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A rather lovely pair of photos dropped into our inbox this week. Bringing the TimberTech touch to this property near the Champ de Mars was one of the most enjoyable decking jobs we’ve ever undertaken, and we’re thrilled that the owner has sent us a couple of pictures to share with you. As dream decks go, a gorgeous Parisian terrace with a top-notch view of the Eiffel Tower is pretty hard to beat!

The boards used on this balcony are from our VertiGrain range – it was already our most popular product, and these photos are a fantastic advertisement for it! VertiGrain decking boards have a wood-style veneer that looks and feels just as good as the real deal, and the resilient, low-maintenance composite construction means that you don’t have to spend too much time on care and repair.

We’d all love to have a balcony in Paris (especially one with a close-up view of the Eiffel Tower), but you don’t need a dream home to have a dream deck. Our composite decking looks fantastic no matter where it is, so whether you live on the Seine or in Suffolk, a deck will always make a fantastic addition to your property.

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Decking may feel like an extension of your indoor space, but if you’re of a green-fingered nature then you’ll almost certainly want to treat your deck as part of your garden. And that’s great – we do call it garden decking, after all! There are all kinds of great ways to work a bit of greenery into your patio; here are some plants that we feel to be particularly well-suited to a life on deck:

  • Yucca
    The proud green leaves of a potted yucca plant complement the woody brown colour of our composite decking rather well. It's a fairly neutral colour scheme, but if you're a big fan of natural beauty then you can't go far wrong by arranging a few gorgeous green plants on your deck.
  • Bougainvillea
    If, on the other hand, you like your flowers bright and your colours bold, a bouquet of bedazzling bougainvillea is probably the best way to beautify your back garden. While these flowers are available in a range of different colours, pink and purple tend to be the most common choices, which is great news if your tastes are bright and girly!
  • Lavender
    There are a couple of things which make lavender a lovely addition to a garden deck. Those little purple buds look pretty, of course, but the wonderful, soothing scent is just as big a part of their appeal. If you want a fragrant place to relax, a few pots of lavender (and perhaps some rosemary) will turn your deck into a heavenly herb garden.

These are merely suggestions; more or less any plant will make a fine addition to your patio. Whether you prefer shrubs or sunflowers, there's endless scope for a bit of deck decoration - and don't forget that the pots and containers can be just as beautiful as the plants!

If you live in the UK, you'll not have failed to notice that it's been unseasonably cold recently. Many locations have been hit by heavy snowfall, and garden lovers nationwide have been crying 'where is spring?!' for several weeks now.

Cold weather can be a big concern for owners of traditional wooden decking, and suppliers strongly recommend that you seal your wood when the mercury falls to prevent it from growing brittle and cracking. This is just one of the many weatherproofing measures that wooden decks require; whether it's raining, snowing, or even sunny, wood will always need a lot of looking after.

This is not the case with composite decking. TimberTech products are designed to be robust and resilient, even in the toughest conditions. Our composite decks don't need sealing, staining or treating; they're already well-equipped to cope with the cold. Composite materials don't crack or break easily, and it will take a lot more than a prolonged British winter to break through our decking's defences!

So while it may be a while before the weather is nice enough to actually spend some time on your deck, you can at least take comfort in the knowledge that your decking will still be intact when the sun finally does come out!

TimberTech doesn't just exist on the internet, you know. Our office is located in South Wales, and if you'd like to pay us a visit then now's your chance!

On Saturday the 23rd of March (that's a week tomorrow), we'll be celebrating the official launch of the TimberTech showroom on Hadfield Road, Cardiff, and everyone is invited! This open day is a fantastic chance to discover firsthand the appealing appearance and fabulous feel of our composite decking products - if the images and information on this website haven't persuaded you that TimberTech decking is the way forward, seeing our products for yourself is sure to convince you. Composite decking is simply irresistible, and we're thrilled to have a new way for people to find that out!

Our new showroom will also feature a range of outdoor living products. The launch party is a must-attend for anyone who wants a more beautiful back garden to relax in, so pop over to the Facebook Event and let us know that you're planning to make an appearance. We can't wait to meet you! 

TimberTech decking looks great on its own, but if you want the complete outdoor living experience, there are plenty of outdoor living products available that will make your deck an even lovelier place to be! Here at TimberTech, we offer all kinds of gorgeous garden products, so if you’re planning to spend more time out the back now that spring has arrived, they’re the perfect people to visit.

Our outdoor living range covers everything from garden furniture to plant pots, as well as a collection of exquisite oil torches and superb garden structures. They really do have everything you need to create the perfect outdoor living space, and customising your garden is a fantastic way to spend a weekend!

So once you’ve got your decking, why not deck it out? All of our products are top-quality, great-looking, and designed to withstand everything this country’s climate can throw at it.

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