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Here at TimberTech, we often hear broad statements being made about composite decking that put people off choosing it for their gardens. We’ve dispelled some of the most common composite decking myths so that you can continue your search for new garden decking knowing all the facts!


FICTION: Composite decking looks nothing like wood decking…

FACT: Over the years, the methods used to manufacture composite decking have been refined, meaning that more wood-like colours and textures can now be achieved.

Here at TimberTech, we currently stock five different ranges that all offer different wood-like qualities in thirteen different shades. This means our customers have lots of options when it comes to selecting a style and colour they like. We can also combine different colourways to create unique, combination deck designs like the one you see here.


FICTION: Composite decking is the most expensive decking option on the market…

FACT: The complex way that composite decking is made means that it can often be a little pricier than your average plastic or wood decking initially. However, composite decking will save lots of money in the long run.

TimberTech offers highly durable and practically maintenance free composite decking that means you are guaranteed to save money on; replacing damaged boards, and on purchasing sealants, paints and stains. Unlike wood or plastic, composite decking is a once in a lifetime purchase for most homeowners, so our customers generally don’t mind paying a little extra up-front for a high-quality product.

Environmental Impact

FICTION:  Composite decking isn’t eco-friendly…

FACT: Composite deck boards are often made using responsibly sourced recycled wood and plastics that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Each year TimberTech recycle 332,000kg of material! This includes; 49 million kilograms of post-industrial wood flour and plastic. We also opt for a closed loop manufacturing process that saves 780,000 litres of water from being wasted every day.


FICTION: Composite decking is difficult to install compared to other types of decking…

FACT: The installation process for Composite decking is very easy and, as long as it’s installed correctly, shouldn’t need replacing or altering once it’s finished. Composite decking can be installed over the top of various materials including concrete, creating a deck that’s often referred to as a floating deck. TimberTech supply all the information you need to install your own deck if you’d like. Alternatively, our TimberTech installation team, who have 35 years of experience, are happy to install your deck for you! Making installing your deck incredibly stress-free.


FICTION: You need to paint/stain composite deck boards annually…

FACT: If you purchase high-quality composite decking, such as TimberTech decking, you’ll never need to paint or stain it. The board pigments are added when they boards are manufactured, and the capping applied to the surface of the boards protects the colour for years to come. At TimberTech use UV-resistant pigments in their decking to reduce the amount the pigments fade over time, meaning you can enjoy your decking and put maintenance to the back of your mind.

Now that you know all of these composite decking facts, you can decide whether or not composite decking is the right choice for you. If you’d like to find out more about TimberTech composite decking, click here or give us a call on 029 2080 3756.

We at TimberTech truly believe that composite decking is absolutely the best choice on the market. However, a quick Google search for something like 'composite decking problems' reveals that the internet is full of people with harsh words for composite wood materials like ours. Some say that composite boards are overpriced and fake-looking, while others suggest that their quality is inferior to that of hardwood decking.

Well, we can't speak for all composite decking suppliers (indeed, we're well aware that many of the people in our industry sell very poor-quality products indeed), but we don't feel that any of these criticisms are applicable to TimberTech deck boards. Today, we'd like to address some of the most commonly-cited composite decking problems and explain why TimberTech customers needn't worry about a single one of them.

"Composite decking doesn't look as good as real wood."

Most of the people who make this point are referring to the idea that, since composite decking is partially made of synthetic materials, it loses some of the natural warmth and 'authenticity' of traditional timber decking.

Now, to be fair, many composite deck boards do look very cheap when compared to hardwood products; however, TimberTech's luxurious composite decking is specifically designed to emulate the beauty of natural wood as closely as possible. Our boards have textured finishes and an authentic-looking wood grain that's practically impossible to distinguish from the real thing; if you need proof, we suggest you take a look at our stunning wood-effect Reliaboard range:

Browse the Reliaboard Range > 


"Composite deck boards don't last as long as other materials."

Again, the veracity of this claim depends on the quality of the composite materials in question. Hollow composite decking is notoriously short-lived, often bowing and cracking within a few months of purchase; however, TimberTech's solid composite decking is far sturdier, which is why we offer a 25 year residential warranty with all of our deck boards.


"Composite wood materials scratch very easily."

Not ours! As mentioned above, our capped boards are far sturdier than most others, and decking from our EasyClean ranges even comes with a protective sleeve that's great at preventing scratches (as well keeping out moisture).


"Composite decking is overpriced."

Good-quality composite decking is rarely cheap, but it's unfair to call it 'overpriced'. You tend to get what you pay for with any type of outdoor flooring material, and you can rest assured that, however much money you might have saved on cheap, inferior deck boards, you would have ended up spending a lot more on repairs, maintenance, and - ultimately - replacing your boards outright. Paying that extra little bit for a top-quality product is a far more cost-effective decision in the long run, not to mention the fact that you'll save yourself a lot of hard work and elbow grease!


But enough about the (largely unfounded) complaints about composite decking - what are the benefits of composite wood boards?

If you're still not convinced, we'd be happy to send you a free sample of our composite decking to help you make up your mind!

Order Your Free Sample!


We at TimberTech are very proud of our reputation as an environmentally friendly enterprise. A lot of decking products are decidedly unfriendly as far as the environment is concerned, and we're pleased to offer an alternative solution that consumers don't have to feel guilty about purchasing.

