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If you're looking to get more use from your deck and improve its overall appearance, then why not add some handrail lighting to your design? By integrating subtle yet attractive LED lighting into your radiance rail, you can not only improve your decking's visual impact, but its functionality, making it more convenient for you and your guests to use.

Benefits of Handrail Lighting:

  • Versatility - Allows you make the most of your deck during the night, and throughout the darker months of the year.
  • Safety - Our riser lights illuminate your decking steps, making it easy to navigate in low light.
  • Visual Impact - As well as being a practical solution, handrail lighting adds an attractive glow to your outdoor space.

Handrail Lighting Would be Perfect for:

  • Decks with Hot Tubs - Illuminate your midnight soak and enter your tub safely.
  • Outdoor Entertaining - Enhance the setting of your garden party.
  • Front Garden Decks - Create a strong visual impact when visitors approach 
  • Families - Make it easier for family members with poor vision to find their way.
  • Isolated Properties - No street lights? No problem! 
  • Holiday Homes - Add value to your private or commercial holiday home.

If you're in the process of choosing a deck, why not order a free sample of our composite decking?

When approaching a garden deck project, many people are unaware of the variety of options available to them, due to the fact that they are so accustomed to the widely-used image of a standard garden deck. At TimberTech, we like to remind our customers that there are a range of possibilities open to them, by demonstrating the versatility of our products as they have been used in a variety of designs. Here are just a few examples of how our decking has been used in the past:

Incorporated with stone to create a stunning, multi-dimensional patio

Multi level garden


Used as seating in a larger deck project

Reliaboard Decking


Used to provide a raised outdoor dining and gardening platform

Brown Oak Decking


Providing a weather-resistant material for balcony/terrace areas

Decking on balcony


Allowing garden enthusiasts to integrate planters into their deck design

Decking planters


Still having trouble envisioning your design? Why not take advantage of our free 3D design service?

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We get a lot of questions from customers about the benefits of choosing our decking, which usually focuses on how our products compare with other materials. Naturally, with a massive selection of products on offer, customers want to make sure that they are choosing the best option available to them. In order to produce great results and ensure value for money, customers need to be sure that they are investing in a product that will not only look good but will be a long-lasting and hassle-free addition to their property. 

To help you decide whether composite decking is the right choice for you, we've put together a short guide to demonstrate how it measures up to other types of decking.

Composite Decking vs. Hardwood

While hardwood decking can look great, it takes a lot of time to install and produces a substantial amount of waste in the process. In order to speed up the installation while still producing great-looking results, our decking uses a quick, hidden fastener system, which delivers a sleek finish in less time. It will also save you money in the long run, due to the fact that you won't have to perform the time-consuming and costly process of oiling and stripping your deck. 

Composite Decking vs. Softwood

Although softwood decking is a popular and cost-effective option for buyers, it may not stand the test of time when it comes to preserving the look it had when it was installed. Not only is it prone to picking up green slime, along with other dirt and debris, it could also crack easily thanks to exposure to wet and cold weather. Unlike softwood decking, ours doesn't call for expensive cleaning products to be maintained, nor does it become dangerous and slippery over time. Thanks to the low wood content of our product and the included mould inhibitor, we make it much easier for you to maintain the look and function of your deck, without having to spend more money on it.

Composite Decking vs.Plastic Decking

Plastic decking has the shared advantage of being easy to maintain, due to the fact that it is made from synthetic material. It's also often praised for its affordability, although this could prove to be untrue over time. While the upfront cost may be low, and the need for stains eliminated, plastic boards can be prone to bowing, flexing and even splitting over time, which means that you will have to spend money on replacing them. The visual quality is also poor in many cases, as it is unable to replicate wood in the same way that composite decking can. The third tripping step for plastic decking, while it may be cheap and low maintenance, is that it is not an environmentally-friendly option. In comparison, TimberTech takes great care to ensure that the entire production process is as green as possible, so you can be sure that your product won't have an unnecessary impact on the natural world.

 To find out more about how our products compare to the competition, click here.

 If you would like to experience the quality of our material yourself, you can also order a free sample to your home.

Garden deck with dining set

Your garden is probably the last thing on your mind at this time of year. And, frankly, we don't blame you - it's the middle of January! Most sensible Britons haven't set foot in their back gardens since Bonfire Night.

But while January may seem like an odd point at which to start thinking about doing up your outdoor space, it's actually the perfect time to do so if you want to make the most of your garden in spring and summer. Big home improvements don't happen overnight, and anyone who's thinking of overhauling the garden in 2016 - by adding some garden decking, for example - would do well to start planning those changes now.

So where to start?

If you'd like to add a deck to your home in spring 2016, we recommend that you order some free samples now and start thinking about which boards and which colour/style you'd like to use. This will give you ample time to finalise your deck design and get everything installed in time for the start of springtime, allowing you to dedicate the warmer months entirely to enjoying your new addition!

Any questions? Get in touch with the TimberTech team today!

One of the many benefits of adding a beautiful decked area to your outdoor space is having somewhere to entertain your friends and family in style. Whether you want to host an evening garden party during the summer, or simply want a lovely view of your outdoor space during the cold winter months, there is a multitude of ways that you can light up your decking, making it look just as good by night as it does by day! 

Beautiful Hanging Lights 

Hanging lighting is a great way to light your decking from overhead, adding a touch of homeliness to your outdoor space. 


We love this unusual crochet style light from The Worm that Turned, as it brings a touch of indoor, vintage chic outside!

Fire Pits

These not only allow you to add a stunning, warm glow to your deck but also allow you to keep warm when things get chilly! 


Who needs camping trips, when you can create a cosy fireside space from your own garden deck? We love this durable fire pit from Arpe Studio at Not on the High Street, as it blends rustic style and modern design beautifully!

Light Plants

Believe it not, adding extra light to your garden isn't all about the lighting itself! In fact, adding light coloured flowers or foliage to your garden will help to reflect both natural and artificial light, making them ideal additions for brightening up your space.


If you're looking to add some light to your garden via the plants you choose to display, why not go for some white Hydrangeas and light-leaved plants like the Siberian bugloss or 'Jack Frost' as it's more commonly known.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a classic choice for outdoor lighting, thanks to their versatility and the range of options available! With such a wide variety of styles, lengths and power options, you're sure to find a set to suit your needs! 


The Lights4Fun lantern lights from Not on the High Street are a fantastic way to inject a dose of festival chic into your decking area.

Do it Yourself!

There's tons of inspiration available for making your own outdoor lighting solutions, so have a browse online and get crafty! 


We love these pretty firefly lanterns, from 'Home Made Simple' by Joanna Gosling.

Inbuilt Deck Lights 

As well as adding additional accessories, you can also purchase deck lights to install with your TimberTech decking, giving you the ability to light up your deck at the flick of a switch!

To view the range of Timbertech deck and handrail lights, visit our Outdoor Lighting page.

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