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Purchase cost-effective composite decking this Christmas! TimberTech provides high-quality decking that enhances the value of your home. The fantastic floor is low maintenance and attractive to buyers in case you want to resell. Whether you are experiencing cold winters, stormy conditions or hot summers, TimberTech manufactures decking products that are durable and long lasting to withstand any weather condition. 

December Offer

Improve your garden with TimberTech’s high-quality decking! Request free composite decking samples, and you will have the samples in 24 hours. During this  year’s festive season take advantage of our fantastic offer. The offer includes a 50% saving on the purchase of edeck Cedar deck boards. The edeck Cedar deck board is available at discount price of £28 per Meter square plus VAT. The offer is only available for December deck deliveries.

Features of the affordable edeck board

edeck is available in cedar or grey colours. The floor has a consistent look with zero colour shade variations and is resistant to fade year after year. It has a brushed surface with two colour options. Additionally, the adorable deck has 25 years warranty for residential use while deck board for commercial use has a 10-year warranty. 

Take advantage of the fantastic December half price offer to decorate your home with TimberTech edeck cedar deck boards!


TimberTech's tasteful selection of grey decking ensures you can make the perfect choice for all your outdoor space requirements. Our superb quality composite decking enjoys numerous advantages over traditional wood decks, whilst still creating stylish, timeless results. As an environmentally responsible company, TimberTech uses reclaimed hardwood timber combined with polymer resins to produce top quality deck boards to satisfy all tastes and needs. We also offer capped composite decking which has the added protective component of a moisture resistant polymer sleeve that proves highly effective against staining and spills which can be simply wiped away. Whichever composite decking you select, you can be assured that we supply deck boards providing long life durability with minimal maintenance, a pure wood look that does not compromise on quality or appearance.

ReliaBoard Grey

This is a popular deck board option combining striking contemporary appeal and taste with hard-wearing durability. Unlike standard timber decking, ReliaBoard requires virtually no maintenance and with its flat-grain surface, it is practically identical in appearance to recently felled timber. With no need to seal, sand or stain, unlike plastic boards, the ReliaBoard Grey does not crack or bow over time, making any decking project stress-free and fully guaranteed with a 25-year warranty.

EasyClean Terrain Stone Ash

With their grained texture, our composite decking retains an authentic hardwood appearance that beautifully matches traditional timber decking. The striking ash colour of our boards is highly suited to a modern outdoor space and makes a stylish statement. The additional bonus to these deck boards is their wrap-around sleeves which shield the composite material from moisture. Our quality decking means you can enjoy carefree barbecues and summer evening alfresco dining without having to worry about food and drink spillages. The protective sleeves produce a wipe clean surface, so red wine stains are no longer a problem! Together with trouble-free installation using TimberTech's convenient CONCEALoc fasteners or colour coordinated screws, you can also enjoy peace of mind with our 25-year warranty.

EasyClean Terrain + Silver Maple

This is an elegant choice of decking, perfect for contemporary, understated outdoor spaces and modern gardens, lending style and elegance to your surroundings. These special boards benefit from the dual-colour 'Spectrum' process which involves putting the boards through the composition procedure once for the base grey colour and then a second time to add the rich, darker shades. By applying this process, the boards boast their sumptuous colour, bringing character to your outdoor project. They will not splinter or rot and, together with virtually no maintenance, will be a welcome addition to your garden environment with the added protection of our 25-year warranty plus additional fade and stain warranty.

EasyClean Tropical Storm Grey

Whatever your outdoor space needs, these beautiful deck boards can meet them with their durability and robust quality. With the added benefit of a polymer sleeve, the wrap-around material shields the boards from moisture as well as spillages. Due to their moisture resistance, they are effective against slips, particularly when considering toddlers and pets. Unlike plastic boards, they do not warp, crack or splinter and do not lose the vibrancy of their stunning colour. With standard timber decking, maintenance is a regular feature but these gracefully grained capped boards require next to no maintenance to keep them looking pristine through the years.

VertiGrain 2 Grey

An elegant composite decking, the subtle tones of these grey boards would particularly complement the clean lines of state-of-the-art buildings. Durability combined with the benefit of minimum fuss maintenance ensures that you can spend time enjoying your garden without the worry of having to regularly treat your boards to keep them in good condition.

EasyClean Legacy Ashwood

This graceful capped decking evokes a contemporary elegance, accommodating modern tastes and active lifestyles. You have all the benefits of beautiful, long-lasting boards combined with minimal maintenance. TimberTech prides itself on providing products to the highest standard and these stunning silver-grey decks are no exception. Safe and slip-resistant, this capped decking will protect your boards against the ever-changing British weather and is perfect for placing in your garden near or underneath trees and low hanging foliage. No matter the volume of rainfall, these deck boards are supremely impervious to moisture and will not rot or warp. With a wipe clean surface, you can rest assured the EasyClean Legacy Ashwood is robust enough to withstand the tests of time and weather.



Remember, remember, this month of November! There is no reason, this mid-autumn season, not to invest in your garden. 

