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If you want your deck to look as stylish and professional as possible, a decking handrail is all but essential. We supply a wide range of handrail products to suit all kinds of decks, and while we've often champion the sleek modern appeal of the glass balustrade, there are plenty of other options that some people might find far more attractive.

An ornamental decking handrail can create a far more traditional kind of beauty in your back garden. Take a browse through our Ornamental Handrail gallery, and you'll find that every image could have been torn straight from the pages of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine - these handrails have a timeless appeal that will look fantastic in any space.

Not only do our decking handrail products look fantastic, they're superbly long-lasting as well. Our ornamental handrails are made from composite wood, just like our decking, so they won't rot and they require very little maintenance. A decking handrail is the perfect finishing touch for a newly-installed dream deck, so don't order yours before you've seen the kind of rails we can offer!

We love a good bargain here at TimberTech, and there are always some fantastic deals to be found on our Decking Offers page. Throughout February, you can save £10 per metre on edeck composite decking, get a gorgeous glass balustrade for a fair bit less than usual, and light up your garden with a collection of alluring (yet affordable) oil torches.

If any of those offers appeal to you, you'd better hurry - those prices will only last until the end of February! We run a different set of deals every month, so make sure you come back for more when March arrives - who knows what we might be offering this time next month?

There's a reason why TimberTech is the UK's leading supplier of decking for schools. In fact, there are several reasons:

    • Hardwood decking needs chemical treatment to keep it looking good, but those chemicals aren't ideal for a children's play area. Low-maintenance composite decking doesn't require any chemicals; it just needs a bit of wash every now and again.


    • Solid wood decking boards need to be spaced pretty widely to allow for the natural expansion of the wood. Composite decking does require a small gap, but at around 3mm, this gap is far smaller and far less likely to result in trapped fingers.


    • There's no such thing as non-slip decking, but composite decking from TimberTech is far more slip-resistant than wood. Using our boards will greatly reduce the risk of slips and bumps, keeping the kids safe while they're having fun.


  • It's hard to stop children from making a mess, and if it's going to happen anyway, it might as well happen on the decking. Out sturdy, hard-wearing decks are extremely easy to clean, and once the mess has been tidied up, the decking will still look as good as new! You can't say that about carpeting, can you?

These are just some of the factors that have made TimberTech such a popular choice for schools and nurseries. But a composite decking play area doesn't just have to be for school; if you're a parent, installing a deck in your garden will give your children the perfect place to play when they're at home. What better gift could you give them?

Spring is here! Well, okay, it isn't here quite yet, but the evenings are getting noticeably lighter and it's hard not to get just a wee bit excited for the clocks going forward, even if it's not for a few weeks yet.

If you're an outdoorsy sort of person, watching your sparse winter garden blossom into a beautiful spring garden is one of the best parts of the year. Flowers bloom, leaves return to the trees, and everything generally starts to look a little bit lovelier.

Still if you want your spring garden to look even more beautiful, why not add some decking? A deck can completely alter the way a garden looks, creating a multi-level effect and giving your outdoor space a gorgeous centrepiece. A couple of chairs on the deck will give you the perfect place to sit and survey your work after a hard day's gardening, and you can even cover the deck with potted plants to add even more beauty to your outdoor living space!

Whether surrounded by shrubbery or dotted with daffodils, a deck can give you all sorts of new ways to enjoy your spring garden. In short, if you want to get the most out of your garden this spring, TimberTech decking is the perfect way to do it!

Deck design is one of the most enjoyable parts of purchasing a deck, especially when you've got TimberTech's Deck Design tool to play with! Our Deck Designer is a fantastic feature that allows you to play at being an architect, drawing up a blueprint of your dream deck design and customising everything from the measurements to the colour.

The first thing you'll need to decide on when you fire up the Deck Design tool is the shape of your dream deck. You can opt for a straightforward square or rectangle, of course, but if you feel like experimenting a little you can also try hexagonal, triangular, or L-shaped decks - the world is your oyster! And you don't have to stick to our templates, either, because the Deck Designer allows you to input your own measurements for the decking. This can be used to create some seriously unique shapes!

Once you've settled on a shape and size, it's time to colour it in. You can choose from a range of different board colours for your deck design, ranging from cedar to redwood to tropical teak. You can even decide which direction the boards face; if horizontal lines are a bit pedestrian for your tastes, why not try placing the boards diagonally, or even in a herringbone pattern?

Your deck design should be personal to you, and TimberTech's Deck Design Tool is perfect for planning out your big ideas before you make a purchase. Try it out now!

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