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 We have more than a dozen different colours to choose from here at TimberTech, but as we often tell our customers, you don't have to pick just one! Combining two different decking colours can create seriously eye-catching results for your outdoor space - here are a couple of examples from TimberTech's photo galleries:

Earthwood decking 32

This deck uses two different versions of our capped EasyClean decking. Note how the traditional-looking brown design is given a bold outline by that darker, more contemporary border. 

Mocha decking

Finally, here's a photo from our EasyClean Legacy gallery. The deck in this photo is primarily made of Mocha boards, but another colour is also used for accents and contrast. The results, as we think you'll agree, are utterly spectacular!

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Here at TimberTech UK, we're always shouting about the quality of our composite decking: how good it looks, how sturdy it is, how little maintenance it requires, and so on. But how exactly do we achieve such a high standard?

Today, we're going to take a look 'under the bonnet' and unpack everything that makes TimberTech decking such a winning choice. If you're in a hurry, just click over to our Compare Ranges page to see the facts and figures for each of our products at a glance.


TimberTech Decking: A Breakdown

  • Our deck boards are 24mm thick (except for our VertiGrain products, which are 25mm thick). This superior thickness ensures that each board is extremely strong and sturdy.

  • The products that we sell are made from a sturdy wood composite material; this means that our boards are of a higher quality than purely synthetic products, yet require less time-consuming maintenance than solid wood. Furthermore, since the reclaimed wood that we use would otherwise go straight into a landfill, our decking is eco-friendly as well as high-calibre!

  • Our boards absorb very little moisture, which means that they are highly resistant to water damage. TimberTech decking is also extremely slip-resistant (we have achieved the best rating for slip-resistance in both British and European standards).

  • Our EasyClean ranges come with a protective polymer sleeve that allows you to wipe your deck boards clean, just as you would an indoor floor. We refer to these products as 'capped composite decking'.

  • TimberTech's composite decking is available in a variety of different colours and styles, ranging from a stylish brushed finish to an authentic wood grain effect.


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You may already have heard of 'capped decking', but if you haven't, that's likely to change within the next month or two. It's being touted as the 'next generation' of composite decking, and we at TimberTech are very excited about the opportunities this new innovation affords.

Capped composite deckingPictured: TimberTech's capped Silver Maple composite decking

So what makes capped composite decking such an intriguing new development? Well, 'capped' boards have something that standard composite decking products lack: a protective sleeve that guards the composite wood from moisture. Using capped decking will give your deck many of the same properties as your indoor surfaces; for example, if you were to spill something on a capped composite deck, you'd be able to simply wipe the mess away, leaving the boards looking pristine once more.

What capped decking products do TimberTech offer?

At present, we have two capped composite decking collections: EasyClean Terrain and EasyClean Legacy. These two ranges comprise a gorgeous variety of natural-looking wood designs, and regardless of which colour you choose, you're sure to be impressed with your new decking and its wipe-clean surface. Naturally, our capped decking boasts all the same qualities as our regular composite decking: it's low-maintenance, easy to install, and resistant to rotting, fading, warping and splintering.

Click here to order a sample of TimberTech's capped composite decking, or give us a call on 029 2037 1584 for more information.

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