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We love it when our customers send us photos of their finished project, not least because we can then share them with everyone else! Our beautiful chestnut decking has brought an extra dimension to this back garden in Taunton, Somerset; we especially love that smooth, curved design, and the way in which the boards go right up to the edge. It's a very modern look, all in all, and we were thrilled when the owner sent in his images. So thrilled, in fact, that we decided to send over a photographer of our own to get an ever closer look at the deck! Our images are above; here's what we received from the owner:

Here's a snap of the garden as it used to be. As you can see, the patio tiles had grown dirty and degraded, putting a bit of a damper on the space as a whole. 

Decking construction begins. This is just the skeleton of the deck, but you can already see the smooth, contemporary shape taking form at this early stage.

And here's the finished product! Doesn't the garden look so much nicer now? The deck is perfect for that sweet little seating set, and with the weather as hot as it is right now, we're sure that our customer is getting a lot of use from it!

If you want to add chestnut decking to your own garden, get in touch with TimberTech today. You can email info@timbertechuk.co.uk, or call us direct on 029 2037 1584. We look forward to hearing from you, and making your dream deck design a reality!

The TimberTech van (pictured above) is a common sight on the streets of Cardiff. Perhaps you yourself have spotted it, en route to the latest installation, ready to bring gorgeous garden decking to another resident of the Welsh capital.

We've seen lots of lovely gardens in Cardiff over the years, and we love adding the TimberTech touch to these appealing outdoor spaces. And then there are the owners; Neil and Jac, our hard-working deck installers, have met all kinds of lovely people on their travels around Cardiff, many of whom were kind enough to leave reviews once their decking was done.

So if you live in or around Cardiff and you'd like some garden decking, there's only one thing to do: pop over to our decking showroom and have a chat with the TimberTech team! We're always pleased to see new faces, and our garden decking experts will be more than happy to discuss designs and installation with you.

The TimberTech showroom is just a stone's throw from the centre of Cardiff, and all of our wonderful decking styles are on display there. You can choose which colour you want, ask for recommendations, and even request a 3D deck design - it's a great experience, and the perfect way to get your dream deck started!

Of course, we don't just provide garden decking to the people of Cardiff. No matter where in the UK reside, our decking products are available to you, so give us a call today on 02920 371584 to discuss decking options.

Garden decking is more than a mere outdoor accessory. It's a way to redefine your entire garden, to make it a far more appealing place to spend your spare time. If your garden is little more than a patch of grass at the moment, it's high time you did something with this blank canvas - a garden is whatever you make of it, and garden decking could be all you need to make it look good!

TimberTech garden decking, much like the garden itself, can be whatever you want it to be. Want somewhere quiet to sit with a book and a glass of wine? A deck is ideal. How about a safe place for the kids to play? Garden decking is great for little ones, and the smooth surface of a deck is far more hygienic than a muddy lawn. Garden decking can play host to classy dinner parties, lively cocktail evenings, and all kinds of other soirées. And think of the big annual occasions; your Halloween and New Year's celebrations will be vastly improved when you toss garden decking into the equation. Imagine spending Valentine's night out on the deck, cuddled up under the stars with your better half! What could be lovelier?

Garden decking has too many uses to list in one meagre blog post. What you get out of it will rather depend on your lifestyle, but you've probably already had a few ideas just from reading this article. Don't let your outdoor space go to waste - order some gorgeous garden decking today!

We love decking that stands out, but there are times when it's more important to blend in. If your garden is a lush green area, filled with the natural beauty of beautiful nature, then adding a sleek, modern-looking deck down in the middle could easily ruin the effect. Your verdant lawn, your dazzling flowers and your rich shrubbery will not look quite at home when placed alongside something that's unmistakably man-made, so if you do decide to deck out your garden then you'll most likely want a deck that looks as natural as possible.

This seems like an issue that composite decking isn't designed to address. Wooden decks may not be as durable or as slip-resistant as composite constructions, but if we're talking about looking natural then surely the natural wood product is going to come up trumps, right?

Perhaps, but before you make up your mind on this score, it's worth ordering a free decking sample from TimberTech. You might be surprised at just how convincing our wood-effect decking is; our Cedar deck boards, for example, are practically indistinguishable from real wood, and they look just as naturally lovely when set against a gorgeous green garden.

Here at TimberTech, we understand the importance of a natural-looking garden deck. We can create a contemporary deck if you'd prefer, with gleaming glass balustrades and superb slate-style boards, but on the whole we prefer the organic look. A garden deck should complement rather than eclipse the outdoor space in which it's situated, and we're confident that once your wood-style composite decking has been installed, it will look like it's always been there. Get started on your garden deck today!

We know what you're thinking: surely it can't be summertime already?! Okay, so there are still a couple of weeks to go before June arrives, but if you want to make the most of the next three months, you'll want to start getting ready now. After all, there's no time like the present!

Having a deck in your back garden is the perfect way to enjoy summer to the fullest. Don't worry if you're currently deck-less, though, because there's still time to rectify the situation before summer starts in earnest. There's a reason why we're writing this article in the middle of May! Garden decking gives you a sensational spot to sunbathe, and if you have children, they'll love running around on the deck while you sit with a good book and a cold drink.

Composite decking is especially ideal for the summertime because, unlike some decking materials, it doesn't require any staining or oiling to protect it from the sun. Nobody wants a deck that looks faded and degraded by the end of its first summer; if you've decided to do decking this year, you might as well do it right! Order a sample from TimberTech today and get your dream deck underway.

(We should mention that this blog post was written under the assumption that the country will see at least a little sunshine this summer. We can't control the weather, but we can at least be optimistic!)

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