not require costly and time-consuming annual maintenance.

We offer 3 different types of composite decking at TimberTech - EasyClean, ReliaBoard, and VertiGrain 2 - none of which ever need to be painted.


EasyClean Ranges

Our EasyClean deck boards are capped, meaning they’re protected by a polymer sleeve. This sleeve preserves the look and quality of your decking with absolutely no effort from you (besides the occasional wipe clean). You can choose from our EasyClean Terrain/Terrain+ Range, our EasyClean Tropical Range, or our EasyClean Legacy Range – all of which are come with a 30-year warranty.

ReliaBoard Range

Our ReliaBoard decking offers a durable and eco-friendly substitute for hardwood decking. Unlike conventional hardwood decking, our ReliaBoards never need to be sealed, sanded or stained. This means you can achieve the desired effect of natural wood, without purchasing expensive paints or stains to maintain it.

VertiGrain 2

Similar to our ReliaBoard range, VertiGrain 2 decking allows you to achieve a beautiful real-wood effect with none of the associated upkeep. The only thing you need to do to keep these deck boards looking beautiful is to treat them to the occasional jet wash to remove surface dirt.

Bear in mind, if you do decide to go against our recommendations and apply paint to your TimberTech decking, it will make your 30-year warranty invalid and you will be forced to regularly maintain your decking regularly to keep it looking uniform.

So, in theory, you can paint your composite decking if you really want, but with TimberTech, you NEVER have to and we highly recommend that you don’t!

If you have any other queries about this matter or our deck boards in general, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Do you have an outdoor area that could be enhanced using TimberTech’s Deck Lights? We bet you do! To help you feel inspired we have put together some decking light ideas that we think would look beautiful in lots of different gardens.

Mood lighting

If you’ve had a chance to take a look at our range of deck lights you might already know that they are available in five different colours making them perfect for creating different atmospheres in your garden.

Amber – Amber would be an excellent choice if you want to achieve a romantic, soft, atmosphere on your decking or surrounding areas. They would also be a great choice if you are worried about upsetting neighbours with bright lights on your property.

Green – would beautifully compliment a garden filled with greenery – the green light is less harsh than white lights, for example, and would accentuate the lush natural tones in your garden.

Red – While red might seem a little unorthodox, we think that red lights would be a great choice for stairs, steps or any other hazardous outdoor places. Installing these deck lights could help prevent falls or accidents.

White – White lights are a very popular choice of decking light; white lights are timeless and appropriate for all occasions. These lights would be excellent if you have especially dark areas of decking area or garden that you would like to use at night time.

Blue – Blue lights look stunning when they’re installed around any outdoor area, but they look especially appropriate around bodies of water such as a pool or pond.

Multicolour – Of course, if you’re feeling brave, why not have a variety of our different coloured deck lights installed to create a unique look in your garden? Perfect if you like to host parties or if you’re a little indecisive about which colour would suit your garden best!

All of our deck lights are available in two finishes – clear lenses for directional light or frosted lenses for a more diffused effect. Both equally beautiful!

The Specifics

Our lights are all IP67 rated, meaning they can be fully submerged in water – so no need to worry about them getting damaged when it rains.

We’ve also eliminated the need to go outside to switch on your deck lights, they can all be operated remotely using an on/off key fob.

Each light is made with 319 marine grade stainless steel so it should last you a lifetime – and just in case you have any problems with your deck lights, all of them come with a 2-year warranty!

So, what’s stopping you?

We want your garden and your decking to reach its full potential. Find out more about TimberTech’s decking lights today! Click here, or call us on 029 2080 3756.

If you’re thinking about hardwood decking boards, then what a great choice! Compared to the mass-produced, softwood boards you get in your DIY superstore, they’re a lot better quality and come in those gorgeous tropical hardwood colours too.

But before you make your mind up and buy hardwood decking boards, have a look at our decking products – you might have second thoughts about what sort of decking you choose.

While hardwood decking boards look great, they do come with their problems. After their first season of looking all new and shiny, you’ll have to spend time the following year sanding and staining them. They can get really slippery and hazardous in the wet weather, and let’s not mention the environmental impact of cutting down all those trees.

So have a look at TimberTech – our products are greener and cleaner, and make all kinds of sense. Our Earthwood Evolutions range come in tropical hardwood shades like teak, walnut and rosewood, so you’ll get the effect of hardwood decking boards but without the maintenance or the environmental impact. Have a look at this article for the full story on TimberTech vs hardwood decking boards.

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