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One of the first things people notice when they arrive at the TimberTech website is the pictures. Our site is positively packed with them, and each and every one is a great example of how beautiful and versatile our composite decking is.

But pictures don't tell the whole story. Lots of products look great when they're new, but after a couple of weeks they'll have fallen apart. We want to prove to our customers that TimberTech products are both great-looking and long-lasting, and who are the best people to ask about that? Our previous customers, of course!

The following reviews all come from real people who bought decking products from TimberTech. So how did the composite decking hold up? Read on to find out...

"I love this decking. After a party with lots of people, there wasn't even a slight scratch on it. The morning after, we just gave it a quick wash and it looked as good as new."

Melanie Smith, Bury

"With bog-standard decking, I'd have spent hours trying to create this lovely grey finish with stains and varnishes and all sorts. But with TimberTech, it's just the shade and finish that I was looking for, without any of the hard work."

Adam Watson, Lincoln

"Two years after installation, the deck looks as good as it did the day it was fitted."

Mr Leslie Layton, North London

"We needed something durable for our sea facing balcony, especially given the marine environment where conditions can be particularly unforgiving. Normal wood decking would warp quickly and become weather-worn in no time at all. TimberTech was perfect for the job!"

Brendan O'Donovan, Project Manager, Tenby Lifeboat Station

"I can't believe how great our decking looks and how simple it was to fit and look after. The grey finish looks really stylish too."

Fergus Donovan, Crawley

Impressed yet? That's just the beginning - our Reviews section contains a whole heap of other reasons to get your decking from TimberTech. Our composite decking is durable, beautiful, and guaranteed to last for years.

TimberTech only sell the highest quality decking, and as such, our customers can rest assured that their deck will last a long time – not just years, but decades. We offer a 25 year warranty on all of our home composite decking installations (10 years for commercial decking), meaning that your top quality decking is guaranteed against rot, decay, splinters and splits for a quarter of a century!

We at TimberTech have a great deal of confidence in the quality decking we sell. We didn’t become leaders of the composite decking market with poor workmanship, and we want our customers to know that the deck into which they have invested their time and money isn’t going to let them down by falling apart or fading away after a couple of years.

TimberTech produce quality decking that lasts for decades and requires only a small amount of care and maintenance. For more details, read our Installation & Maintenance Guide, or visit the Care & Warranty page for more information on our 25 year guarantee.

Adding a deck to your house can be a costly purchase, and it seems a shame to spend all that money on a deck if, before too long, it's going to need all manner of time-consuming maintenance and expensive repair work.

That's why we at TimberTech are such ardent champions of composite decking. Not only does it look superb, it's absolutely guaranteed to stand the test of time. And when we say guaranteed, we mean guaranteed: all TimberTech composite decking comes with a 25 year warranty. That means your low-maintenance deck will be guaranteed against rotting, splintering, splitting and decaying for a full quarter of a century.*

We're confident that our composite decking is the best and most durable decking around, and we'd love for you to try it out. TimberTech decking is made of a wood-plastic composite, meaning you get the best of both worlds: all the resilience and low-maintenance durability of plastic, with the wonderfully stylish look and feel of good quality wood!

So if your house could be improved by the addition of a deck (and what house couldn't?), remember to come to us. TimberTech's high quality, low-maintenance composite decking simply can't be beaten.

*10 year warranty for commercial installations.

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