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Everybody loves natural-looking products, and that's especially true in the garden. Some people decide against composite decking because they want the most natural look possible, and so they buy hardwood decking instead. This is something of a mistake, because high-maintenance wood products require far more care and attention than sturdy composite decking does. And besides, when you but it from TimberTech, composite decking looks as natural as can be!

If you want your deck to look just like genuine wood, but don't want to deal with the hard work that comes with it, we've got something to show you. Reliaboard composite decking is a brand new addition to our range, and the flat-grain deck boards look just like authentic, unsullied timber. Reliaboard is practically indistinguishable from hardwood decking, but it has the same sturdy construction as any of our composite decking products.

Reliaboard is exactly what it sounds like: a truly reliable deck board. It will never need staining or sealing, and it comes with a 25 year warranty when installed in residential spaces (10 years for commercial spaces). It's even compatible with the ingenious CONCEALoc fastening system, which makes for easy installation and a seamless finish. Order a free sample today!

Composite deck is a great way to give your garden a much-needed spruce! Don’t get us wrong, decking in general can help embellish your outdoor living space, but our composite deck will keep looking its best for years to come!

When we talk about composite deck we are referring to Timbertech’s quality garden decking. Timbertech deck is actually made up of a variety of cellulose materials which includes hardwood flour and polyethylene; we then use our patented process to create our unique flooring which outperforms timber decking in every department!

That’s all the technical stuff, and the performance of our composite decking backs this all up completely. However, what our decking can also offer you is a massive transformation of your outdoor living area – and because our composite deck is backed by a 25 year warranty it’s a transformation that will last! It’s all very well investing time and money into outdoor improvements, but if you have to work hard every year to maintain them then some of the enjoyment is lost.

The difference that our decking can make to your outdoor space really is grand. The clean, solid, and natural-looking flooring that our decking provides cannot be underestimated! We suggest taking a look around our site and through our galleries to help you visualise the rebirth you could give your garden. Start thinking about how much more you would enjoy your outdoor space if you made it more habitable – there is no better way to do this than by resurfacing an area with gorgeous composite decking.

Not only will you be improving the aesthetics, but you will also be creating less work for yourself. We’ve already talked how little maintenance Timbertech needs compared with other decking, but let’s not forget it doesn’t need watering, mowing, or de-weeding either!

Transform your garden, and your enjoyment of being in the great outdoors, with Timbertech.

Timbertech is quite simply the most superior composite decking available on the market today. We actually have scientific evidence that our composite decking performs better than timber, and other wood composite decking products out there. Here are just a few reasons just why you should choose Timbertech for your outdoor flooring:

Superior to Rivals

We are not completely opposed to timber decking, we just don’t understand why you would give yourselves so much more work when there are superior alternatives out there. Timber decking requires painting, sealing, and staining; plus you’re going to have to upkeep this annually to keep it in a decent condition. Composite decking stands up to water and sun damage brilliantly meaning you can enjoy its beautiful colour and appearance for years to come. As you don’t have to worry about the danger of your deck getting warped you need never replace boards – this means that our decking is the sensible long term investment.

Safety in All Conditions

The best thing about composite decking is that is provides your outdoor space with a slip-resistant surface. This means you can enjoy your decking in all elements making it suited to our changeable weather conditions. Timbertech decking also boasts splinter-free flooring – this offers you the freedom of roaming around without shoes on, should you want to. As well as the above, our flooring stays cool on our hottest days, and even reflects the sunshine to preserve its glorious colour. Timbertech really does provide a safe walking surface that you can get the most out of in all weathers!

Quality & Durability

We’ve already talked about how our composite decking is superior to timber, and this is all down to durability. Timber decking can look stunning, but for how long? Our decking offers you the same striking looks that could grace a multitude of outdoor spaces, but with longevity – guaranteed longevity! Our 25 year warranty comes as a result of our patented process that ensures consistent quality.

Viable Investment

If you have any worries about investing in our superior composite decking then we hope to have helped you understand the calibre of our product. Purchasing Timbertech is an investment in your own precious free time – why waste what little time we have maintaining a deck you could actually be enjoying? And it’s not only our enjoyment of our living space we’d be getting back either, as this decking also increases the value of your home. Remodelling Magazine did a cost vs. value report which estimated that decking additions give nearly 80% returns on their original investment. This means that the investment nearly pays for itself, as well as adding significant value to your quality of life along the way.

 It is very easy to be passionate about Timbertech because it is just so superior to its rivals. It offers you all the beauty of timber decking but with none of the maintenance; it provides you with a safe walking surface that can be enjoyed all year round; we’re also very happy to guarantee the premium durability and quality of the materials we use; and as if that wasn’t enough already, we know that with Timbertech you are getting more than just superior flooring – with our composite decking you’re investing in your time, and in the value of your home.

We offer our customers a variety of different decking products here at TimberTech; we do our best to suit everyone's needs, and regardless of your circumstances - your budget, the size and shape of your garden, etc. - we're fairly confident that we'll be able to give you a great decking solution.

However, there's one composite decking range that really does stand out, and that's VertiGrain. It's right at the top of our range, and while it is a little more expensive, the cost is more than justified. It's extremely high-quality, for starters, promising not to rot, fade, or crack under pressure. Of course, that applies to all of our decking products, but VertiGrain still has the edge: it's available in a far broader range of colours, including Chestnut and Slate, and since it's compatible with CONCEALoc fasteners, there won't be any unsightly fixings on display. Vertigrain really is the ultimate choice!

decking in somerset

Pictured above is The Longhouse, part of the Mill on the Brue Outdoor Activity Centre in Bruton, Somerset. And, as you've probably already guessed, the deck in front of The Longhouse is a TimberTech deck! The management at Mill on the Brue opted to upgrade their building with our VertiGrain 2 composite decking, giving The Longhouse an attractive outdoor area for guests to enjoy.

The photograph was sent to us by Matt Rawlingson Plant, director of the activity centre. In his accompanying email, he enthused that the decking looked "absolutely fantastic", heaping particular praise on the complete lack of maintenance our chestnut boards require:

"So far it has been maintenance-free, even though it's being hammered by lots of children!"

This was a major concern for Mill on the Brue; since it’s an outdoor activity centre, there will always be plenty of little ones running around, so it was important for Matt and the team to find a decking product that wouldn’t get worn down by all the heavy foot traffic. TimberTech’s composite decking products are specifically designed to be as durable and as long-lasting as possible, and all commercial installations – from outdoor activity centres to hotel restaurants – come with a 10 year warranty as standard.

We're always glad to hear from satisfied customers, and we think Mill on the Brue's new deck looks absolutely fabulous. Aside from its role at the heart of the activity centre, The Longhouse is also used for weddings - we can only imagine how beautiful the various brides and grooms will look when they emerge onto that stunning deck!

To find out more about our low-maintenance decking, email info@timbertechuk.co.uk or call 029 2037 1584 to speak with one of our friendly decking advisors.

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