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Autumn arrived some weeks ago, and winter is already on its way. But does the inevitable cold weather mean that we should all stop going outside? Does it heck! We at TimberTech believe that time is better spent outside; you’re welcome to stay at home with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate if you’d prefer, but the rest of us are going to zip up our jackets and continue to enjoy the great outdoors as per usual. The hot chocolate will taste all the better afterwards!

Of course, autumn’s outdoor activities are rather different from those that summer has to offer. But there’s still plenty to do beyond your front door, and no matter who you’re out with, you need never be short of diversions on a crisp autumn day. Here are a few fun ways to fill the coming weekend:

  • If you have children...
    Britain’s autumn weather may not be as inviting as the sweltering summer climate we experienced this year, but if your kids are happy to brave the cold, the world will be their playground for the next month or so. They can search for conkers, collect pine cones, spot the squirrels getting ready for winter, and – of course - scrunch through piles of fallen leaves.

  • If you're with a group of friends...
    Drive out to the countryside (or walk, if you live in a reasonably rural area already) and search for blackberries to pick. Once you’ve got a good haul, head back to someone’s house and turn the fruit of your labour into a delicious crumble! Ideally, at least one member of your party will be a semi-talented chef, but even if you’re clueless in the kitchen, you can still enjoy the thrill of spotting and harvesting a particularly juicy blackberry.

  • If it's just you and that special someone...
    Find your nearest park and go for a romantic walk. The world really is rather beautiful at this time of year, and it's even better when you're arm-in-arm with someone you love. Oh, and no matter how old you are, scrunching through piles of fallen leaves never ceases to be exceptionally enjoyable. It's up there with bubble wrap.

  • If you're on your own...
    Just grab your iPod (other portable music devices are available), put your headphones on (we recommend big, over-ear headphones since they double as earmuffs) and go outside for a bit. By the end of your music-assisted constitutional, you'll feel enriched and ecstatic. Give it a try, and have a great weekend!

There are so many reasons why you’d opt for slip-resistant decking, as opposed to more treacherous floor surfaces! For a multitude of different people, places, and purposes slip-resistant decking is the safest way to the perfect decked area! If you are looking for a decked area to surround your swimming pool or hot tub, or if you’re seeking quality decking that is going to last waterside, our decking simply fares better than the rest. On the slightly-less glamorous side of things, if you want a decking material that isn’t going to become a hazard every time it rains – which let’s face it, is probably a lot – then TimberTech deck is your only option!

When compared to more traditional surfaces like timber, our slip-resistant decking performs outstandingly well. Timber looks great, we have never denied this, but the material itself is fraught with flaws that you just don’t get with TimberTech boards. The little nooks and crannies you find in timber deck collect all kinds of dirt and debris; not only that, but when water fills them it freezes, and that ice bulges out of the grooves creating a rink-like surface. Now as you can imagine this causes quite a hazard, but don’t fear, as you get none such drawbacks when dealing with our decking!

examples of our slip-resistant decking

Our slip-resistant decking takes in a lot less water your average decking – less than 1.2%, if you’re interested – meaning our boards will not suffer from mould, or algae build-up. And even when our deck does get wet, it doesn’t stay wet for long! Just 30 minutes is all our decking needs to completely dry, no matter how much of a soaking it has had. The speed at which it does dry makes it an ideal candidate for surrounding your pools, hot tubs, and ponds, as well being a safe surface to walk on in our wettest weather!

The best way to keep any deck looking its best, and to stop any dirt building up is by power washing it. When you power wash traditional timber decking, yes it may clean a lot of the buried dirt off and leave it momentarily looking good, but you’re actually damaging the wood itself. When you power wash timber deck is splits the surface making it even more susceptible to water-damage; not only that but while you may remove excess mould, if its pores have already got into your wood, then expect a resurfacing very soon. Luckily, you do not get any such dramas when power washing TimberTech – it’s actually the best way to give it a good spritz once in a while!

Remember, there is no such thing as non-slip decking, but our slip-resistant decking is as close as you’re going to get to it. We attained the best rating for the British and European standards in slip-resistant boards – ours were actually the best performing in the composite decking sector. We back up our promises with proven facts, and even a 25 year warranty just in case you needed any more convincing! If you are going to subject your decking to a lot of moisture, make sure it can keep its head above the water, and carry on looking pristine. 

At Timbertech, we like to think that we are committed to outdoor living, and promoting healthy outdoor lifestyles. This may seem like a lot easier task come the summer; the sunshine seems to bring people out in swarms, but we'd like to see people enjoying the benefits of outdoor living now in the Autumn!

