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Deck with bi fold doors

Here at TimberTech, we’re very keen on the idea of creating a seamless transition between the home and the garden. We believe that the garden is as much a part of the home as the kitchen or the bedroom, and we love breaking down the barriers that separate one’s indoor space from one’s outdoor space.

And that’s why we’re so fond of bi-fold doors. Nothing makes the garden feel like a proper part of the home quite like a set of sliding doors; when the weather is warm, there are few greater pleasures than sliding the back doors open and letting the sunshine in!

These images are just a taste of the beauty that can be achieved when you combine TimberTech decking with bi-fold doors. Click here to see our complete gallery. 

A pristine set of folding doors makes a fabulous addition to any home, and they look even better when there's some decking on the other side! If you're thinking of installing some composite decking outside your back door, we'd heartily recommend swapping that back door for some breathtaking folding doors - there's no smoother transition between home and decking!

Folding doors allow more light in, which is great if you want your room to feel a bit more bright and airy. They also go beautifully well with decking, and that's the real reason for our love of folding doors. There's nothing better than throwing open the doors on a hot, sunny day and going out to lounge on the decking. And even if it's raining, the generously-sized windows will allow you to enjoy your decking from indoors!

Folding doors and composite decking are the perfect partnership. If you've already got folding doors, then laying some decking outside is a great way to make the most of them; if you're thinking of installing some decking, why not get a set of fabulous folding doors to go with it?

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