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Would you like to work for TimberTech? We are currently recruiting for two separate roles: we need competent personnel for our installation team, as well as an experienced design and specification technician. Information about both roles can be found below, along with details of how to apply.

Installation Team

Full time, permanent

Due to recent expansion, we are currently looking for experienced individuals to join our professional installation team. Successful candidates will be involved in the installation of composite decking, porcelain paving, and garden rooms/verandas.

This role requires:

  • A keen eye for detail
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Relevant experience (ideally in carpentry, paving installation and/or conservatory installation) 

Our installers travel around the country, and so you will be required to spend nights away as part of this job (accommodation will be provided).

Successful candidates will receive:

  • A competitive salary
  • A mobile telephone for work
  • A company van
  • Product training

To apply for a role within our installation team, please email with your CV and a covering letter attached.


Design & Specification Technician

37.5 hours per week

Due to recent expansion, we are looking to employ an experienced design and specification technician. The successful candidate will be responsible for generating 2D and 3D project designs, as well as for site survey visits and specification details for clients.

This role requires:

  • At least three years of relevant, proven work experience
  • The ability to operate Google SketchUp Professional, AutoCAD, and similar software packages
  • The ability to carry out site survey visits and collect necessary details to ensure each project's success
  • Good design ability
  • Good customer relationship skills
  • Full, clean driving licence

Your duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Fast turnaround of 'basic' design requests
  • Client site survey visits (nationwide, though the majority will take place in Southern England)
  • Taking accurate survey information (dimensions, levels, potential installation issues, etc.)
  • Specifying company products for potential projects
  • Generating detailed designs and plans
  • Completing material 'take off' requirements for commercial projects
  • Assisting our Operations Manager with construction plans and specification for installation jobs
  • Assisting our Sales team with timely completion of customer designs, enabling the company to win orders
  • Undertaking such additional duties as may become necessary from time to time so as to ensure the smooth running of the business

This role is based in Cardiff, though you will also be required to work in our Slough showroom for up to 2 days per week. You will work from Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm, with 30 minutes for lunch each day. You will get 25 days of paid leave per year (plus bank holidays). We offer competitive salaries and a comfortable working environment.

To apply for this position, please email with your CV and a covering letter attached.

Just as there's more than one way to skin a cat, so too are there many different ways in which to lay a deck! It isn't merely a question of whether you're going to place the boards horizontally or vertically; as you're about to see, it's possible to create all kinds of interesting patterns by getting a little bit imaginative with your decking.

Decking design ideas

You'll find some of our favourite deck patterns over on our Decking Design Ideas page - here are a few examples to get the cogs whirring:

  • Herringbone patterns (see central image above) are commonly used when laying floorboards indoors; why not emulate those zig-zags with your deck?

  • An arresting patchwork effect can be created by laying some boards horizontally and others vertically:

Patchwork decking

  • If you fancy combining two different deck colours - or if you're simply unable to choose just one favourite - you may wish to attempt a picture frame look, using one type of deck board as the border for another. The results should look something like this:

Deck with picture framing

These are just a few ideas - the possibilities really are endless! If you've got a good idea for a decking design, get in touch with TimberTech for a project quotation and any further advice you might need.

Try something a little more contemporary today!

When you picture a deck, you probably picture something like this:

Cedar decking

Pictured: Reliaboard Cedar

This is what we at TimberTech refer to as a 'traditional' deck: the sort of deck that people have been adding to their homes for decades, with rich brown boards and a natural wood grain. It's a picturesque look, for sure, but it's also a very conventional one, and if you want something slightly more unusual for your outdoor space then you may be more interested in one of our more modern decking ranges.

Here are three examples of what we have to offer would-be deck owners with contemporary-leaning tastes:

Silver maple decking

EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple

As their name suggests, our Silver Maple deck boards have a silvery look that's flecked with hints of a darker grey for added visual appeal. These were the boards we supplied for ITV's Love Your Garden series; the brief for the episode in question was to create a futuristic garden design for a family of five, so our Silver Maple decking already has a great reputation as a thoroughly modern choice!

