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Decking paint colours come in everything from natural-looking wood finishes to classic white wash. But why spend hours sanding and painting, only to do it all again the following year, then the following year, then again the year after… you get the picture.

At TimberTech, our decking comes in all the shades that you’d expect to find in a decking paint colours range – but without the actual painting! Because TimberTech is made from wood composite, it is resistant to water and doesn’t fade or crack, so all the reasons that you have for needing new decking paint colours are eliminated. All you need to do with TimberTech is give it a quick jet wash once in a blue moon.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect decking paint colours, have a look at our range and find a board that matches. We’ve got everything from classic chestnut or cedar, to rich rosewood and redwood, to modern colours like brick and slate.

So we’ve got all the decking paint colours you’d find in your local DIY shop, but you won’t need to spend the time or the money actually painting your decking. 

Decking is just for people with flat gardens, right? Wrong. This summer, the only way is up, and we’ve got loads of raised decking ideas on our site, from using decking for balconies to tackling tricky sloping gardens.

If you’ve got a balcony, composite decking is the perfect solution. It’s virtually no-maintenance, it survives whatever the British weather can throw at it all year round – and it looks fantastic too. We’ve even got one product – Floorizon – that’s especially designed for use on balconies. Have a look at our balconies and roof terraces gallery for some great raised decking ideas.

Perhaps you’re looking for raised decking ideas for a sloped garden? Our team have loads of experience of using raised decking to find the perfect solution for a decked area on a slope.

We’re getting a lot more customers choosing raised decking outside their park homes, caravans, mobile homes and park homes lately. TimberTech is absolutely perfect for these sorts of leisure homes, where people want to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of high maintenance flooring. Visit the holiday home section for loads of inspirational raised decking ideas and to find out more. 

If you’re thinking about investing in composite decking, there is a great way to finish off the look – have a look at our decking handrail designs, the perfect compliment to any of our decking products.

Our decking handrail designs share the same qualities as our high quality decking boards – they look great, come in lots of different colours to suit all tastes, they’re incredibly low maintenance, and weather-proof, and they’re built to last.

If you’re looking for decking handrail designs to match your decking, our range of Ornamental Handrails are just the job. In three shades – cedar, grey or redwood – they perfectly complement our natural shades of decking. There are even integrated handrail deck lights to complete the look.

Maybe you’d prefer decking handrail designs that are a little more modern? Enter the Radiance Rail, which comes in Classic Black and Coastal White – great for a clean, streamlined look to complement or contrast with your decking.

Down with the waif look, curves are back, back, back – well, in the decking world they are anyway.  With garden design trends for all things curvy, decking has to keep up, and we’ve got lots of curved decking ideas that are bang on-trend.

Our galleries have lots of curved decking ideas, from swimming pools and hot tub surrounds to semi-circle seaside balconies. Hit the button below to view our galleries and find some inspiration – choose from a huge range of finishes and colours too.

Even if you’re looking for standard garden decking, you don’t have to go for a simple, square design. Be bold and go for curved edges for a look that works perfectly with the fluid shapes of nature. Using our deck designer software, you can experiment with curved decking ideas, or use our bespoke 3D design service to create your dream deck.

So abandon the straight edges and cast aside right angles – this is the summer of curves! 

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This week, we’ve been helping a customer who was looking for decking ideas for sloping gardens – something that she thought was going to be a bit of a problem. She wanted decking but, with a house on a hill and a very steep garden, she didn’t think there were many options. But, with the help of our 3D design service and the expertise of our sales team, we were able to offer her oodles of decking ideas for sloping gardens.


In the end we designed a deck incorporating steps and some rather snazzy design elements (have a look at our design inspiration page for some clever ideas) that she was delighted with. As it was such a tricky space, she decided to use our installation service to fit it too.


So we didn’t just offer our customer decking ideas for sloping gardens, we also helped her to plan the space and fit the finished product too. We like to think that’s where we differ from a lot of our competitors - we don’t just sell decking, we genuinely want to go the extra mile to help you find the best design and products for your garden and lifestyle. And things like our 3D design and installation services are all part of our full customer experience.


So if you’re looking for decking ideas for sloping gardens, or any other sort of ‘problem’ outdoor space – get in touch. We’ll enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to suit you.


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