We think our whole outdoor lifestyle philosophy is too summer-centric - this is a shame, as in blighty we don't really get much of one, do we? Not only that, but if you're only willing to explore the outdoors in the summer, then you're going to be cooped up for 9 months of the year, and that surely that can't be healthy! Here are a few of our tips to enjoying the outdoors post-August time!

- Make Occasions Alfresco

Okay, eating outside in December and January may seem more Alfrosto than Alfresco, but there are still opportune moments! Halloween and Bonfire nights provide ample opportunities for making the most of your outdoor space. Instead of watching the fireworks and then going in, wrap up warm, light a fire, and enjoy everybody else's dazzling displays too!

- Dress Up Hot

We are sure most of you enjoy dressing up hotly all-year-round, but in Autumn, it can really help you to get up out of that house, and inhale some fresh Autumnal fumes! We suggest lots of layers, and gloves and hats for warming those extremities!

- Enjoy All Seasons

This one is more of a mind switch, than a practical one, but in many ways this is the most important obstacle. You need to find beauty and tranquillity in all of the seasons; it's all very longing for a hot summers evening, but we find the backdrop of an autumnal forest scattered with red and rusty palettes of leaves just as exciting!

It's quite simple really, stick on some warm clothing, light up an outdoor fire, and embrace Autumn for the beautiful season that it is!



Wood composite decking is an absolute revelation in the world of outdoor flooring. In wood composite decking we now have a material that surpasses its rivals in pretty much every category, making it the ultimate luxury deck! We have managed to condense most of its best features into 5 compelling points, and if you want an outdoor area decked to perfection, please read on!

Maintenance? What Maintenance!

Our first point brings us to a direct comparison with one of our biggest competitors, timber decking. You see timber decking does put up a decent fight in the aesthetics department, what with its natural looking charm and character making it an appealing decking material. Have you seen our wood composite decking recently? It is pretty much indistinguishable from beautiful real wood decking, and as hardwood flour is used in the manufacturing process, there is some real tree in there too! The difference between the two is the amount of time you’re going to spend maintaining it. While timber decking requires regular staining, painting, and treating, our composite boards resist the wet, weather, and warping making them by far the most practical choice.

Good looks that are here for a marathon, and not a sprint

It is not just the wild, wet, and windy conditions we have here in the UK that our composite deck puts up a fight against; once you have your lovely new boards laid, you can take great comfort in knowing they’ll resist heat and fade too! Should we be blessed with another scorcher like we had this year, the deep-rich colour pigments that embellish your decking are going to stay fresh and vibrant. In fact, our boards stand up so well to the heat that they remain cool to the touch, however much the sun sears!

Guaranteed Durability

We’ve mentioned wood composite decking and its ability to stand up to the elements, but these are no empty promises, we back up our claims with a 25 year warranty! Our decking is made using a patented process which results in the same long-lasting, delightfully-durable decking every time. This means that however our turbulent weather behaves, your decking is one less thing to worry about!

Safety First

So far we have established that TimberTech deck looks great, and can look after itself when things get tempestuous, but it also helps keep us in good order too. It does this by offering you one of the safest walking surfaces available, even when wet! And not only are you not going to be slipping up anytime soon, but it is also splinter-free as well – this means that when summer does come you can roam freely and bare-foot around your deck, without worry of a nasty reprisal!

You Get Back What You Put In

This last point is a real clincher, as although our wood composite decking is an investment, it is an investment that should see a large return! By having such a high-quality deck installed in your home, the value added to your property as a whole should return you nearly 80% of its cost. This is great news as not only are you increasing the value of your assets, but it shows just how valued a sumptuous deck can be!

If you’re interested in having a piece of our luxury outdoor lifestyle, please visit our website for more information, or give us a call for more tailored queries.

Swimming pool with composite decking

We're almost halfway through October now, and it's getting awfully chilly outside. If you, like us, are longing for summer to come back, perhaps these beautiful photos of our previous pool decking projects will help you to pretend that it's still July...


Decked pool area in Buckinghamshire

This stunning space belongs to a customer in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. It uses our cedar-effect decking, with a redwood picture frame built into the design for added effect.


Swimming pool at night

This stunning swimming pool is part of a multi-level garden design in Cockfosters, North London. Those are our deck lights around the edge of the pool!


Swimming pool garden in Cockfosters

The same pool again, this time by day. Beautiful! 


Garden design in Hawkhurst

Finally, we come to this pretty pool in Hawkhurst, Kent. This one uses our Chestnut decking, complete with CONCEALoc fasteners for the perfect finish.

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