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So, you’ve finally decided to go ahead and purchase composite decking from one of our stunning decking ranges, congratulations on a very wise investment! However, the decision making doesn’t end there. A host of questions still remain now that you have chosen the flooring option for your outdoor living space. To make things easier for you, we’re going to run through a few things that you may want to consider when building your deck.


The location in your outdoor space where your deck is going to be built may already be determined before making your purchase, however, after deciding to choose our composite decking you may think that your new deck may be better suited within a different position. This could be due to our decking complimenting a certain feature or area in your garden, taking advantage of a specific view or to be more or less exposed to the weather and elements. All of these things may impact the location in where your deck may be built.


The way in which your new deck is going to be installed is another thing you may need to think about. If you have adequate DIY skills, you may decide that you can save time and money by installation your deck boards yourself. If you don’t possess the skills, however, you may decide to utilise our installation fitting service with our team of professional and friendly deck installers, allowing you to sit back and relax while your dream outdoor living space comes to life.

Design, Size & Shape

The design, size and shape of your new deck will be dependent on the location that you decide to build it. Once a decision has been made on where your deck will be built, you can then proceed with choosing the design. This is something that we can also provide assistance with our deck design inspiration and FREE 3D deck design service. Here you are able to view an array of deck designs, including a range of layouts and patterns and then watch see your design come to life by collaborating with our expert team of CAD designers.

Extras: Balustrades, Lighting & Steps

Basic platform decks are by far the simplest to build and offer a classic, clean appearance. If it’s an eye-catching deck that you’re after however, this is something that you may want to avoid. As a result, a multi-level deck may be the deck for you. If this is the case and your deck now sits higher than a few feet off the ground, a balustrade system and steps may be something worth considering. We offer a variety of balustrade, railing systems and steps that not only provide an extra element of safety but also add a stylish touch to your deck. If you plan on utilising your new outdoor space at all times throughout the day and night, installing deck lights may also be an added benefit, allowing and anyone else to see your beautiful new deck no matter the time.

These aren’t all the things that you need to consider when building your deck, but will definitely go a long way in helping you achieve your dream outdoor living space. If you require any further information or assistance with any of the mentioned points or services, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call us on 02920 803 756 or email us at info@timbertechuk.co.uk where a member of our customer service team will be more than happy to help.

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Impression Rail

Are you looking to give your garden deck a sleek, contemporary finish? Do you want a decking balustrade system that won't succumb to rust, dilapidation, and wear and tear? If so, we'd very much like to introduce to TimberTech's new Impression Rail system!

Impression Rail is an aluminium railing solution that makes the perfect accompaniment for TimberTech composite decking. Supplied in a stylish black colour that looks striking and modern in any setting, the Impression Rail system offers deck owners the following benefits:

  • Since the decking balustrade is made of sturdy, rust-free aluminium, it requires practically zero maintenance.

  • An Impression Rail is a great finishing touch for your TimberTech deck - it has a contemporaryeye-catching appearance that's sure to complement your garden wonderfully.

  • Surrounding a raised deck with a decking balustrade/handrail is a great way to ensure the safety of those who use the space.

  • The Impression Rail system is easy to install...although our professional installers will be more than happy to handle the task for you if necessary!

If you're looking for an attractive, low-maintenance balustrade system for your garden deck, Impression Rail from TimberTech is an absolutely superb choice. Click here for further details, or contact TimberTech for a quotation.

Balcony decking with a sea view

A balcony is something to be treasured – if your house has one, you’ll surely want to make it look as good as it can! There are many ways to beautify a balcony, but we’ve always felt that composite decking is an especially effective option for outdoor spaces above the ground. 

We frequently provide balcony decking for customers throughout the UK, and given how good these balconies end up looking by the time we’re finished with them, balcony projects definitely rank among the most rewarding of all! Just take a look at this beautiful decked balcony in Shoreham:

Decked balcony in Shoreham

Love that sea view! Of course, natural-looking deck boards aren’t the only thing we can offer our clients. Every balcony needs a balustrade, and we’ve got plenty of great options on that front, too! Round off your brand new balcony with a gorgeous glass balustrade; you can even get it without the handrail if you’d prefer an uninterrupted view.