Most people who purchase some of our durable and beautiful composite decking wish they'd done it sooner. That's why we decided to make November a month of opportunity with some scorching prices for those who have been considering improving their property with a garden deck, but haven't yet got around to it. 

We understand - a garden deck seems like a big investment that will require lots of time, energy and maintenance. Meet our TimberTech composite decking. It's made from reclaimed wood and polymer resins, is easy to install and is fade and stain resistant. What's more, our 25-year residential warranty is testament to its durability. Oh, and it looks gorgeous too, being so close to wood in appearance that we know you'll be impressed. 

What we love about our decking products is that they make life easy. They are straightforward to install and a breeze to maintain. In fact, that's the origin of our motto, "Less Work. More Life." - and we mean it. We want you to enjoy your piece of the great outdoors for years to come, with the minimum of effort. 

If you're still looking for a reason to make this November the month of the garden deck, here it is. We're offering a 43% saving on our Edeck deck boards in Cedar, a warm and natural looking finish that compliments many styles of architecture, from traditional country house to high-tech minimalism. At just £37.00 plus VAT per m2 during the month of November only, now's the time to buy so that you can be watching the fireworks from your superb garden deck a year from now.


Looking to improve your garden by creating the perfect space to unwind and entertain outdoors on a warm evening? TimberTech's EasyClean Ashwood decking and glass balustrade offer the ideal pairing to bring this fantastic garden feature to your home. 

Ashwood decking

TimberTech's Ashwood decking comes in a beautiful silver-grey colour and a huge range of fashionable garden designs. If silver grey is not your thing, the decking is available in mocha and tigerwood too. You also have a choice of a grooved or ungrooved profile. This decking is perfect for busy homeowners with an eye for contemporary fashion. 


Like all of TimberTech's products, the gorgeous silver boards of the Ashwood decking require virtually no maintenance at all. Every board is fitted with a wraparound coating that keeps moisture out, and makes it very easy to clean up in the event of a spill. The wrapping makes this decking perfect for the merciless British weather; whatever Mother Nature throws at it; the decking will stay looking lovely for years to come. 

The boards are 24mm thick with each board having dimensions of 4.8m by 136mm. TimberTech provides a 25-year warranty with fade and stain cover included. 

Glass Balustrade

The perfect partner to the Ashwood decking is Timbertech's glass and stainless-steel balustrade. This balustrade adds a modern feel to the decking and is both elegant and extremely functional. The style will fit in with any kind of home whether you're in the country, in the city or at the seaside.


The glass panels give you a great view of your garden, with the stainless-steel handrail finishing the design in striking form. Plus, every post comes with a base plate cover which hides the fixings and gives every part of the balustrade an extra bit of shine. 

Not only is this product beautiful and functional, it's also exceedingly strong. The handrail, made of satin polished marine grade 316 stainless steel, is much stronger than any wooden equivalent. The glass panels are 10mm thick with toughened ultra-strong glass that will never shatter. 


The balustrade is modular and so very easy to assemble. Each post is 48mm across. Maximum post centres are 1200mm. Glass panels of up to 1400mm can be added. The handrail can be fitted with rigid saddle supports or jointed so you can fit stairs. 

If you want to find out more about Timbertech's products, call 02920803756.



Install Composite Decking for a Year-Round Low Maintenance Outdoor Living Space

With the arrival of autumn, you may already be seeing the effects of the damp weather on your existing decking - and dreading the inevitable slippery surface over the winter with the need for jet washing, timber treatments and rotten wood replacement to come. 
Is there any way around this? Yes! 

Modern technology has developed the perfect solution in composite decking, a beautiful and low maintenance product created from recycled hardwood and polymer resin, which provides a beautiful low maintenance outdoor surface which is safe and slip-resistant in all weather conditions.

With our October sale, now is the perfect time to install composite decking or replace your existing timber decking, giving you an all year-round surface which requires practically no upkeep. Composite decking has a beautiful wood-grained texture, does not rot or lose its colour and is wipe clean making it fabulously easy to care for. The polymer wrap-around sleeve gives outstanding fade resistance and keeps out any moisture, meaning your decking will not splinter, warp or rot. 

Our composite decking comes with an outstanding 25-year warranty with stain and fade cover. The wasteful and tiresome cycle of timber treatments and replacing damaged wood will be gone forever. Our decking products are also environmentally friendly, using reclaimed, sustainably sourced wood - in fact, no trees are cut down for our production!

We have two very special offers representing great savings for our customers now available in our October sale:

Edeck Cedar Deck Boards now on offer for just £40 per m2 plus vat - a saving of 33%.
The ideal solution if you love the authentic organic appearance of natural of cedar wood, with its traditional appeal.

EasyClean Terrain Birch (Grooved Boards) at only £51 per m2 plus vat - a fantastic saving of 25%! This beautiful monotone board has a sandy light brown shade and blends seamlessly into all sorts of settings with its clean, modern appearance.

So don’t delay - delivery must be completed by the end of October to qualify for these fantastic deals!



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