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January Decking Sale

We are offering you a fantastic special offer on one of our most popular ranges this month! Our VertiGrain decking range are on offer at a terrific price of £53.88 per m2 + VAT.

RRP £76.98 per m2 + VAT. SALE price £53.88 per m2 + VAT.

Our best-selling decking range is the VertiGrain composite decking. Exerting both the elegance and appearance of real wood decking, it is durable and hard wearing. 

The VertiGrain decking looks and feels like real wood with a beautiful grained surface, but has minimal maintenance requirements. Real wood decking requires time consuming and regular maintenance to keep it looking its best, whereas composite wood products such as the VertiGrain decking eliminates that requirement with the only maintenance needed being an annual jet wash to keep the boards looking great. 

The VertiGrain decking comes with a 25-year warranty offering peace of mind, with three colour variations allowing users to choose a colour that best suits their exterior design plans. The boards are 136cm wide and 25mm thick, with a length of 4.8m enabling a large deck area to be constructed quickly and efficiently.

Take full advantage of this offer and call us on 029 2080 3756

Many of us are planning some type of renovation during the coming year. One aesthetically beautiful and highly functional option is composite decking. Often utilised as a viable alternative to traditional wooden decks, there are a number of benefits associated with this material. Why are a growing number of property owners choosing composite decking and what are some of the primary advantages that it can offer?

What is a Composite Deck?

As the name might already suggest, composites are made from two or more materials. This is generally a combination of wood and synthetic materials. Not only does this blend provide the appearance of natural decking, but the use of synthetics is associated with much less wear and tear over time. Composite decks and associated accessories (such as railing systems) are available in a wide range of colours and styles. It is therefore very easy to match the existing exterior design of a home.

Why are composite decks so popular?

There is no doubt that traditional timber decks boast an eye-catching organic appeal. However, they are not without their fair share of problems. Some common issues include (but are not limited to):

  • Warping and splintering.
  • The development of mould in humid conditions.
  • Discolouration due to ultraviolet rays.
  • The need for regular maintenance.
  • Wooden decks have a limited lifespan.

Not only can these issues be very time consuming, but the cost of such maintenance tasks will add up over time.

On the contrary, composite decks are associated with only the most basic of maintenance needs. Thanks to the presence of synthetics, they are durable and will last for decades. These decks will not bow, warp or crack. Painful and potentially dangerous splinters are eliminated. The weather-resistant nature of composites dictates that they can stand up to the harshest of conditions and their colour will not fade. The growth of mould and bacteria is all but eliminated. Simple maintenance such as power washing needs to take place sparingly and the use of slip-resistant materials provides an added level of safety.

Flexibility and Return on Investment

Composite decks and boards come in a nearly limitless range of styles, sizes, designs and tones. Specific slip-resistant textures can be chosen for areas such as pools or stairways. Their natural appearance will blend seamlessly with any existing wood such cedar fascia.

Finally, we should keep in mind that many owners will be carefully monitoring their finances during 2017. Composite decks are associated with a much longer lifespan, so the return on investment is profound when compared to their wooden counterparts. This benefit is then combined with the low-maintenance characteristics that we mentioned earlier.

Modern manufacturing processes have enabled composite decks to be extremely economical and environmentally friendly options. To learn more about what these turnkey solutions have to offer, please speak with us. We will be happy to work with you in the new year to produce the deck of your dreams.

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