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We're always talking about how beautiful composite wood looks, but as it happens there is one thing that can make it look even more beautiful; a gorgeous glass balustrade. Available with or without the sleek silver handrail, these clear glass panels complement our composite wood products wonderfully well, creating a barrier around your deck without blocking the sunshine.

Your glass balustrade will look just as great as the composite wood decking it surrounds, and it even boasts the same levels of durability! Every glass balustrade we install is made of resilient stainless teel, and the glass itself is a super-strong, toughened-up kind of glass that's 10mm thick and difficult to crack.

So just as your composite wood will stay looking great for a very long time, the materials that make up your glass balustrade will remain free of corrosion and wear for years. Glass and composite wood are the perfect match, bringing a stylish, modern look to any outdoor space, so have a read of our Glass page now and see if you want to add a glass balustrade to your deck.

One of the best things about TimberTech composite decking is that it doesn't have to stay firmly rooted to the ground. Composite decking products like Floorizon are perfect for raised decking and balconies, so if you've always fancied a decked-out balcony of your very own, it's time to start brainstorming some balcony deck designs because your dream could soon be a reality!

Our experienced decking experts have dealt with lots of balconies and raised decking in the past, so there's nobody better-equipped to handle your project. We've done plenty of beautiful balcony deck designs over the years, but we're more than happy to see what you've come up with yourself - just Contact Us by email or over the phone and our composite decking specialists will be with you before you know it!

Once you've decided on composite decking, you might think you've made all the choices you need to make. Decking is decking, right? Wrong! We've got a range of different decking designs available here at TimberTech, and which product you want will depend entirely on what kind of decking you want to get out of it.

Take Floorizon, for example. The ingenious tongue and groove fixing system makes it the perfect choice for balconies and other elevated areas. If your composite decking is going to be installed on a balcony, head straight for Floorizon - it's especially designed for your needs.

Still, if your decking is staying on terra firma, there are all kinds of other fabulous decking designs for you to choose from. Earthwood Evolutions is a supremely durable material that boasts the natural-looking beauty of tropical hardwood without the demanding maintenance. Edeck, on the other hand, is a recycled composite decking product that's slip-resistant, environmentally-friendly, and requires almost no maintenance at all!

Last but not least we have VertiGrain, a fantastically versatile composite decking that looks great in any situation. No wonder it's the most popular of our decking designs - it works in pretty much any setting!

No matter what you want from your composite decking, TimberTech have got the perfect product for you. Head over to our Decking Designs page now, take a look at some of the beautiful pictures in our gallery, and start imagining...


If you’re planning on revamping your outdoor space, there are so many things to think about when thinking about how to design a garden.

Lots of our customers come to us looking for advice on how to design a garden that includes a decked area. We’ve got plenty of expert knowledge at our fingertips to help you design your perfect outdoor space, but here are the three most important things that we think that you need to consider.

1. Space

Sounds obvious, but how much space have you got?  Whether you’ve got several acres or a few square feet, a deck can be an important part of any garden design, and we sell our products in small or large quantities, so we’ll have something that suits your space.

When looking at how to design a garden, it’s also important to consider the orientation of your garden – where do you get the most sun? And do you want to make the most of that sunshine in the mornings (think breakfast on the deck), soak up the midday sun, or enjoy relaxing with your favourite tipple when the sun goes down?

2. Use

How are going to use your garden? Is it purely for relaxing? Have you got green fingers? Do you fancy dabbling with a few veggies this year? The beauty of TimberTech is that it can be used in all kinds of environments – have a look at our galleries to see how some of our customers have used our products. Whether you’re the next Alan Titchmarsh or you just want a few low-maintenance plants in pots, you can plan a deck that will suit your needs and help you enjoy your garden. 

3. Time

How much time do you have for maintaining your garden? If you’re like most people, work and family commitments probably eat into a very large chunk of your time. In that case, TimberTech’s a definite must when thinking about how to design your garden, as it’s virtually maintenance free. So instead of spending your precious leisure time sanding and varnishing and cleaning your deck, you can spend it relaxing instead.

So keeping these three factors in mind, have a look around our site and plan your ideal outdoor space. You can even play around with our deck designer, or call our team on 029 2037 1584 for some expert help and advice. 


So you’ve had a look around the TimberTech website, weighed up your options, and decided that composite decking is perfect for you. Great! What’s next?

Well, the first thing you’ll want to do is order a free sample pack. We like our customers to have seen and felt the product they’re buying before they pay for it, so if you want a free sample, all you have to do is click over to our Free Decking Sample page, fill out the form, and wait for your sample to arrive. You’ll receive a small sample of our composite decking and a copy of the TimberTech brochure, and if you don’t like what you see, there’s absolutely no obligation to continue.

However, if you do like the composite decking sample (and we’re sure you will), the next step is to start designing your deck! There are several ways to do this; you can either request a 3D design through or 3D Deck Design service, or just send us the plans you’ve made yourself! We’re happy to discuss any ideas you’ve got in mind.

Once you’ve designed your composite decking, we’ll give you a comprehensive quotation for your project and, if you’re happy, it’s time to build your deck! It really is that easy. Gorgeous composite decking is just a few steps away, so Contact TimberTech today and you’ll be relaxing on your deck in no time.

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