A balcony is a peaceful outdoor retreat that offers its owner a beautiful view and a quiet place to relax. We’re of the opinion that decking makes the perfect companion for such a space, and once you’ve seen the beautiful balcony decking that peppers our gallery, we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree.

There is nothing quite like some elegant decking balustrades to complete the look of your garden. Our broad range of garden decking has something to please all tastes, and all come with exceptional levels of quality and craftsmanship. All you need to do is think about what material or style will best suit the décor of your outdoor living space, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our first offering of decking balustrades are the Glass Balustrade, these provide an ultra-modern addition to any decked area. Not only do you get an extremely contemporary looking handrail, but as they’re glass your view is not going to be spoiled in any way!

The next type of decking balustrades we can offer you is the Ornamental Handrail! This handrail is an ideal partner to your Timbertech decking as they both enjoy all the benefits of our composite material. This means you can still have that clean and striking natural wood look, but you won’t have to waste your valuable time maintaining it every year! As it’s available in three different shades you can choose whether you want to complement or contrast your decking for effect.

RadianceRail is our other form of decking balustrades that would go exquisitely well with all our flooring. You can choose from either a classic black or coastal white colour that is going to match any shade of decking. The finish on these rails is absolutely flawless – it will look like you have spent hours maintaining and embellishing them! Because they’re made using our famous composite, however, all you need to worry about it sitting back and enjoying the view.

We really think we have something to offer all tastes and preferences. If you are opting for ourTimbertech flooring, then why not go all out and do them justice with our decking balustrades? Go on, do it properly, with Timbertech.


Clear glass balustrades could be the missing ingredient from your decked area! If you would like to cordon off your raised decking, but do not want your view hindered in any way, then clear glass balustrades are your best option. Timbertech weren’t just satisfied in providing you with the highest quality composite decking available, we have also lent our expertise to the balustrades that complement them so very well.

Clear glass balustrades are large sheets of transparent glass that are attached to your decking via raised stainless steel posts. As you can imagine, the effect that the polished steel and clear glass has is very crisp, clean, and oh so classy! As well as being aesthetically pleasing, you also get the quality assurance that people have come to expect from Timbertech.

These gorgeous balustrades have been designed so that they can be installed quickly, and with a relevant amount of ease. This is all thanks to the clever glass balustrade system which utilises a modular format for ease of installation. The system also allows glass panels up to 1200mm wide to be fixed onto the clamps without any need in drilling the glass panels! This all means that although you are getting balustrades of the highest calibre, you won’t need to spend a fortune in having them put them in.


We’ve talked a little about the beauty of the stainless steel and glass, but this is far more than skin deep. The posts and railings used for mounting the glass to are made from a superior satin polished stainless steel – in fact they’re actually made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, which is something to please you as you enjoy a glass of wine on your decking.

It is not just the steel that enjoys a superior build quality, the glass too is very strong. We use 10mm ultra-strong glass that has been specially toughened to withstand a certain amount of pressure. We couldn’t just use ordinary glass, as that would be unpractical and unsafe, but we went that extra length to get a truly superior material.

Our clear glass balustrades also boast fittings and brackets of the highest quality; this may sound boring but surely it’s reassuring to know we lent our high standards to every single bit of the balustrades, isn’t it? The brackets are actually made from one piece of metal which ensures strength – this is important as they are what is used to attach the glass itself. Even the supports cannot escape from our superior craftsmanship, we use a rigid support for the handrail, and a jointed one for stair applications.

Clear glass balustrades can really help lift the appearance of an area of decking, and we offer them with handrails or frameless. However you decide to cordon off your decking, spare a thought for the sheer quality and embellishment that our balustrades offer.

It’s very easy to talk about having the best, it is another thing to actually have the facts the back it up. When we say we have the most superior, well-made, and beautiful looking clear glass balustrades around, we know this for sure.

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