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The weather is beginning to warm up now, but the joy of sliding into a bubbling hot tub can be appreciated at any time of year! If you're lucky enough to own a hot tub of your own, of if you're thinking of splashing out (no pun intended) on this luxurious new feature for your home, bear in  mind that TimberTech decking is ideal for hot tub surrounds.

Why? Well...

  • It's slip-resistant. One hazard that hot tub owners must be wary of is the possibility of slipping on water that has been splashed around the edge of the tub. Our composite boards may well be the closest thing to non-slip decking on the market; using our hot tub decking will help to minimise the risk of a nasty fall.

  • It won't stain. Unlike other forms of decking, TimberTech boards don't need to be sealed to keep water out. The composite wood has a very low absorption rate; any excess water will remain on the surface and evaporate quickly, preventing stains, mould, and mildew from forming on your pristine deck.

  • It comes in all kinds of different designs! Composite decking is a very good look for a hot tub surround; our contemporary wooden boards will ensure that your tub really stands out!

Click here to learn more about TimberTech's swimming pool/hot tub decking, or order a free sample to take a closer look at what we have to offer!

TimberTech’s composite decking is a proven leading product in the decking industry, providing quality, beauty and efficiency every time. We work hard to provide the best service for our customers in every aspect of the business, and our reviews and case studies speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for either swimming pool or hot tub decking then you should look no further than TimberTech’s decking, because we promise a safe, low-maintenance finish for your outdoor space.

Many companies market their decking as being ‘slip-free’ or ‘non-slip’ but, unfortunately, we can assure you that this is nigh on impossible. There is no magic formula that can make deck boards completely non-slip. What we at TimberTech can offer, however, is the very best slip-resistant technology, meaning that our decking is significantly more slip-resistant than wood. This is due to its low absorption rate (only 1.2%), which ensures that almost all water remains on the surface and evaporates quickly. Thanks to the reflective, inorganic pigments, our swimming pool decking boards dramatically reduce heat build-up too!

TimberTech’s low maintenance swimming pool decking won’t rot, warp or splinter; it will never need painting, staining or sealing; and it will retain its aesthetic beauty for an astonishing amount of time. Our wide range of swimming pool and hot tub decking options include a variety of colours and accessories, which means you can create the outdoor design of your dreams and achieve it with our composite decking.

If you need more inspiration then pop over to our gallery – it’s packed with pictures of our gorgeous TimberTech decking for swimming pools.

What are you waiting for? Request your free sample pack now!



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