Grey decking

Reliaboard Grey

These deck boards represent a stunning collision of modern and traditional styles: they have an organic-looking wood grain, but the striking grey colour puts them among the most contemporary decking choices on the market!

VertiGrain Grey Decking

VertiGrain Grey

Last but not least, here's another gorgeous grey decking product - the grained surface is very appealing, and since VertiGrain decking is compatible with our CONCEALoc® fixing system, there'll be no visible fixings to spoil the look of the boards. In fact, all of the products mentioned above are compatible with the CONCEALoc® system, so you'll never have to worry about those unsightly joints and screws!

We have a huge range of contemporary composite decking options to choose from here at TimberTech UK - contact us to discuss your project today!

We offer several different composite decking ranges here at TimberTech UK - from the authentic wood grain of Reliaboard to the wipe-clean surface of our EasyClean collection, we really do have something to suit every would-be deck owner.

But which of these ranges will suit you best? Perhaps we can help you to decide...


Available Colours: Grey, Cedar

With a brushed texture and two different colours available, these recycled deck boards are a great choice for practically any garden.



 Available Colours: Grey, Cedar

Want composite decking that looks just like wood? The flat wood grain of our Reliaboard range will suit you perfectly!


EasyClean Terrain+

 Available Colours: Silver Maple

EasyClean is one of our capped composite decking products, meaning that it can be wiped clean with no difficulty whatsoever.



 Available Colours: Grey, Slate, Chestnut

VertiGrain is our most popular composite decking collection. It's available in three different shades, and it has a gorgeous grained surface that really does look wonderful.


EasyClean Legacy

Available Colours: Mocha, Tigerwood

Like the original EasyClean collection, the Legacy boards are 'capped' with a protective sleeve that creates a wipe-clean surface. Choose from two rich wood-effect colours!

Click here to order a free sample of any of the decking ranges shown above.

With so many different types of decking on the market, would-be deck owners can often find it difficult to distinguish one product from the next. Not everyone is aware, for example, of the difference between hardwood and softwood boards, or of the fact that plastic decking and composite decking are two different things.

Today, we're going to cut through the jargon and explain the key differences between two of the most popular decking materials on the market: hardwood decking and composite decking.

Hardwood decking is made of solid timber, whereas composite decking - as the name suggests - is made from a composite of natural and synthetic materials. TimberTech's composite boards, for example, are made of polyethylene, hardwood flour, and cellulose materials.

This difference in composition leads to numerous other differences, such as...

Maintenance Requirements
Hardwood decks must be cleaned and oiled regularly to preserve the boards. Composite deck boards are far less maintenance-intensive, requiring only the occasional wash to keep everything looking good.

Solid timber boards can grow quite slippery when wet; composite decking is less absorbent than hardwood, which means that it dries quicker and greatly reduces the user's risk of slipping and falling. Furthermore, composite boards are far less prone to splintering and cracking due to the difference in composition.

Composite decking was once considered an inferior alternative to wooden decking, at least in terms of its appearance. However, manufacturing techniques have now progressed to the point that composite boards can look just as authentic as their hardwood counterparts, with attractive wood-grain surfaces that are practically indistinguishable from solid timber.


Environmental Impact
In many ways, hardwood decking is a very environmentally-unfriendly choice for one's garden. The wood from which the boards are made is typically harvested from tropical rainforests, and the oils that are used to seal hardwood decks can introduce undesirable chemicals into the ecosystem at large. Composite boards, as mentioned above, require no chemical maintenance, and the wood flour that's used to manufacture composite decking is made using waste wood that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

Click here to learn more about the difference between hardwood and composite decking products. Alternatively, order a free sample of TimberTech's composite decking to take a closer look at what composite decking has to offer.

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