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A veranda (sometimes called a canopy) makes a superb addition to any garden deck. Not only do these stylish structures boost the visual appeal of your outdoor living space, they also provide shelter from rain, meaning that you can continue enjoying your deck when the weather turns bad.

Composite decking and verandas are perfect together - scroll down to see some fabulous photos of our deck boards alongside sleek glass verandas.

All verandas supplied by SunSpaces.


Deck with veranda

The striking grey veranda adds an extra dimension to this outdoor area. And it's as functional as it is fetching - we all love to sit outside in the garden on a sunny day, but thanks to their veranda, the owners of this property can curl up with a cup of tea and enjoy their outdoor space even when it's raining.


Grey deck in back garden with dining set

When you make improvements to your property, you increase its potential resale value, meaning that you'll be able to ask a higher price for it should you ever decide to sell.

Building an extension is a popular way to boost home value, but there are also plenty of things you can do in the garden to make your property more desirable.


Garden with Maritime Grey deck

A customer named Ben recently sent us some smashing 'before and after' photos of his back garden, which has been totally transformed with the help of our EasyClean Edge Maritime Grey composite decking.


Here at TimberTech, nothing pleases us more than seeing our products involved in stunning transformations and recently, this has been the case yet again. This customer chose our EasyClean Tropical Storm Grey Composite Decking as their choice of decking to turn their garden from an out-dated and typical looking space into a much more classy and sophisticated outdoor area. As you can see, with our composite decking now fully installed, it brings a much more open and clean finish to what was once and closed off and tired looking deck. With the assistance of our on-site deck installers, you are able to sit back and watch your decking vision come to life, an additional service which we provide in order for you to relax and leave all the hard work to our professional installation team. 


What makes our EasyClean Tropical Storm Grey Composite Decking such a fantastic choice is not just down to its excellent durability and low maintenance, but the contemporary and trendy up-beat feel it brings. Grey is a popular choice for most home-owners nowadays and we think that this customer has made a great choice in deciding to go with our Storm Grey Decking to modernise their outdoor space with a tropical wood feel.


These decking boards are fully equipped with a fully protective wrap-around polymer sleeve, enabling protection from moisture and spills to be easily wiped away. If you would like to see more of our Storm Grey Decking and view further specifications, please visit our Storm Grey product page here, where samples are available to order.


If you require any further assistance regarding our Storm Grey composite decking, any of our other products or how we can assist with a project, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest showroom or email us   

 alresco dining

If you enjoy alfresco dining, you will benefit from a well-designed decking space in your garden. This is an all-year round option that will instantly transform your backyard. When it comes to garden decking, there are many different designs to suit your budget, lifestyle, and taste. To know more about how to transform your garden space with attractive decking, make sure you read this guide now.

Add a new dimension to your garden
If your garden space needs a makeover in order to make it aesthetically appealing, consider installing a deck. This option is possibly the most attractive look for even the smallest gardens. Decks are perfect for multi-level gardens, softening hard landscaped spaces, and ideal as a low maintenance alternative to slabs. You can easily choose the perfect design that blends with the existing décor of your home. To get a better idea of what you need, just take a look at our website  for inspiration.

Decking options

It is important to determine what your main use for the deck will be. If you enjoy outdoor dining, you will want to create a space that’s within easy access to your kitchen. However, if you intend to use the decking for relaxation purposes, you’ll want to position it in full-view of the sun. For an all-year-round option, consider placing heavy duty parasol for maximum shade. You should also think about installing railings and choosing non-slippery materials, especially if you have children or young guests coming to play in your garden. 

Decking materials

Most decked areas are made from soft wood, but softwood decking requires on-going maintenance, and whilst it may be cheaper to purchase in the short term, it will cost you in terms of time and money in the long-term!

UPVC is a cost effective fashionable option, but the boards tend to creak and groan and expand with changing temperatures. Although this material is durable, it does not look natural.  For the best option, consider composite decking as there are many different options to choose from. This material is weather resistant, eco-friendly, and only requires an annual jet wash.  For the ultimate in low maintenance choose capped composite decking - whereby all you need to do is wipe it down - just like a kitchen floor. 

Composite boards are made from a unique blend of polymer and wood flour that won’t rot, split, fade, or crack. The boards are also slip-resistant and algae-resistant. You can enjoy this type of decking for many years, without the need to replace or repair it. In fact it even has a 25 year guarantee!  

Garden decking has come a long way since the 80’s when the only materials you could find were soft or hardwood timber. Composite decking boards are now widely available everywhere in the UK, as more and more home owners prefer to use this established landscaping material for extending their outdoor living space. 

A well thought-out garden deck can enhance your home’s value and add to its appeal. Unlike most other materials that require regular maintenance, composite decking is so versatile that it can be installed within a matter of days. This is especially true if you hire professional landscaping specialists to build your decks. 

 composite dekcing pattern

In terms of the overall decking design, be as creative as possible. Make sure you discuss with us your requirements from the size of the deck to the way the boards are laid. Also, don’t forget to add railings for safety and if necessary, stairs for access. Decking on different levels would work well if your garden is on flat surface. To get a better idea of the best garden decking designs, make sure you discuss your ideas with us at the design stage - and note that we can look after the complete process - from helping you design your deck to installation using our experienced team of in-house installers.

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