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If you are considering installing composite decking, you should fully understand the costs associated with it. Yes, in most cases, composite decking boards are more expensive than wood. If you are comparing it to a pressure treated deck, then composite decking boards can be significantly more expensive. There is much more, however, to deck ownership than just comparing the cost of deck boards. 

The cost for the sub-structure and labour should be the same whether you build with wood decking or composite decking. The primary cost difference is the deckboards. So, don’t quote me here, but you can assume that TimberTech deckboards are over three times the cost of softwood decking, but very similar in cost to hardwood deckboards. 

Many people think that TimberTech composite decking is expensive when compared to softwood. Not really. When you factor in the same cost to build and the same cost of the understructure, the difference could be more like 40% more to own a TimberTech deck.

Now, let’s talk about the cost to maintain a timber deck. A timber deck needs to be cleaned and stained EVERY year. I am sure you value your time. With a full time job and a family, time is something that you wish you had more of. It can easily cost £100 to properly treat your timber deck if you do it yourself and even more if you have it done for you! Now, we are quickly starting to close that gap between the cost of timber decking and our composite decking – TimberTech composite decking never needs staining!

Meanwhile, the typical timber deck only has a life span around 10 to maybe 15 years (if you don’t miss a year on the staining and protecting!). Incredibly, our composite decking has a warranty for 25 years and could last even longer than that.

To make the decision easier, if you sell your home, you could get a higher return on your investment if you build with composite decking. In fact, I have seen estimates around 70% return on your investment.

Still trying to decide? It seems to me like the question might not be “can you afford to buy composite decking” but “can you afford not to buy composite decking?”

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