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Snow on decking

When winter arrives, some people cover their deck to protect it from the harsh weather.

This may be a good idea if you have a traditional wooden deck - although it has been suggested that covering up your deck can limit airflow and potentially cause your boards to warp and buckle. Check with your decking manufacturer before you throw a tarp over your deck for the season.

If you have a TimberTech deck, there's no need to cover your deck during the winter months. Our durable composite decking is highly moisture-resistant and won't be damaged by inclement weather, even if we have a white Christmas and snow begins to pile up on your deck.

How does TimberTech composite decking hold up in winter?

One drawback of hardwood decking is how easily a wooden deck can turn into a skating rink in the winter. Water collects in the grooves in the wood, then freezes during cold snaps, resulting in a perilously slippery surface.

This is not a problem for TimberTech decking. Our composite boards are slip resistant and don't collect as much water, so there's less risk of them freezing over.

However, if your TimberTech deck does get covered in ice or snow, be sure to bear these tips in mind:

  • When removing snow from your deck, use a plastic shovel. Do not use a metal shovel, as this may damage your deck boards.

  • Use rock salt or calcium chloride to melt any ice that forms on your deck. Do not attempt to break or chip away at the ice; again, this can end up damaging your deck.

  • When the weather warms up again, you can power-wash your deck to remove any residual salts (maximum pressure: 1,500 psi).

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Photo from Pixabay

We want your composite decking to be enjoyed all year ‘round. The thing is, enjoying your luxurious wood composite decking in only the summer months is a waste – why not utilise your beautiful new living space even when it gets a bit parky outside! With talk of Christmas getting more and more frequent, we’re officially moving away from the Autumnal period, and heading straight for winter; because of this, we thought we’d share a few tips with you on how to enjoy your decking come December!

Wrap Up

We don’t want to come across all parental, but layers are quite literally all that stands between you and an outdoor winter lifestyle. If we can send people on solo expeditions to the Antarctic, we can more than suffice with sensibly attiring someone to have a hot drink on their deck in Surrey. It may sound crazy, but take it from us: if you go to the French Alps in December, they still have deck chairs outside. And when confronted with such a picturesque view, why wouldn’t you want to take it all in, regardless of the season?

If There’s No Place to Go…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Okay, this may seem like a long shot, but we’ve been graced with heavy snow for the past few years running. Forget about the traffic disruptions; instead, concentrate on building an awesome snowman on your wood composite decking. Or pull up a chair, a steaming hot chocolate, and enjoy how much prettier your surroundings look when flurried with frost and sprinkled with snowflakes!

We hope you get the general idea. Why plough money, time, and effort into creating yourself a beautiful garden only to seal it off for most of the year? Put on some appropriate clothing, grab yourselves a hot beverage, and enjoy your outdoor area in all its wondrously-wintery glory.

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