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 We have more than a dozen different colours to choose from here at TimberTech, but as we often tell our customers, you don't have to pick just one! Combining two different decking colours can create seriously eye-catching results for your outdoor space - here are a couple of examples from TimberTech's photo galleries:

Earthwood decking 32

This deck uses two different versions of our capped EasyClean decking. Note how the traditional-looking brown design is given a bold outline by that darker, more contemporary border. 

Mocha decking

Finally, here's a photo from our EasyClean Legacy gallery. The deck in this photo is primarily made of Mocha boards, but another colour is also used for accents and contrast. The results, as we think you'll agree, are utterly spectacular!

Want us to help you design a deck of your own? Give TimberTech a call on 029 2037 1584, or click here to order your free decking samples.

Not all of us are gifted with the kinds of grounds that demand a fulltime gardener. Many of us are humbled with a small plot of outdoor living space, but this shouldn’t mean our vision is equally slight! We’ve come up with 5 compelling small garden ideas that not only help us utilise our space, but they help our space feel fully utilised!

Chestnut VertiGrain decking and Glass Balustrades used in above image.


Planning Makes Perfect

We know this isn’t the most captivating place to start, but even the grandest of designs all started with some kind of plan. In fact, planning is even more crucial with a smaller space, as it’s all about getting the placement just right. You’ll want to consider the positioning of the sun throughout the day, as this will help determine where your plants go, and where your seating area is.

All Plants on Deck

You don’t need to have masses of space to have a balcony or decked area, in fact one of our favourite small garden ideas involves creating a sumptuous secluded sanctuary for yourself! Using woven hazel and masses of tall plants you can adorn a decked area beautifully, and ensure your little oasis feels more like a stretch of jungle!

Precision Placement

Placement is key when it comes to designing a small garden – you also need to think about what you are going to use your garden for. A high-quality piece of outdoor furniture that doesn’t compromise too much floor space is a great place to start; not only does this give you a welcoming spot to sit, but it can also act as an ornamental piece in itself when not in use. 

Divide and Conquer

We’ve saved the best of our small garden ideas for last, and this one is all about division. If you have a long, narrow garden, why not divide your space into several defined sections? You could open your door onto a small porch or deck for the first section; then you could have a small tree lined set of steps, or a stepping stone feature in the middle bit; and for the last section you could have a tiny lawn, or a set of furniture on some striking patio slabs.

Dividing your garden up allows you the opportunity to flaunt several design ideas in a small space!

Attention all decking owners: if you have recently purchased some garden decking , and are looking for some new ideas to jazz it up; or, if you have had garden decking for quite some time, but you’re looking for a few ideas to spruce it up, then we have compiled a list of 3 different ways you can deck-out your decking!

Let There Be Lights

We should never take lights for granted, their absence would quite literally send us hurling into a world of darkness! But seriously, the effect well-positioned deck lights can have on your garden decking is quite spellbinding. Just think of what some cleverly placed spot lights could do for an area or room in your house – it’s the same principle for your decking!

Lights can be very emotive in their ability to set the mood, and they can literally transform the entire feel of the place. Adding a few deck lights can bathe your outdoor space in an enticing glow, which is just the kind of ambience you want to create – after-all, decking out your garden should be an attempt to make it more habitable.


Treat your decking like the open-topped room that it is. Yes, technically it’s in a garden, but it’s in your garden, so you can do with it what you wish. Get some really comfortable furniture to place on your garden decking, the kind of furniture you wouldn’t mind spending hours lounging on. The more liveable you make your deck – the more use you will get out of it.

Say you have a couple of hours off one afternoon and you wish to immerse yourself in a good book, just think of how much more likely you’d be to spend it on your deck if you had inviting furniture! Plus, can you think of a more of a more fitting location for a little R&R than being nestled beneath trees in a comfy chair?


If you’ll pardon the pun for a moment, focusing on changing the décor of your garden decking is the best way to breathe some life into it! We are almost sick of saying it, but we really want it to resonate for your own benefit – your outdoor space should be treated like an additional room of your house! As such, don’t neglect your decking, instead incorporate some of your interior styling outdoors.

There are plenty of ways to work on the décor of your decking, and the best thing is there are no boundaries to restrict your choice. A good place to start would be some basic furniture; shop around for your style of tables, chairs, and benches, and see if they have something suitable in an outdoor range. Then you may want to start thinking of something more ornamental: a selection of potted plants and flowers would add some character; you could even go one-step further and look for some kind of statue or ornament that would make a charming addition to your deck. This is all about your personal style, you just need to think of what would work outdoors.

We’ve only scratched the surface with these suggestions, but we hope to have opened your eyes up to some intriguing possibilities. Let us leave you with this thought – the more enticing you make your garden decking, the more people are going to want to use it. What’s the point in having an unused deck? You may as well have not made the effort in the first place.

One of the best things about TimberTech composite decking is that it doesn't have to stay firmly rooted to the ground. Composite decking products like Floorizon are perfect for raised decking and balconies, so if you've always fancied a decked-out balcony of your very own, it's time to start brainstorming some balcony deck designs because your dream could soon be a reality!

Our experienced decking experts have dealt with lots of balconies and raised decking in the past, so there's nobody better-equipped to handle your project. We've done plenty of beautiful balcony deck designs over the years, but we're more than happy to see what you've come up with yourself - just Contact Us by email or over the phone and our composite decking specialists will be with you before you know it!

If you’re looking for decking ideas for your garden, you’ve come to the right place. Here at TimberTech we’ve got satisfied customers from Glasgow to Guildford, who’ve all found the perfect decking products for their gardens.

But if you’re just starting to think about decking, the choices can be baffling. To give you some inspiration and fire up your imagination, here are our top 5 tips when considering decking ideas for gardens.

1. What colour decking do you want? We have everything from cedar to grey to redwood to walnut, so whether you want the classic warmth of wood or a contemporary coloured deck, you’ll find something to suit you.

2. What are you using your deck for?  We’ve got four different products on offer, from our most popular Vertigrain board to Earthwood Evolutions, which looks just like gorgeous tropical hardwood.

3. Want a seamless look from inside to outside? If you’ve got folding doors, you can use TimberTech decking to create a sleek finish, extending your interior to the exterior.

4. Do you have a balcony? Have a look at Floorizon, our product that’s designed specifically for use on balconies and elevated decks.

5. Get some ideas from our real-life customers. There are hundreds of decking ideas for gardens in the galleries section of our website. And if you need any more help, call our team of experts on 029 2037 1584.

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