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August is almost over and September is tying up its laces, which means that the leaves will soon be turning orange and the nights drawing in. That's right, everyone - Autumn is on the horizon!

If you have a deck in the garden - or if you're planning to add one soon - you may well be wondering what the turning of the seasons means for your boards. The good news is that, if your deck is made of TimberTech composite decking, the answer is 'practically nothing'; our low-maintenance composite wood is exceptionally resilient and requires virtually zero maintenance no matter what page of the calendar you're on.

That being said, there are a couple of things that you may wish to do just to make sure that your composite deck looks its best all through autumn and winter:

  • Keep it free of leaves and branches. If you have any trees overlooking your garden, your deck may get covered in dead leaves as autumn wears on. This isn't a great look, so be sure to sweep away any debris to keep your decking beautiful.

  • Give the boards a clean. When you're preparing your garden for autumn, consider giving your deck boards a quick wash with a suitable deck cleaner. You should only have to do this once to keep things splendid for the entire season; feel free to contact TimberTech UK if you would like us to recommend a deck cleaner for your composite decking.

And that's pretty much it! Our composite decking is guaranteed against splitting, rotting, decaying and warping, so you won't have to worry about any of those issues no matter how bad the weather gets. You won't even need to seal your decking; just sit back and enjoy the beauty of autumn!

Click here to learn more about our low-maintenance composite decking, or email to request a quotation for your garden deck.

Cedar decking

If you're looking to add some beautiful cedar decking to your garden (but you don't want to deal with the chore of maintaining a standard wooden deck), we at TimberTech can help! We offer two different types of cedar-effect composite decking - choose from the following options:

Reliaboard Cedar

Reliaboard Cedar is a gorgeous composite decking product with a flat wood grain that looks just like beautiful hardwood decking. Reliaboard Cedar decking never needs to be sealed, stained or painted, and the boards are UV-resistant, which means that their exquisite colour won't fade over time.


edeck Cedar

edeck Cedar decking is a high-calibre composite decking product with no shade variation and outstanding UV stability. The boards are made of recycled hardwood materials that would otherwise be headed straight for a landfill; if you want a sturdy, slip-resistant cedar deck that looks great and requires practically zero maintenance, edeck Cedar will do nicely!

Order a free sample of our cedar composite decking here >>

If you're thinking of adding a deck to your property, you may be wondering which of the many decking materials currently on the market will suit your requirements best. Unsurprisingly, we at TimberTech UK think that composite decking is the best choice available - we're biased, of course, but the glowing reviews that we've had from our customers over the years go a long way to proving that claim!

Here are some of the reviews our composite decking products have received recently. More reviews can be found on our Testimonials page!


"TimberTech's composite decking has given a whole new feel to the garden...the installation was excellent, and my wife and I are really pleased" - Ian Ferguson, Sandbanks


"This decking is low maintenance and looks just like real wood. The warm colour is lovely, and it still looks as good after an entire year of seaside weather!" - Susan Miles, Bournemouth


"Delighted with the product. Was easy to fit and looks great- the finish is much better than softwood decking." - Andrew Ronson, Solihull


"I love TimberTech's composite decking. After a party with lots of people, there wasn't even a slight scratch on it." - Melanie Smith, Bury


"I am over the moon with my new deck. I love the way the natural wood grain replicates the look natural wood, and yet I have none of the time-consuming maintenance associated with my previous hardwood deck!" - Mr Priddy, London


"We've been so pleased with the TimberTech composite decking. We chose a gorgeous shade of brown; it's never needed sanding or staining like the stuff you get in DIY stores." - Helen Lewis, Teignmouth


Convinced yet? If you'd like to find out more about TimberTech's composite decking, give us a call on 029 2037 1584 or order a free sample from our website,

Pictured: EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple composite decking from TimberTech UK

Are you a professional garden designer? If so, we strongly recommend that you get acquainted with TimberTech's top-quality composite decking! Our products are ideal for all kinds of projects - whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, whether you specialise in small outdoor spaces or large, sprawling country gardens, we're bound to have something to offer you!

Garden design with TimberTech composite decking

Photo from A.P. Marriott Joinery

Here are a few reasons why, if you're thinking of incorporating a deck into your next project, TimberTech's wood composite decking is the perfect choice:

  • Our deck boards come with a 25-year warranty as standard for all residential installations (or a 10-year warranty for commercial installations).

  • TimberTech composite decking is available in a range of colours and styles - we've got a board to suit every outdoor space!

Some of the decking colours available from TimberTech UK.

  • Composite decking is exceptionally low-maintenance; our boards require no sealingstaining or painting, a fact that we're certain your clients will appreciate!

  • Many of our composite decking ranges are compatible with CONCEALoc®, a hidden fastener system that allows you to keep your client's deck free of unsightly visible fixings. Alternatively, we also offer colour-matched deck screws to keep fixing visibility to a minimum.

  • Our composite decking lends itself to all kinds of amazing extra touches - we've seen garden designers seamlessly incorporate steps, benches, picture frames, planters, and many other features into the decks they've created using our boards.

TimberTech's composite decking was recently featured on ITV's Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh, which we feel is a testament to the outstanding quality and beauty of our products. Order a free sample below, or get in touch to discuss your latest project with a member of the TimberTech team!

Free Decking Samples   Contact TimberTech

Composite decking isn't the cheapest option on the market, but if you are thinking of adding a deck to your property, 'cheap' isn't what you should be looking for. What you really want is value for money - lots of people purchase inferior, low-price deck boards only to be disappointed when their new deck fails within the first year.

So is composite decking worth the additional cost? We believe that it is - here are a few reasons why:

  • Extended lifespan. TimberTech composite decking comes with a 25 year warranty as standard*, whereas most cheap decking products will need to be replaced within a fraction of that period.

  • Little to no maintenance required. When you pay for a composite wood deck, you're not just paying for the boards themselves - you're also paying for the many hours of the many hours of maintenance that you'd have to put in to keep a cheaper deck at peak performance. Composite decking requires practically no maintenance at all: no sealing, no sanding, no painting, just luxurious outdoor relaxation!

  • Exquisite looks. If you want your new deck to look as good as it possibly can, TimberTech composite decking is the ultimate choice. Whether you want an authentic-looking wood grain or a contemporary, cutting-edge style, we're bound to have something that suits you!

Click here to order a free sample of TimberTech's high-quality composite decking, or - if you're looking for a bargain - visit our Decking Sale page to see what we're currently offering!

*Residential installations only. Commercial decking installations come with a 10 year warranty.

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