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If you're thinking of adding a raised deck to your garden, here are a few ways that you can cleverly incorporate a creative and functional design into your outdoor space:

Add a Sunken Hot Tub

Hot tubs should not be placed on top of our deck without the correct concrete foundations, so a sunken design is the perfect way to ensure safety and easy access to your tub.

Make a Platform for your Garden Dining Area

Raised decking doesn't have to be substantially higher than the rest of your garden to create a striking visual impact , as you can see from this low-rise platform below.

Add Rounded Edges for a Sleek, Modern Finish

Raised decking doesn't have to be squared off, in fact, our product is so versatile that you can create stunning smooth, curved edges.

Create a Stylish Step Design 

For sloped gardens, why not improve your access to lower areas by adding steps to your raised deck area? A glass balustrade will also give you an unrestricted view over the rest of your space.

For more deck design ideas, browse our gallery or follow us on Pinterest!

Would you like to work for TimberTech? We are seeking a skilled Design & Specification Technician to join our team. Details can be found below - if you would like to apply for this role, please email your CV to

Job Description

As our Designer & Specification Technician, you will be required to generate 2D/3D project designs for TimberTech's clients. You will also carry out site survey visits and deliver accurate specification details.

Your duties will include:

  • Fulfilling basic design requests quickly
  • Carrying out site survey visits (nationwide - primarily in Southern England)
  • Liaising with customers
  • Taking accurate survey information
  • Generating detailed designs/plans for clients
  • Specifying company products (including TimberTech decking and other ranges)
  • Completing material 'take off' requirements
  • Assisting our Sales team and Operations Manager, alongside any additional duties necessary to ensure the smooth running of the business


The successful candidate will have:

  • The ability to use SketchUp, Autocad, and other, similar software packages
  • The ability to competently carry out site survey visits and collect details for project/order requirements
  • Good design abilities
  • A full, clean driving licence

Further Information

This role is based in our Cardiff office. You will work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, with 30mins for lunch each day (total: 37.5hrs per week). You will receive 25 days of annual leave, plus bank holidays and public holidays. Your salary will be £18-20k. Please send your CV to if you wish to apply for this role.


Ground and decking lights are a stylish, modern and energy efficient way to add lighting to your outside living area. So if you are thinking about giving your garden an overhaul in time for summer, our decking lights may be the perfect addition that you are looking for.

LED lights come with a huge number of benefits:

They are cheap to run: lighting your garden shouldn’t cost the earth. Our LED lights will help create gorgeous depth and definition in your garden without costing the earth.

Energy efficient:  Our decking lights use little electricity, which in turn means that our decking lights produce very little carbon.

Manufactured using Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel: many decking lights are manufactured using an inferior grade 304 stainless steel which is prone to tarnish and eventually corrode. Our 316 stainless steel means that you will not replace your decking lights because the quality of the casing has diminished.

Our Decking lights are available with either a clear lens, which produces a sharp, crisp lighting to your garden, or a frosted lens for a more subtle and ambient feel.


If you are looking for a stylish, modern garden lighting solution, then our LED Deck lights are the ideal choice. Click here for more information, or Contact Timber Tech for a quotation.  

Impression Rail

Are you looking to give your garden deck a sleek, contemporary finish? Do you want a decking balustrade system that won't succumb to rust, dilapidation, and wear and tear? If so, we'd very much like to introduce to TimberTech's new Impression Rail system!

Impression Rail is an aluminium railing solution that makes the perfect accompaniment for TimberTech composite decking. Supplied in a stylish black colour that looks striking and modern in any setting, the Impression Rail system offers deck owners the following benefits:

  • Since the decking balustrade is made of sturdy, rust-free aluminium, it requires practically zero maintenance.

  • An Impression Rail is a great finishing touch for your TimberTech deck - it has a contemporaryeye-catching appearance that's sure to complement your garden wonderfully.

  • Surrounding a raised deck with a decking balustrade/handrail is a great way to ensure the safety of those who use the space.

  • The Impression Rail system is easy to install...although our professional installers will be more than happy to handle the task for you if necessary!

If you're looking for an attractive, low-maintenance balustrade system for your garden deck, Impression Rail from TimberTech is an absolutely superb choice. Click here for further details, or contact TimberTech for a quotation.

plastic decking

The number of customers who come to us without really knowing the difference between our composite product and plastic decking is quite surprising. Due to the fact that they both provide an alternative to traditional wooden decking, people presume that they must be quite similar, but we are soon able explain to them why composite decking is a much better alternative to a fully synthetic, plastic deck.

While both are far easier to maintain than real wood, the similarities between the two options start and end there. For one thing, plastic decking is not a very green choice, while composite decking is a great way to reduce waste and protect the environment. Created with wood that would otherwise be deemed useless and get sent to landfill, our composite decking is a great choice for gardeners who want to improve their garden while showing respect towards their natural environment.

Plastic decking is also hollow, which can make it prone to cracking and warping under pressure. Unlike composite decking, it is also prone to fading over time due to the elements, which is not something you want from a supposedly long-lasting decking product. If you invest in our composite decking, it will come with the addition of a 25 year warranty, which demonstrates the confidence that we have in the strength and resilience of our product.

Just remember that although you may initially pay less for plastic decking, it is likely to cost you more in the long-term if you intend on making your deck a permanent feature. Not only will it look rather cheap and unconvincing up close, but it will eventually fade and deteriorate far more rapidly than a composite deck. If you would like a more in depth comparison, you can read more about the two decking options here.

If you need any more proof regarding the quality of our composite decking, browse our selection and order your free sample today!

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