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A pristine set of folding doors makes a fabulous addition to any home, and they look even better when there's some decking on the other side! If you're thinking of installing some composite decking outside your back door, we'd heartily recommend swapping that back door for some breathtaking folding doors - there's no smoother transition between home and decking!

Folding doors allow more light in, which is great if you want your room to feel a bit more bright and airy. They also go beautifully well with decking, and that's the real reason for our love of folding doors. There's nothing better than throwing open the doors on a hot, sunny day and going out to lounge on the decking. And even if it's raining, the generously-sized windows will allow you to enjoy your decking from indoors!

Folding doors and composite decking are the perfect partnership. If you've already got folding doors, then laying some decking outside is a great way to make the most of them; if you're thinking of installing some decking, why not get a set of fabulous folding doors to go with it?

Most of us aren’t blessed with huge gardens these days, so more and more people are looking for interesting garden designs for small gardens.

And with so many websites, TV programmes and magazines on garden design, the possibilities are endless. When planning garden designs for small gardens, many people don’t consider decking as an option, but in fact, incorporating a deck into a smaller garden is a simple, stylish way to create a low-maintenance area for relaxing, dining, entertaining… or whatever else you want to use your outdoor space for.

Take a look at our site for some design inspiration – you will see some really innovative ways to use decking in garden designs for small gardens. You can mix colours and textures, lay the boards horizontally, vertically, diagonally – there are endless combinations for garden designs for small gardens.

And once you’ve been inspired, try our deck designer to create your perfect deck.


The possibilities are endless for garden decking designs. You’ve got everything from your bog-standard square deck to decking around ponds or pools, decking for sloping gardens or steps… there really are a myriad of garden decking designs.

Here at TimberTech, our customers live in all sorts of homes with all sorts of different gardens. That’s why we know that your decking needs to be as individual as you and your home.

Come to us and you won’t need to struggle with working out your own garden decking designs, as we’ve got lots of help and advice to help you create your dream deck. The first step is to have a look at our design inspiration page for loads of ideas, then browse the site for photographs of our real customers’ garden decking designs.

From there you can have a go at coming up with your own garden decking designs using our deck designer, where you can try out different designs to suit your space.

Or if your outdoor space is larger or difficult to design for, you can use our 3D deck design service, where our staff will find out about your garden and your requirements, then provide you with some 3D garden decking designs that suit your space. 


This week, we’ve been helping a customer who was looking for decking ideas for sloping gardens – something that she thought was going to be a bit of a problem. She wanted decking but, with a house on a hill and a very steep garden, she didn’t think there were many options. But, with the help of our 3D design service and the expertise of our sales team, we were able to offer her oodles of decking ideas for sloping gardens.


In the end we designed a deck incorporating steps and some rather snazzy design elements (have a look at our design inspiration page for some clever ideas) that she was delighted with. As it was such a tricky space, she decided to use our installation service to fit it too.


So we didn’t just offer our customer decking ideas for sloping gardens, we also helped her to plan the space and fit the finished product too. We like to think that’s where we differ from a lot of our competitors - we don’t just sell decking, we genuinely want to go the extra mile to help you find the best design and products for your garden and lifestyle. And things like our 3D design and installation services are all part of our full customer experience.


So if you’re looking for decking ideas for sloping gardens, or any other sort of ‘problem’ outdoor space – get in touch. We’ll enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to suit you.



We’re officially in the midst of winter. The weather is cold and the snowy weather here! I recently came across an article on eHow about deck winterization. You’ll notice when you’re reading through these tips that the winter effects on a TimberTech deck are much less cumbersome than a wood deck. In fact, because TimberTech never needs to be stained or sealed, you can eliminate some of the steps altogether – making TimberTech live up to its brand promise: Less work. More life.

TimberTech does not require any specific winterization tips. However, as mentioned in the article, removing all pots, planters, and debris – such as branches, leaves, dirt or pebbles that have accumulated can also help reduce the risk of moisture buildup and staining on a TimberTech deck. Now that winter has hit and your deck may be buried, you can remove any of the snow and ice by using either rock salt or calcium chloride. These will not damage the surface. These products may, however, leave a white residue, which can be removed by either rinsing with water or using a mild soap/water solution. Also, remember to use care not to damage your deck surface when shovelling off the snow or ice. Plastic shovels work well for this. Avoid shovels that have a metal leading edge. For TimberTech’s full care and cleaning, instructions see our care and warranty section 

by Neil Orpin
TimberTech Deck Installer


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