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Swimming pool deck surround

Many decking companies will market their composite decking as 'anti-slip decking', claiming their garden decking contains anti-slip properties that make it impossible to slip on. A deck in your garden that looks gorgeous and is completely safe, guaranteeing that you and your family will never slip over - that's absolutely perfect!

Unfortunately, it is also a myth. Here at TimberTech, we believe in providing an honest and transparent service for our customers, offering only the highest quality products and telling you the truth about them at all times. This is why we will never market our composite decking as anti-slip decking; because, in reality, there is no such thing! Indeed, it is impossible to create composite decking which will guarantee no slipping for anyone, because even with the unbeatable quality of our composite decking, we cannot control the elements and unfortunately can never guarantee a completely 'anti-slip' product. 

What we can provide, however, is a highly slip-resistant deck, meaning that the chances of slipping on any of TimberTech's composite decking products are virtually non-existent. Our decking utilises the very best slip-resistant technology and ensures that our TimberTech's composite boards are significantly more slip-resistant than wood, for example. Our decking products have an extremely low absorption rate (only 1.2%), and this ensures that almost all water remains on the surface and evaporates quickly.This means that when you purchase and install your TimberTech decking, not only will you be purchasing a beautiful and exceptionally high-quality product, but you can rest assured that your safety is a priority and that you don't have to worry about slipping or falling. 

So if you're looking to purchase composite decking for your outdoor space, please don't be swayed by the promise of anti-slip decking because you will only be disappointed with the result. Always seek honesty and quality from your decking suppliers!

Roof terrace with VertiGrain Cedar decking

If you’ve got some flat roof space that you’re not using...well, why aren’t you using it? A flat roof conversion is a great way to give yourself a little more space, and with summer on its way, now is the perfect time to create that spectacular new outdoor area.

And if you are doing up the roof, TimberTech’s roof decking is the perfect choice of material. Slip-resistant, weather-resistant, and beautiful in any environment, our high-quality composite decking is simply ideal for roof terraces and balconies, and when the weather warms up (as it hopefully will soon) those stunning deck boards will feel magnificently toasty underneath your bare feet.

So don’t let your roof space go to waste! Get it decked out with TimberTech and grab this summer with both hands. It’s March now – the days are already getting longer and warmer, but there’s still plenty of time to create a beautiful roof terrace where you and your friends can relax and enjoy the sun.

Want a closer look at our beautiful composite decking? Click here to request a free sample pack – you’ll get two decking samples (in whichever colours you choose) and a full-colour brochure that shows off exactly what our products can do!

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