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Our delightful decking lights are available in a variety of colours, as shown in the image below. These different colours can be used to create different effects in the garden - here are a few quick tips:

Coloured deck lights

  • White lights are the basic option, and they're ideal if you just want to illuminate your garden with the brightest lights available.

  • Blue or green lights are a moodier, more elegant choice; they're great for a classy outdoor dining area (or a swimming pool, if you have one).

Swimming pool with coloured deck lights

  • Red and amber lights are more vibrant - ideal if you're going to be hosting regular parties out on the deck!

No matter which colour you choose or what kind of atmosphere you're aiming for, our energy-efficient LED deck lights are the perfect choice. Click here to learn more about them.

We’re nearing the first day of December which means just one thing: the whole country is poised ready to begin the festivities that mark the Christmas holiday period. For some this means new gifts, spending copious amounts of time with questionable family members, and several self-induced food comas. For us here at Timbertech, Christmas marks one of the best seasons to get even more excited about our quality deck lights!

Now we don’t want you thinking our deck lights are a novelty item to be cast-aside in January – the joys of deck lighting last for a lifetime, and not just for Christmas. We just think that this time of year is a perfect one to install these lights as the way they beautifully illuminate your outdoor space is oh-so Christmassy! 

Not only are deck lights the ultimate Christmas decorations, but you’re also getting something you can use, enjoy, and cherish all-year-round! They’ll act as high-quality fairy lights throughout December, but they’ll work just as well in August when the sun sets and they bathe your home and garden in a fluorescent glow.

Why not grace your home with our contemporary and alluring deck lights just in time for Christmas? You can save yourself the fuss of having to get tangled up in the wires of fairy lights, and instead make a long-lasting light investment in your outdoor space!

Deck lights are one of our favourite ways to really maximise the look of your outdoor space, and of course of your decking! The best thing about our deck lights is the effect they create on the overall look of your garden – just look at how they beautifully bathe your decking in a fancy, fluorescent glow. We are sure a lot of you are aware of what well positioned spot lights can do for the interior of your home, and we hope to prove to you that they work just as well in your garden!

With up to 5 different deck lights colours to choose from you’re bound to find something to your taste. We have gone for classic and complementary colours such as white, blue, green, amber, and red; start picturing your outdoor area and what colours would best go where! The classic white deck light works especially well against all of our decking colours as it illuminates and entices at the same time.

The colour is not the only thing you can customise, you can also choose from a clear lens or a frosted one – this means you can enjoy brighter directional light, or the diffused light you get from a frosted lens. Whichever one you opt for we guarantee you will not regret your investment, and that you’ll look for new opportunities to enjoy your beautiful decking.


The deck lights themselves are also to a superior quality, they are actually made from marine grade 316 stainless steel which stands up to erosion and tarnishing brilliantly. Inside the casing the LEDs come from Japan and are designed not only to light, but to last! Even the LED fittings meet Timbertech’s high standard, they’re full encapsulated and so can be submerged in water, as well being IP67 rated too!

If you’re wondering about how you are going to power these beautiful lights, our system runs at 24v rather than 12v allowing you to run more lights up to 100m away from the main power source (most 12v systems would barely be able to manage anything over 25m). Timbertech have really excelled themselves in sourcing you a product of the highest calibre, and this pertains to every single component.

The last worthwhile point to inform you of is that these deck lights can be operated using a key fob with a simple on or off function. We particularly like this idea as you can keep the fob handy, and then when the sun sets you can remotely switch on your deck lights creating an impressive spectacle!

It would have probably been sufficient for us to have brought to you the finest composite decking and left it at that, but that’s not Timbertechs’s style! We went that extra length to find you the best deck lights to complement and accentuate your decking we could – now that’s a bright idea.

If you want to add a beautiful finishing touch to your composite decking, why not try our Deck Lights on for size? These small LED lights can be incorporated into the decking with ease; they're barely noticeable when they're switched off, but when the sun goes down and your lights come on, the effect will be jaw-dropping.

Our deck lights are available in five different colours, including brilliant white, midnight blue, radiant red, and more. The deck lights themselves are water-resistant and safe to walk on - the LED bulbs don't even generate any heat, so you can step on them barefoot without getting burned!

Colourful deck lights are a fantastic way to add an extra bit of atmosphere to your deck, and there are many different ways to use them; whether you're defining a path or shedding some light on your garden's gorgeous centrepiece, you can do anything with deck lights.

A beautiful composite decking is no good if you can't see it, so if you fancy getting all hands on deck after dark, you'll want to include a few deck lights in your design. Our long-life LED deck lights are the perfect addition to any TimberTech decking, warmly illuminating the edge of your deck and providing a nice bit of ambience while they're at it.

They look absolutely stunning at night, too. If you're hosting a party, deck lights give you the option to invite your guests out onto the deck and continue the fun outdoors. They're sure to love the stylish, low-level radiance that the deck lights provide.

So if you want a bit of extra sparkle, consider re-shuffling your deck to include some of our beautiful TimberTech Deck Lights. They come in a range of colours, they're safe to walk on, and they'll make your night-time hangout look phenomenal.

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