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The best way to be ready for those first glorious days of spring is to get your garden ready in advance! Because you chose to purchase TimberTech composite decking, the amount of maintenance your decking needs at this time of the year is very minimal compared to others.

Clean your decking

While TimberTech composite decking is incredibly low-maintenance, there's no harm in giving it a little freshen up before spring! We recommend giving it a quick sweep to remove any surface debris and remove stubborn dirt with a powerwash. Your decking will look brand new, and ready for a spring makeover!

New accessories 

The best way to give your outdoor area a refreshing new look for spring is to invest in some new furniture and accessories or dig out the ones you put away before winter and give them a good clean. Some garden accessories you could invest in include:

  • An outdoor table
  • A BBQ
  • An umbrella or carousel 
  • Decorative lights
  • An outdoor heater (great if you plan to host parties late into the night)

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Flowers love spring and we love flowers! There are so many gorgeous varieties of flowers for you to choose from that there's no need to leave your garden looking barren after winter. If you don't have a lawn or flower bed in your garden, you could hang hanging baskets around your home, or purchase some big, free-standing planters to decorate your decking with. 

If you're looking for a gorgeous variety of flower that's easy to grow, why not try sunflowers, sweetpeas or marigolds?

 If you don't currently have a TimberTech deck installed in your garden, what are you waiting for? A decked area is a perfect place to enjoy those sunny spring days and host parties late into the long and bright evenings. As we have discussed, TimberTech composite decking requires minimal maintenance making it a stress-free investment for all seasons! Enquire about TimberTech decking by heading over to our site:

Visit TimberTech >

We share our gardens with a plethora of wildlife creatures, from birds and bees, right down to woodlice and trees– they all visit or make their homes in our outdoor areas. It’s our duty to take them into consideration when we create our gardens.

If you are someone who loves gardening and conservation then TimberTech decking is an excellent choice for you. Our decking is made in an eco-friendly and sustainable way and it requires little to no maintenance so you’ll have plenty of time to improve and enjoy other areas of your garden.

We want you to incorporate your decking into a flourishing and eco-friendly garden so we’ve put together a couple of ideas to inspire you.

Give plants a new lease of life in a decking planter

One of our favourite design features for any decked area is a planter created using decking! Planters provide valuable space for preserving established plants that you had to remove when installing your decking, but they can also give life to new plants and flowers too. Planters are at a convenient height for people who struggle to tend to ground level flower beds and are guaranteed to look great with minimal effort.

The picture you see here shows a planter made of decking that has been integrated into a bench design too. Using the same decking to create multiple features throughout your garden creates a polished look and also saves you buying unnecessary extra materials – making your garden even more eco-friendly!

Be conscious of the bees

Since you’ll have so much spare time to tend to your garden once you’ve installed your low-maintenance TimberTech composite decking, why not try your hand at creating a garden home for bees? Any type of shelter you can provide with small holes for them to explore will suffice. Bamboo and wooden are a great choice of materials for this project and won’t harm the environment. Get creative and add a bee home to your eco-friendly garden, then sit back, relax on your deck and watch the bees enjoy!

Feed the birds

Whether you’re an avid or part-time bird watcher, you can do your bit for the birds by introducing bird feeders and water tables to your decking. Bird feeders are a great way of attracting unusual and interesting species of birds for you to look at, and giving them a little extra calorie boost is sure to help struggling populations grow! You can make a bird feeder using pretty much anything, recycle an old bottle tray or dish and simply fill it with bird feed and watch the birds flock!

Give hedgehogs a home

In the winter, hedgehogs need a place that they can safely hibernate. Now that you’ll have plenty of time to get creative, why not create a hedgehog shelter in a shaded area of your garden? These will be a great asset to your eco-friendly garden all year round – providing a place for hedgehogs to rest out of the sun, breed and sleep in summer.

Do these ideas make your keen to get out and enjoy your garden? Why not speak to our 3D design team about creating an image to show you how your garden would look when once completed, for FREE! Click the button below to request a 3D deck design.

Request a 3D deck design >

When choosing where to purchase composite decking for your garden you have two different options. Purchase composite decking from a big retail company, or purchase composite decking from an independent, bespoke supplier like TimberTech. In this blog, we explore the different aspects of TimberTech’s service, products and aftercare, explaining why we offer our customers a better overall experience than a big retailer can.

3D design:

Before you even purchase your composite decking, our 3D design team are on hand to assist with your quote and bring your garden ideas to life. This gives you a much clearer insight into how your proposed decking ideas would look when installed in your garden or outdoor space. Our team can even create furniture and accessories to show how your garden would look once completely finished. This is a service that we offer completely free a charge. Research suggests that very few if any, big retailers offer this service which we feel plays a big role in the decision-making process.

When you decide to purchase:

If you’re still unsure about which composite decking is right for you, we offer you the opportunity to visit one of our showrooms to speak to one of our experts who can show you around a range of pre-built displays and talk to you about each range and colour we offer in depth. While there might be a salesperson on hand to talk to you about composite decking in a big retail store, you can be fairly confident that they don’t have the same familiarity or experience with composite decking that we do.

