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Doors opening onto outdoor deck

One of the great things about TimberTech's range of high-quality decking is its longevity. Our boards can withstand years of use while still providing a premium look that makes your outdoor space stand out.

Recently, we received a surprising but very welcome email from a customer in Oxfordshire who installed TimberTech decking boards on his property over a decade ago!


Garden with Maritime Grey deck

A customer named Ben recently sent us some smashing 'before and after' photos of his back garden, which has been totally transformed with the help of our EasyClean Edge Maritime Grey composite decking.


We've yet another gorgeous decking project to share with you, and if the recent spate of good weather didn't already have you looking forward to summer, these sun-kissed photographs should do the trick!

These images were sent in by Sasha from Buckinghamshire, who recently used our EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple boards to add a gorgeous decked area to her home in Buckinghamshire.

The results are absolutely splendid, if we do say so ourselves - the sleek silver-coloured decking is a great match for that contemporary outdoor furniture set, and the customer did a great job of giving her new deck a bright floral finish!

Our Silver Maple decking has an attractive 'Spectrum' design that's created by putting the boards through the manufacturing process twice and layering one colour on top of the other. The resulting product looks great in practically any space - click here to order a free sample, or contact TimberTech to request a quotation for your own garden decking project!

We sell a wide variety of composite decking products here at TimberTech UK, and each one has its own unique style: from the traditional look of Reliaboard Cedar to the sleek, futuristic design of EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple, we really do have something for all tastes.

The most recent addition to the TimberTech catalogue is our EasyClean Legacy range, which consists of two different styles and emulates the rich, luxurious appearance of tropical hardwood decking. Of course, since the boards are actually made of polymer resin and recycled wood flour, they're far more eco-friendly than genuine tropical wood products, but rest assured they look every bit as good as the real thing!

And if you don't believe us, well, take a look at these photos:

Tigerwood decking

This deck was built using our EasyClean Legacy Tigerwood boards. Their sumptuous-looking surface makes the perfect foundation for this luxurious outdoor seating area.


 Mocha decking

This deck combined our Tigerwood boards with EasyClean Legacy Mocha decking, which is used to create eye-catching accents. Also seen here are some of our deck lighting products - these help to make the deck usable even after dark.


Tropical deck with bench

Finally, here's another deck that blends two colours to fabulous results. Note the bench at the rear of the deck - this was also created using composite wood from TimberTech.

Click here to learn more about our EasyClean Legacy range, or give us a call on 029 2037 1584 to request a quotation for your decking project.

Composite decking with lights

Beautiful, isn't it? The photo above was sent to us by Stevie Ng, who's recently been hard at work building a new garden deck for himself and his wife Karen to enjoy. The deck isn't quite finished yet, but if this picture is anything to go by, it's coming along very nicely indeed!

Stevie and Karen Ng opted for our VertiGrain 2 composite decking, which combines an authentic-looking wood grain with a cool, contemporary design. The sleek - perhaps even futuristic - appearance of these boards makes VertiGrain an excellent choice for modern garden designs, and this particular deck looks even better thanks to the addition of our built-in deck lights!

We're very excited to glimpse the results of this particular project - we love seeing our composite decking in situ, and we're hoping to have some more photos to share with you once Stevie has finished the job! In the meantime, if you'd like to purchase some of our composite decking for your own garden, give us a call on 029 2037 1584 or click the link below to order a free sample pack.

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