So what makes our decking such a green choice? It's all to do with the way it's made. Whereas the hardwood decking industry relies on deforestation, our eco-friendly composite wood decking is made of recycled materials, which means that no trees whatsoever are cut down to make TimberTech's high-performance deck boards. Instead, we use wood from the furniture and flooring industries that would otherwise be thrown away; this is then turned into wood flour and combined with high-grade polymers to create a truly outstanding product that's both stronger and greener than traditional timber decking.

Of course, reducing deforestation and keeping usable wood out of landfills are just two of the ways in which we fulfil our environmental responsibilities here at TimberTech. Here are some other examples of how we're minimising our impact on the world around us:

  • All of our packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Our recycled decking requires no chemical treatment, which keeps harmful agents out of the ecosystem
  • We are compliant with ISO 14001 standards
  • Our products have a significantly longer lifespan than other decking materials, reducing wastage
  • Our manufacturing processes use energy-efficient lighting and a closed loop water system
  • TimberTech's outdoor lighting products use low-voltage bulbs

As you can see, we really do lead the pack when it comes to being green. If you want to add a deck to your property without causing undue harm to the world around you, TimberTech's recycled decking is the perfect choice - click here to order a free sample, or visit our Eco Decking page for more information.

Composite decking suppliers

Great Britain is home to a lot of composite decking suppliers, but we at TimberTech UK firmly believe that we offer the best products and the most comprehensive service of all. Here are five reasons to choose us over our competitors:

1. We have a better, higher-quality range of composite decking products than anyone else. From eye-catchingly contemporary designs to more traditional boards that emulate the authentic beauty of real wood, we at TimberTech UK have an exceptionally extensive range of options for customers to choose from; furthermore, our decking products have been proven to outperform almost all others. Click here for further details. 

2. You can see our products in the flesh at our outdoor living showrooms. Why buy your composite decking blind over the web when you could visit one of our showrooms and take a closer look at what you're purchasing?

3. We'll help you to design your new deck. If you don't already have a firm design in place, our in-house architect can collaborate with you to plan your dream deck and ensure that it's everything you want it to be.

4. We'll also help you to install it! Our professional installation team are experienced and extremely knowledgeable - they've been working with composite decking for decades, and they'll complete your project to a very high standard indeed.

5. We are the decking specialists. For many of our competitors, composite decking is just one product in a whole range of outdoor accessories. TimberTech UK, on the other hand, specialise in composite decking, which means that we know a lot more about the products we sell and how they perform once installed.

If you're ready to begin your TimberTech journey, give us a call on 029 2037 1584 or click here to order a free sample of our top-quality composite decking.

Of course our wood composite decking has its rivals, and at TimberTech we haven’t done any ‘sweeping under the carpet’, instead, we’ve ridden out and faced them head-on! Softwood, hardwood, and plastic all offer their services to the decking world, but as you’re about to find out, none do it as well as our own composite decking!

Vs. Hardwood

Hardwood decking is a beautiful thing, and so it should be considering how many trees are pulled down to make it! We all like a slice of the genuine, authentic, and real, but sometimes the alternative offers a far better material to live with. Hardwood may look good now, but in order to maintain it you’re going to need to strip and oil it regularly – this is a time-consuming and potentially messy job that just isn’t necessary with wood composite decking.

As well as being maintenance-free - and a much more responsibly-sourced option - wood composite decking is also a lot safer! Hardwood decking can crack and cause hazardous splinters to appear, it can also collect algae and become slippery. You see, wood absorbs around 50% of water meaning it takes an age to dry, our TimberTech decking on the other hand absorbs just 1.2% meaning it’ll dry in just 30 minutes. In the inevitably-wet environment that is Great Britain, it makes so much more sense to have a slip resistant material like wood composite decking.

Vs. Softwood

Our decking looks a lot like traditional timber boards, only it is going to cause you a lot less fuss in the long-run. Not only that, but even when it comes to installation our decking is by-far the easiest option! The kind of softwood decking you’d be likely to find at your local DIY store can be a real nuisance to fit – they may also require specialist tools, and can result in loads of wasted wood!

TimberTech is made from a patented mix of polymer and wood flour, so there are no knots, and therefore no wasted wood! It truly is one the easiest decking materials to install, and we even sell accessories to make your job easier still. Plus, wood composite decking also requires none of the same maintenance and care that both softwood and hardwood do – so why guarantee yourself regular labour? 

Vs. Plastic

Plastic or PVC decking has the right idea, but if you’re going for the manufactured option, our composite boards are still miles ahead! Plastic decking is maintenance free so it definitely has that advantage over softwood and hardwood flooring. The problem is, plastic decking can look a little cheap and flimsy, as well being susceptible to bowing, flexing, and splitting. TimberTech deck is also maintenance free, but there is nothing inferior-looking about our boards – we have worked hard to reach an aesthetic level that matches the finest of real woods, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

And although plastic may require little maintenance, it doesn’t back up its quality with a 25 year guarantee like our composite deck does! Plastic may be the slightly cheaper option, but it looks it, and in a period of time you will soon see why!

So there you have it, softwood and hardwood look good, but require a heap of work to keep them looking so. Plastic decking doesn’t come with this issue, though on the other hand it doesn’t have the same quality or looks that the woods do. Our TimberTech deck really is by far the most superior material: it has all the pleasing and natural looks of the woods, but like plastic requires no regular preservation; and as an added bonus it’s easy to install, and will keep on pleasing you for years and years to come!


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