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Composite decking with lights

Beautiful, isn't it? The photo above was sent to us by Stevie Ng, who's recently been hard at work building a new garden deck for himself and his wife Karen to enjoy. The deck isn't quite finished yet, but if this picture is anything to go by, it's coming along very nicely indeed!

Stevie and Karen Ng opted for our VertiGrain 2 composite decking, which combines an authentic-looking wood grain with a cool, contemporary design. The sleek - perhaps even futuristic - appearance of these boards makes VertiGrain an excellent choice for modern garden designs, and this particular deck looks even better thanks to the addition of our built-in deck lights!

We're very excited to glimpse the results of this particular project - we love seeing our composite decking in situ, and we're hoping to have some more photos to share with you once Stevie has finished the job! In the meantime, if you'd like to purchase some of our composite decking for your own garden, give us a call on 029 2037 1584 or click the link below to order a free sample pack.

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Cat on composite decking

Here's one for the cat lovers in the audience! We recently supplied some Reliaboard Cedar composite decking to a customer named Jon, and this week, he sent over a few photos of the finished job for us to look at. We're pleased to report that Jon is very pleased with his new deck, and judging by these photos, so are his cats!

Two cats on a garden deck

With its sturdy construction and its durable, slip-resistant surface, TimberTech composite decking is perfect for pet owners, and we love to see anyone - human or animal - relaxing on our beautiful composite boards!

Cat sleeping on decking

And if you're not a cat person, here's a feline-free picture of Jon's new deck (which he installed himself, incidentally). We love how the living room opens directly onto the decking!

Composite decking with bi-fold doors

Click here to learn more about TimberTech's Reliaboard decking, or order your free sample here!

Our capped composite decking was used to create a surprise garden for an ex-serviceman in Cornwall!

Silver Maple composite decking

If you watched Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV last night, you probably saw our Silver Maple decking in the garden that Alan Titchmarsh and his team created for ex-serviceman Chris Finney. TimberTech's composite decking was chosen for its slip-resistant, low-maintenance properties, and the Love Your Garden team particularly liked our EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple decking - they decided that its sleek, contemporary design was perfect for the futuristic outdoor living space they were planning to create.

Capped composite decking

Chris Finney and his wife Liz have three daughters, and so Alan Titchmarsh and Co were keen to ensure that the new garden would be suitable for little ones as well as adults. Our Silver Maple boards are ideal in this regard - EasyClean is one of our capped composite decking products, which means that any mess can be wiped away with ease.

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Furthermore, our decking's aforementioned anti-slip properties helps to keep kids safe when they're running around outdoors!

Silver decking

"Stage celebrities often 'tread the boards' - but it's not often that the board itself is the celebrity. However, ITV's Love Your Garden firmly put the spotlight on TimberTech's bright new star, and EasyClean decking shone in its leading role." - ITV

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Click here to find out more about our Silver Maple decking - don't forget to order your free sample!

Love Your Garden stills

See our Silver Maple decking on ITV tonight at 8pm!

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

If you watch Love Your Garden (hosted by national treasure Alan Titchmarsh), be sure to keep your eyes peeled during tonight's episode - our composite decking is set to have a starring role!

Our EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple decking was used to give tonight's garden a sleek, modern look, and without wishing to spoil anything, the results look truly tremendous!

TimberTech's stylish composite decking was chosen for this project because it has a greater life span than traditional wooden decking, and because it requires practically zero maintenance. Furthermore, since Silver Maple is one of our capped composite decking products, spills and messes can be wiped clean with ease, leaving no trace on those beautiful boards.

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Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh is on ITV tonight (July 7th) at 8 o'clock. Don't miss it!

June has given way to July, and summer's really starting to hot up here in the UK. Today is reportedly Britain's hottest day since 2006, and it doesn't look like things will be cooling down much for the foreseeable future.

Deck in summer

From one perspective, this is fantastic news; hot weather means sunbathing, barbecue parties, and all kinds of other outdoor fun! However, as you relax on your garden deck with a drink in one hand and a trashy novel in the other, please bear in mind that hot weather can be very dangerous - if you don't take the necessary precautions, you could burn, overheat, or even worse.

With that in mind, here are TimberTech's top tips for staying safe while you enjoy the summer heat:

  • Wear sun cream. A staggering number of people think that they don't need sunblock, but trust us on this one: if you're going to be out in the sun, you need to put some sun cream on first. Yes, it's a pain, but being sunburned is worse!

  • Dress appropriately. It's a good idea to wear a sun hat when you're outdoors in hot weather - this will keep the sun off your face and keep you from burning. The NHS also recommend wearing cool, loose garments to keep your body temperature down.

  • Stay hydrated. When enjoying the sunshine on your garden deck, be sure to keep the refreshments close at hand to avoid dehydration. Chilled soft drinks like water and juice are preferable to alcoholic beverages and hot drinks like tea and coffee.

  • Consider investing in a parasol. If you're planning to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer, it may be worth purchasing a parasol or similar to provide instant shade when you need it most. Otherwise, try to stay out of direct sunlight and keep to the shade if you can.

  • Don't stay out all day. Go back indoors every so often to cool off and keep yourself from overheating.

Don't have a deck? Want to make the most of this amazing weather? Click here to order a free sample of TimberTech composite decking and get your outdoor haven started today!

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