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So you already know how beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance our composite decking products are, but are you aware of just how environmentally friendly decking from TimberTech is? We've always been proud of our eco-friendly practices, and yet many people are surprised to discover that not a single tree is cut down to make TimberTech composite decking.

Sound impossible? Our environmentally friendly decking is made of reclaimed wood, which means that instead of cutting down new trees to make our composite wood products, we use waste wood that would otherwise be headed directly for a landfill. This practice saves over 45,000,000kg of wood every year, not to mention all the trees that are left undisturbed.

This method is just one of the reasons why we believe our composite decking to be the most environmentally friendly decking available. We carry out all kinds of other eco-friendly measures on the road to your dream deck, and you can read all about them on our Eco-Friendly Decking page. We believe that sustaining the environment is just as important as providing a fantastic product, and our environmentally friendly decking is as sustainable as decking gets.

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