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Composite decking

Many people think that composite decking and plastic decking are the same thing. Even Google, in its infinite wisdom, makes this mistake; search for 'plastic decking', and Google will act like you searched for 'composite decking' instead.

Plastic decking Google result

Note that 'composite decking' is in bold, as if that's what you typed in.

However, contrary to the belief of man and search engine alike, there are some MAJOR differences between plastic and composite decking. Today, we at TimberTech UK would like to take a moment to outline some of these differences:

  • Materials - The most important difference between composite and plastic decking is as follows: plastic decking is made entirely of synthetic materials, while composite decking is made by combining real wood with cellulose materials and polyethylene. This means that, generally speaking, composite decking looks and feels more like genuine timber than plastic deck boards.

  • Stability - Plastic decking is prone to bowing and cracking over time, making it one of the least sturdy decking options on the market. Composite decking tends not to have this problem; certainly, TimberTech composite decking is much longer-lasting than any plastic product, with a 25 year warranty for all residential installations.

  • Price - Composite decking products generally cost a little more than plastic decking, and in fact, the low price of plastic decking is probably the main reason for its enduring popularity. However, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to decking; you may save money in the short term by choosing plastic over composite decking, but you'll spend a lot more on repairs and (eventually) replacements in the long run.

The difference between plastic decking and composite decking is essentially a question of quality: both products are impressively low-maintenance compared to traditional timber boards, but composite decking is a higher-quality product that lasts longer and comes far closer to emulating the appeal of real wood.

Visit our Plastic Decking vs. Composite Decking page for more information on this topic, or click here to order a free sample of TimberTech's composite decking now!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we can imagine no better advertisement for TimberTech's composite decking than a photograph or two of the boards in situ. Quality tends to speak for itself, and while we're very good at blathering on about every tiny detail of our composite deck boards and why they're utterly perfect for your outdoor space, we do feel that it's sometimes better to stop talking and show, rather than tell.

Here, then, are three fabulous photos of three recent projects - if they don't make you want to try TimberTech decking for yourself, we're not sure what will!

Cedar VertiGrain composite decking

Location: Leicester

 This job was completed by a company called Fusion Garden Creations, and it serves as yet more proof that our composite decking - our VertiGrain composite decking, in this instance - is the perfect companion for a hot tub. That contemporary-looking canopy is stunning, too!


Deck in Nottingham

 Location: Nottingham

Don't our sleek grey deck boards look fabulous alongside that lovely outdoor furniture set? We also love the bamboo screens, which were provided by A.P. Marriott Joinery.


Summer deck area

Location: Warwickshire

This fabulous photo was shared with us by the customer on Twitter. She was very pleased to have a new deck in time for summer, and we're sure that this stunning outdoor space will make it one to remember!

Fancy a close look at our composite decking? Click here to order a free sample, or give us a call on 029 2037 1584 for more information.

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