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plastic decking

The number of customers who come to us without really knowing the difference between our composite product and plastic decking is quite surprising. Due to the fact that they both provide an alternative to traditional wooden decking, people presume that they must be quite similar, but we are soon able explain to them why composite decking is a much better alternative to a fully synthetic, plastic deck.

While both are far easier to maintain than real wood, the similarities between the two options start and end there. For one thing, plastic decking is not a very green choice, while composite decking is a great way to reduce waste and protect the environment. Created with wood that would otherwise be deemed useless and get sent to landfill, our composite decking is a great choice for gardeners who want to improve their garden while showing respect towards their natural environment.

Plastic decking is also hollow, which can make it prone to cracking and warping under pressure. Unlike composite decking, it is also prone to fading over time due to the elements, which is not something you want from a supposedly long-lasting decking product. If you invest in our composite decking, it will come with the addition of a 25 year warranty, which demonstrates the confidence that we have in the strength and resilience of our product.

Just remember that although you may initially pay less for plastic decking, it is likely to cost you more in the long-term if you intend on making your deck a permanent feature. Not only will it look rather cheap and unconvincing up close, but it will eventually fade and deteriorate far more rapidly than a composite deck. If you would like a more in depth comparison, you can read more about the two decking options here.

If you need any more proof regarding the quality of our composite decking, browse our selection and order your free sample today!

Garden deck with dining set

Your garden is probably the last thing on your mind at this time of year. And, frankly, we don't blame you - it's the middle of January! Most sensible Britons haven't set foot in their back gardens since Bonfire Night.

But while January may seem like an odd point at which to start thinking about doing up your outdoor space, it's actually the perfect time to do so if you want to make the most of your garden in spring and summer. Big home improvements don't happen overnight, and anyone who's thinking of overhauling the garden in 2016 - by adding some garden decking, for example - would do well to start planning those changes now.

So where to start?

If you'd like to add a deck to your home in spring 2016, we recommend that you order some free samples now and start thinking about which boards and which colour/style you'd like to use. This will give you ample time to finalise your deck design and get everything installed in time for the start of springtime, allowing you to dedicate the warmer months entirely to enjoying your new addition!

Any questions? Get in touch with the TimberTech team today!


Traditional timber decking is not one of the safest of surfaces to walk on, particularly in cold and damp conditions. The grooved boards make it easy for dirt and water to settle, which contributes to a very slippery surface. 

While some decking companies will claim to offer 'non-slip' decking, we can tell you now that this is simply not true. Nothing can guarantee you from slipping on any surface.

Having said that, our slip-resistant decking strives to lower the risk of injury as much as possible, and we are proud to say it has achieved the best slip-resistant rating in both Britain and Europe (making it the closest thing out there to 'non-slip' that you will find)!

Two major contributing factors to the slipperiness of decking are power washing and mould; both of which penetrate the wood and open it up to damage, in turn making it even more slippery. Luckily none of these problems apply to TimberTech decking, which is specially designed to avoid these issues while remaining tolerant to heavy-duty cleaning. Our boards take in minimal moisture (less than 1.2% to be exact), and are also quick drying, typically taking 30 mins to dry after a wash or rain shower. This means that they are much less likely to remain damp and slippery for an extended period of time, and are also far more resistant to mould and algae issues.

While no decking can 100% guarantee that you have no chance of slipping on it, we feel pretty confident in saying that ours comes the closest to being able to back up that claim!

Rainy day

If you think you hate the British weather, just imagine how the garden decks of this country must feel. Not only do they get rained on every few days, they're also exposed to a very wide range of temperatures over the course of year; our summers are hot, our winters are cold, and these two extremes (compounded, of course, by the aforementioned rain) can quickly leave a traditional timber deck looking warped, faded, and very sorry for itself.

Fortunately, our composite decking is different. TimberTech's patented manufacturing process produces deck boards that are extremely well-suited to the British climate - whatever the weatherman predicts for your part of the country, you'll never have to worry about what it will do to your TimberTech deck!

Why? Because our composite deck boards are...


Britain may not be known for its hot and sunny weather, but we do get the odd warm spell, and this can leave wooden boards looking warped and unsightly (especially when things brighten up directly after a shower). However, this doesn't apply to TimberTech decking, which is made of polymer resins as well as wood fibres. Our boards are also UV-resistant, which prevents their colours from fading in the sunlight.


Why worry about water damage? Our composite decking is far less absorbent than wooden decking materials; instead of permeating the deck boards and causing unsightly stains, moisture simply remains on the surface of the deck, where it quickly evaporates without doing any damage.


With winter on its way, hardwood decks across the country will be increasingly prone to ice and frost issues over the coming months. These decks must be sealed to protect them from cracking and breaking in cold weather, whereas TimberTech's composite decking NEVER needs to be sealed (regardless of the temperature!)

Click here to order a free sample of TimberTech's composite decking, or email info@timbertechuk.co.uk to find out more about our products.

Are you a professional garden designer? If so, we strongly recommend that you get acquainted with TimberTech's top-quality composite decking! Our products are ideal for all kinds of projects - whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, whether you specialise in small outdoor spaces or large, sprawling country gardens, we're bound to have something to offer you!

Garden design with TimberTech composite decking

Photo from A.P. Marriott Joinery

Here are a few reasons why, if you're thinking of incorporating a deck into your next project, TimberTech's wood composite decking is the perfect choice:

  • Our deck boards come with a 25-year warranty as standard for all residential installations (or a 10-year warranty for commercial installations).

  • TimberTech composite decking is available in a range of colours and styles - we've got a board to suit every outdoor space!

Some of the decking colours available from TimberTech UK.

  • Composite decking is exceptionally low-maintenance; our boards require no sealingstaining or painting, a fact that we're certain your clients will appreciate!

  • Many of our composite decking ranges are compatible with CONCEALoc®, a hidden fastener system that allows you to keep your client's deck free of unsightly visible fixings. Alternatively, we also offer colour-matched deck screws to keep fixing visibility to a minimum.

  • Our composite decking lends itself to all kinds of amazing extra touches - we've seen garden designers seamlessly incorporate steps, benches, picture frames, planters, and many other features into the decks they've created using our boards.

TimberTech's composite decking was recently featured on ITV's Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh, which we feel is a testament to the outstanding quality and beauty of our products. Order a free sample below, or get in touch to discuss your latest project with a member of the TimberTech team!

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