Installation and aftercare:

One of the major deciding factors for most people struggling to choose between bespoke or big retailers is the option to have the decking installed by trusted professionals. Here at TimberTech, we have a competent team of installers with years of experience who will quickly and efficiently install your decking with minimal fuss. We also have a dedicated aftercare department to ensure that our customers are happy with their finished deck for years to come post-installation. Our research suggests that few if any, big retailers offer an installation service with their composite decking. Once you’ve purchased it, the rest is down to you. And while some big retailers offer a suitable warranty on their composite decking, few have the resources available to ensure that you are 100% happy with your purchase.

Of course, we are conscious that some of you are happy with the idea of purchasing your composite deck boards and completing the project entirely on your own. We can facilitate that for you too! You are under no obligation to use any of the services discussed in this blog if you don’t want to – you can simply purchase high-quality composite decking from us and proceed however you wish.

For more information about TimberTech and why you should choose us as your composite decking supplier, simply click the button below.

Why choose TimberTech?

Here at TimberTech, we often hear broad statements being made about composite decking that put people off choosing it for their gardens. We’ve dispelled some of the most common composite decking myths so that you can continue your search for new garden decking knowing all the facts!


FICTION: Composite decking looks nothing like wood decking…

FACT: Over the years, the methods used to manufacture composite decking have been refined, meaning that more wood-like colours and textures can now be achieved.

Here at TimberTech, we currently stock five different ranges that all offer different wood-like qualities in thirteen different shades. This means our customers have lots of options when it comes to selecting a style and colour they like. We can also combine different colourways to create unique, combination deck designs like the one you see here.


FICTION: Composite decking is the most expensive decking option on the market…

FACT: The complex way that composite decking is made means that it can often be a little pricier than your average plastic or wood decking initially. However, composite decking will save lots of money in the long run.

TimberTech offers highly durable and practically maintenance free composite decking that means you are guaranteed to save money on; replacing damaged boards, and on purchasing sealants, paints and stains. Unlike wood or plastic, composite decking is a once in a lifetime purchase for most homeowners, so our customers generally don’t mind paying a little extra up-front for a high-quality product.

Environmental Impact

FICTION:  Composite decking isn’t eco-friendly…

FACT: Composite deck boards are often made using responsibly sourced recycled wood and plastics that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Each year TimberTech recycle 332,000kg of material! This includes; 49 million kilograms of post-industrial wood flour and plastic. We also opt for a closed loop manufacturing process that saves 780,000 litres of water from being wasted every day.


FICTION: Composite decking is difficult to install compared to other types of decking…

FACT: The installation process for Composite decking is very easy and, as long as it’s installed correctly, shouldn’t need replacing or altering once it’s finished. Composite decking can be installed over the top of various materials including concrete, creating a deck that’s often referred to as a floating deck. TimberTech supply all the information you need to install your own deck if you’d like. Alternatively, our TimberTech installation team, who have 35 years of experience, are happy to install your deck for you! Making installing your deck incredibly stress-free.


FICTION: You need to paint/stain composite deck boards annually…

FACT: If you purchase high-quality composite decking, such as TimberTech decking, you’ll never need to paint or stain it. The board pigments are added when they boards are manufactured, and the capping applied to the surface of the boards protects the colour for years to come. At TimberTech use UV-resistant pigments in their decking to reduce the amount the pigments fade over time, meaning you can enjoy your decking and put maintenance to the back of your mind.

Now that you know all of these composite decking facts, you can decide whether or not composite decking is the right choice for you. If you’d like to find out more about TimberTech composite decking, click here or give us a call on 029 2080 3756.

Happy New Year! We’ve just entered 2019 and if it’s your job to redesign the garden this year, it’s our job to get you up to speed on the latest decking trends so that you can create a garden that’s both stylish and contemporary. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you an insight into the most fashionable deck designs and accessories that will gain popularity in 2019.


Picture Framing

Choosing to apply a different coloured trim around the perimeter of your decking, also known as picture framing, is by no means a new practice but it is set to rise in popularity in 2019. Homeowners who want to incorporate a deck into their garden that’s both practical and fashionable will love this trend! Visit one of our TimberTech showrooms if you’d like to have a look at the different coloured deck boards available. Our sales team are sure to offer you advice on which deck boards are most complimentary together if you’d like to achieve this look.


Split Decks

Splitting your deck over multiple levels is sure to be a hit this year. Homeowners want to add decks to their unusually shaped or sloped gardens, and split deck designs, such as the one you see here allow you to do that. You can create a deck that covers multiple levels by incorporating steps and a balustrade or handrail for safety. Why not take a look at our 3D deck designs on Pinterest to see a selection of different split deck designs?


Glass Balustrades

Whether your home overlooks an area of natural beauty or a busy city, if you want to be able to look out from your deck and enjoy the view then glass balustrades are a perfect option. In 2019, we predict that the desire for minimalist, modern and practical garden accessories will be on the rise – meaning glass balustrades will be a popular choice.  At TimberTech we offer glass balustrades with or without handrails and also frameless glass balustrades for creating a truly seamless look. View the entire glass balustrade range here.

We look forward to hearing from you if you plan to give your garden a new lease of life in 2019. If you have any questions about the products or designs you see here, please get in touch with our sales team on 029 2080 3756.

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