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Are you looking for a stylish, low-maintenance decking solution that can stand up to the elements? Do you want an authentic-looking deck that can simply be wiped clean in the event of a spill? In that case, allow us to introduce EasyClean Legacy, the latest addition to our product range and quite possibly our best composite decking option to date.

Earthwood EasyClean Legacy decking

A spiritual successor (in both name and functionality) to our extremely popular Easyclean Terrain range, EasyClean Legacy is a 'capped' composite decking product; each board has a protective sleeve that keeps your deck safe from inclement weather and allows you to wipe any stains away with ease.

In addition to these helpful features, we also feel that EasyClean Legacy is one of the best-looking composite decking solutions on the market. Available in several different colours, these composite deck boards are practically indistinguishable from traditional hardwood decking - they're sure to look absolutely fabulous in your outdoor space.

If you would like to learn more about EasyClean Legacy decking, call the TimberTech team on 029 2037 1584 or click here to order a free sample.

A lot can be said about the way our low maintenance composite decking performs, and in particular, the way it stands up to the elements. This pleasing property not only makes for a low maintenance composite material, but it also ensures your deck will carry on looking sumptuous years down the line.

Now the usual routine would be to list the many advantages of TimberTech, and explain how it stands up so well to weathering, warping, and general wear and tear. Instead though, we thought we’d talk about the competition, as they don’t quite cut the mustard like our low maintenance composite boards do.

Softwood Decking

Softwood is a popular choice among homeowners, and once freshly laid it looks strong, stout, and sturdy. The problem is longevity – if it is not going to stay looking this good, then why set yourself up for inevitable disappointment? Softwood decking absorbs water and this will be the root of its eventual decay. Long periods of moisture will eventually lead to mould and mildew build-up, and the deck itself will soon suffer from splits and splinters. It may look good to start with but softwood decking – even with regular maintenance – has the shortest lifespan.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decks may fare a little better than their softwood counterparts, but only if you put the time in. Regular staining, sealing, and oiling are required to keep the decks impermeable, though they still will splinter and split. There is also an ecological concern as most hardwoods come from the very tropical forests we’re trying to protect!

Plastic Decking

While the other two suffer from water damage, you may think plastic decking will help you lead a maintenance-free life. This is not quite the case, as PVC decking is highly susceptible to cracking and bowing, which can cause major problems. Plastic decking can also get extremely slippery when it’s wet, and while the wooden decks have a luxurious look to them, plastic decking can look, well… a bit plastic.

As you can see, all of these decks have their positives and pitfalls; none of them, though, can boast being completely maintenance-free. Our low maintenance composite boards, on the other hand, look as good as the wooden decking, and let in as little moisture as the plastic – and as if that wasn’t enough already, we also offer a 25 year residential warranty, so you know we’re not kidding around.

TimberTech is the ultimate in low-maintenance decking; we’ve proven that point time and again. But, composite decking aside, what else can you do to dodge time-consuming upkeep in your outdoor living space?

Relaxing in the garden

Image Credit: Spirit-Fire

That’s the question we’re attempting to answer today – after all, gardens are for relaxing, not working! Here are five ways to minimise the maintenance that your garden requires:

  • Plant unfussy flowers
    Some flowers are more demanding than others. When you’re deciding how best to brighten up your borders, try to opt for species that don’t need quite as much attention. Nasturtiums are famously unfussy about the soil they’re in, and they don’t need to be fertilised, either. Then you have your ‘drought-tolerant’ plants (like sedum and sage) which will stay beautiful with only occasional watering.

  • Get your defences up early
    If you are relying on plants and flowers to make your garden look spectacular, it’s important to protect them against predators like slugs and snails. And it’s best to slug-proof your outdoor space now, rather than waiting until after the slimy beasts have had their way with your leafy pals. The internet is full of folk slug defences; pellets, beer traps, salt, and so on. Try ‘em out and see what works for you.

  • Consider alternatives to a grassy lawn
    Lawns need mowing and mowing is hard work, so why not replace your lawn with something lower-maintenance? Bark chips are a popular option, and we at TimberTech have our very own line of low-maintenance paving that’s just as easy-going as our deck materials.

  • Get the family involved
    This one is a bit of a cheat because you’re not really reducing the amount of maintenance necessary...you’re just divvying the work up! A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say, so why not get your family and friends to help you out in the back garden? You could bribe them with the promise of a cold drink when they’re finished.

  • Keep it neat and tidy
    A little work now will save you a lot of work later. If your garden is reasonably well-kept, you’re much less likely to encounter a major problem further down the line, so keep it tidy and perform a few checks every so often to ensure that all is as it should be.

If you’re considering purchasing decking, make sure it’s our low maintenance decking! It may not be the first thing you think about when buying flooring, but trust us, you’ll soon be glad you opted for low maintenance decking when it comes to your everyday allocation of time!

Our statement of ‘low maintenance decking, high quality of life’ may seem dramatic but we’re actually very assured of this. If you are browsing through various decking types, then it might not occur to you that 12 months down the line that you may have to spend a whole day or two of your free time maintaining this.


By maintaining we are referring to the regular varnishing and wood staining that is necessary for timber and softwood decking. What we also mean by maintaining is the replacement of broken or cracked deck that you’d find with plastic and PVC flooring. They don’t mention this on the brochures, and why would they! Decking out your outdoor area is a lifestyle choice, it’s you saying you want to spend more time in your wonderful little outdoor plot – you certainly do not want to spend those days when the weather is nice (and you have the free time) maintaining a deck you could be relaxing on instead.

We are forever telling our children to invest in their future and we think it’s about time we all did the same. Low maintenance decking leaves us more room to do the other things we love, so why buy anything else?

The best thing is with our composite decking, there is no compromise! You get all the benefits of having sumptuous flooring that looks as good as timber, with a 25 year guarantee! All you need concern yourself with is which colour will suit the rest of your house best. 

A lot of people come to TimberTech for plastic decking, but the composite decking products in which we specialise are far superior to mere plastic. Plastic may not require very much maintenance, but is it really a good choice for someone who wants high-quality decking? Not when you could have composite!

TimberTech's composite decks are designed to look and feel like they're made from genuine wood. You might come across 'wood look' PVC decking products while you're browsing the internet, but the effect is simply not the same. Composite decking is made partially from plastic, it's true, but we use a blend of wood and polymer to create a far more natural style. Our decks are just as low-maintenance as plastic decking products, but they're closer to wood in both appearance and feel!

Composite decking is also far more environmentally-friendly than PVC decking. Plastic has never been a particularly eco-friendly choice, and if you’re keen on preserving the planet, you’ll be pleased to hear that all of our materials are renewably sourced. The wood that goes into our decking would go straight into a landfill site if we didn’t use it, so we like to think that we’re doing our bit to keep the planet clean!

We could list hundreds of reasons to choose composite decking over plastic decking, but if you’d rather see some hard evidence of composite quality, why not order a sample today?

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