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If you're thinking of adding a raised deck to your garden, here are a few ways that you can cleverly incorporate a creative and functional design into your outdoor space:

Add a Sunken Hot Tub

Hot tubs should not be placed on top of our deck without the correct concrete foundations, so a sunken design is the perfect way to ensure safety and easy access to your tub.

Make a Platform for your Garden Dining Area

Raised decking doesn't have to be substantially higher than the rest of your garden to create a striking visual impact , as you can see from this low-rise platform below.

Add Rounded Edges for a Sleek, Modern Finish

Raised decking doesn't have to be squared off, in fact, our product is so versatile that you can create stunning smooth, curved edges.

Create a Stylish Step Design 

For sloped gardens, why not improve your access to lower areas by adding steps to your raised deck area? A glass balustrade will also give you an unrestricted view over the rest of your space.

For more deck design ideas, browse our gallery or follow us on Pinterest!

Raised decking

TimberTech's composite decking installation experts are currently hard at work building a brand new deck in Cardiff. They've been sending over photos of the job as they do it, and we thought we'd share them with you to give you an idea of how a TimberTech deck comes to life!


Decking frame

This is how all of our decks begin: a skeleton, waiting for those beautiful boards to be laid on top! Raised decking is relatively rare in the UK, so the finished structure (which will wrap right the way around our client's house) will really stand out from the crowd.


Deck boards

By the time this photo was taken, our boys had started to lay the boards - our decking is a lovely colour, isn't it?


Deck with handrail posts

Things were really starting to take shape by this point. Those posts are part of an ornamental handrail (also in Cedar, so as to match the decking) that will be placed around the edge of the finished deck.


Raised decking steps

As we mentioned earlier, this is a raised deck, and our installation specialists have included a set of stairs that will allow people to access the deck from ground level. Don't those steps look beautiful? We love how seamlessly they transition into the deck itself.

If you live in Cardiff or the surrounding area and you want to add a deck to your property, why not do what this client did and visit our outdoor living showroom? It's only a short walk from the centre of Cardiff; alternatively, you can give us a call on 029 2037 1584 or email info@timbertechuk.co.uk to discuss your decking project.

Raised decking

A lot of our customers call or email asking our advice on how to build raised decking. Many people think that decking is only suitable for flat gardens, and might be difficult to fit on a slope or a raised surface.

Fortunately, that's not true. We've fitted our decking on the steepest of slopes and the highest of balconies. Here, we tackle some of the common myths that people encounter when thinking about how to build raised decking.

Myth #1: Decking is only suitable for flat gardens.

We've had so many customers with sloping gardens ask us how to build raised decking. Many of them doubt that it's possible, but rest assured, it is!

Have a look at our decking galleries for lots of real-life examples of our boards in action. You'll see raised decking in all kinds of situations, from raised porches on park homes to decks with steps in sloping gardens. No matter what type of garden you have or what decking you fancy, we can help you find a solution that works with your space and requirements.

Myth #2: You can't use decking on balconies.

Nope - quite the opposite. Decking technology has come a long way in recent years, and all of our decking boards are suitable for use on balconies and roof terraces.

Myth #3: Decking has to be flat against the ground.

No - raise it up, we say! Shape steps out of decking for your sloping garden. Build a balcony and enjoy the elevated view. Add a surround to your hot tub and sip bubbly under the stars. Treat your holiday home to a veranda and enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors.

Browse Our Decking Boards

So you see, you need never worry about how to build raised decking again. Just contact the TimberTech team for advice on products that'll elevate your outdoor experience.

Raised decking case study

We recently helped a couple in South Wales to add a raised deck to their picturesque property in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Raised deck in South Wales

Read our case study to see more photos of this project!

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Decking is just for people with flat gardens, right? Wrong. This summer, the only way is up, and we’ve got loads of raised decking ideas on our site, from using decking for balconies to tackling tricky sloping gardens.

If you’ve got a balcony, composite decking is the perfect solution. It’s virtually no-maintenance, it survives whatever the British weather can throw at it all year round – and it looks fantastic too. We’ve even got one product – Floorizon – that’s especially designed for use on balconies. Have a look at our balconies and roof terraces gallery for some great raised decking ideas.

Perhaps you’re looking for raised decking ideas for a sloped garden? Our team have loads of experience of using raised decking to find the perfect solution for a decked area on a slope.

We’re getting a lot more customers choosing raised decking outside their park homes, caravans, mobile homes and park homes lately. TimberTech is absolutely perfect for these sorts of leisure homes, where people want to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of high maintenance flooring. Visit the holiday home section for loads of inspirational raised decking ideas and to find out more. 

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