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Traditional timber requires a lot of work to make it look its best, and whatever the quality of timber used, it can all too easily fall prey to deterioration. It also requires regular and extensive maintenance. That’s why so many people look to artificial or composite alternatives to traditional timber when looking to build outside projects such as decking areas. But there is still the issue of finding an alternative to wood that has an authentic wood look to it. 

Reliaboard is a new product that meets the needs of those seeking an alternative to real timber that also has a traditional, authentic wood look. Reliaboard is a composite decking board that is characterised by an extremely realistic wood grain surface that makes it almost indistinguishable for wood from contemporary timber decking boards.


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We all dream of lazy summer days relaxing in the garden. And thankfully, summers in the UK seem to have become much brighter. This means many people are wondering about the best way to create an area where they can sit and enjoy the company of others. Decking has become a very popular choice and there are many different materials it can be made from. 

Composite decking is one of the best materials to use

VertiGrain 2 is one particular type of composite wood that is able to combine the look and beauty of real wood together with the durability and minimal maintenance composite wood products require. Its surface has an attractive grain that really makes it look and feel like wood. But there’s none of that time-consuming maintenance you’d expect if you chose hardwood or softwood decking. It also has a natural texture that mimics the appearance of real wood perfectly and it is also missing the repetitive V-pattern that immediately gives composite wood away. There are two different types of VertiGrain 2. One is grooved and compatible with the CONCEALoc® hidden fastening. Ungrooved boards are the other option and these are fixed using colour matched deck screws.


The garden deck is both a practical and beautiful addition to your home and its surroundings. A well-designed deck creates an area of interest in what might otherwise be a banal stretch of ground, and a focus for plant arrangements, lighting and seating. The deck is invariably an extension of the main house, a way of bridging that chasm between indoors and outdoors. A deck can be straightforward, just a simple platform across rough garden terrain. You may want to extend your indoor living area by placing the deck outside of a French door. You may want an even deck or a tiered deck, a regular rectangle or a fashionable, hexagonal shape. Whatever deck you choose, you want to get it right.


 Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Decking and More Time Enjoying it

It's getting towards that time of year when our decking gets the most use. We all love to spend some quality time in the sunshine, but nobody likes cleaning their decking. If you are planning to have friends around though, that's exactly what you'll need to do. Our Easyclean Terrain capped decking boards will make that laborious task much easier!


Currently discounted by 20% in our sale, this revolutionary decking material is super easy to clean. The secret is that each board is capped with a layer of protective polymer, making it almost entirely waterproof, and much more resistant to dirt and stains. They can be cleaned using nothing more than a damp cloth!


Decking is so popular these days because it’s an easy way to add value and versatility to your property. What’s more, it is one of the most pleasurable places people can gather to have a good time. Why not make those late night gatherings on your deck more comfortable by adding some discreet lighting.


Lighting up the decking is the cost-effective solution to this problem, especially if it is done in a visually appealing way. How else can you take full advantage of the visual appeal of the rich colour and texture of the wood? Fortunately, decking lights which can add a touch of class to your decking are now available.

There are several varieties of decking lights to choose from, depending on the kind of setting you want to install them in. You can bathe the entire setting in a glow of light that brings out most of the aesthetic properties of the wood or you can utilise understated but gorgeous light which is just bright enough to serve its function.


Recent innovations in lighting have opened up the possibilities for illuminating the decking. Application of LED lights has recently gained popularity because they consume very little energy and they can easily be placed on, around or in the decking. They are great at adding definition to the decking area. 

LED lights are fabulous looking and they add a bit of discreet elegance to the decking area. Not only are they weatherproof, they are sturdily built and are completely safe to walk on, even in bare feet. You can turn your decking into a safer and more relaxing area by simply lighting up the space. 

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