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We’ve always done everything we can to be eco-friendly here at TimberTech, and so we took no small amount of pride in our latest deck installation. This delightful decked walkway is now a permanent fixture of the RES office in Hertfordshire, and we think it looks rather beautiful in the shadow of the wind turbine.

RES (Renewable Energy Systems) are one of the world’s most prominent developers of renewable energy sources, and their projects have been making the world a greener place to be for over thirty years now. It goes without saying that environmental friendliness is their very top priority, and we’re honoured to have been chosen by such an eco-conscious organisation. We often boast of how green our recycled deck boards are, and if these sustainable energy specialists are willing to give us their seal of approval...well, we must be doing something right!

This project was a big one; before we could even think about laying the new deck boards, we had to remove the existing ones. As always, though, our deck installation team were up to the task, and we hope that RES are as thrilled with the results as we are. This horseshoe-shaped walkway used 72.5m2 of Slate VertiGrain decking – we think this new decking looks rather beautiful.

If you’d like to add durable, environmentally-friendly decking to your home, call 02920 371584 today to discuss your project with one of our friendly deck specialists. You can also email us on


There’s no way around it: if you want the beauty, durability, and quality that only composite decking can provide, it’s going to cost you. We’re not going to tell you that composite decking is more affordable than softwood or PVC products, because it simply wouldn't be true.

However, here are two things we can truthfully tell you:

  1. Composite decking is worth the extra expense. Once your TimberTech garden deck has been installed, you’ll save so much money, time and effort on maintenance and repair work that you’ll be glad you paid a little bit more. You’re paying for peace of mind!

  2. Once you’ve decided that, yes, composite decking really is the best option, TimberTech UK is the best place to get it. We do everything we can from our customers: detailed deck designs, a professional installation service, and the lowest prices possible.

For more information about the cost of composite decking (and why it’s well worth it), go to our Composite Decking Prices page.

There are all kinds of different decks on the market, and if you're new to the world of garden decking then you might feel a little overwhelmed. The wide variety of available decking products can be roughly divided into two categories - let's call them 'Natural' and 'Synthetic' - but even when you've made a decision on that front, there will still be plenty of other decisions for you to make.

So let's say you've decided on synthetic decking. These materials may not look quite as authentic as real wood decking, but they require far less maintenance and you're keen to keep the hard graft to a minimum. But there's more than one way to do an artificial deck; you'll have to choose between plastic decking, PVC decking and, of course, composite decking.

But what, you may be wondering, is the difference? The decking novices in the audience might not even know what composite decking is, so allow us to explain. Unlike plastic and PVC decks, which are entirely artificial, composite decking is made of a wood/polymer blend to give a more natural appearance. It's semi-synthetic decking, with all the low-maintenance properties of plastic products and all the organic-looking beauty of wood.

That's why we think composite decking is the best choice when you're looking for a synthetic deck. In fact, we think that composite is the best decking material in general! If you'd like to see and feel some of our composite decking before you make a purchase, we'd strongly recommend ordering a free sample. We're pretty certain you'll be impressed!

Here at TimberTech UK, we pride ourselves on being the composite deck experts. We truly believe that composite products are the best available option when it comes to decking, and we’re always happy to back that belief up with facts! We get asked quite a few questions about composite wood and the way it works, so allow us to put some of the more common concerns to bed...

Isn’t composite decking expensive?

While it’s true that softwood decking is a little cheaper than the products you’ll get from us, it’s worth bearing in mind that cheap decking isn’t always good decking. Inexpensive wood decks may save you some money now, but you could well end up spending that money (and more besides) on maintenance and repair further down the line. Composite decking costs more to begin with, but it requires a lot less looking after, and this will save you cash in the long run.

I don’t want my deck to look plastic and fake.

Don’t worry, it won’t! We understand that appearances are important, and we find the natural wood look just as appealing as you do. That’s why we only stock deck designs that look as close to wood as possible – if you’re concerned that your garden deck will look unpleasantly artificial, take a look at our various photo galleries and they should (hopefully) convince you otherwise.

Is it difficult to install?

Composite decking installation is actually reasonably straightforward, but don’t worry if you’re not big on DIY – TimberTech’s experienced installation team will gladly build your deck for you.

What if my deck starts rotting or decaying?

Well, that shouldn’t happen – one of composite decking’s big selling points is its durability – but if it does, don’t panic. All TimberTech decks (except for commercial installations) come with a 25 year warranty as standard, and that even carries over to the new owner if you decide to up sticks and move house. Our decks are designed to last for decades, and we’d be just as shocked as you if your deck started falling apart!

If you have any further questions about composite decking, check our FAQ page or give us a call on 029 2037 1584. We’ll do whatever we can to allay any fears you’ve got left!

The TimberTech van (pictured above) is a common sight on the streets of Cardiff. Perhaps you yourself have spotted it, en route to the latest installation, ready to bring gorgeous garden decking to another resident of the Welsh capital.

We've seen lots of lovely gardens in Cardiff over the years, and we love adding the TimberTech touch to these appealing outdoor spaces. And then there are the owners; Neil and Jac, our hard-working deck installers, have met all kinds of lovely people on their travels around Cardiff, many of whom were kind enough to leave reviews once their decking was done.

So if you live in or near Cardiff and you'd like some garden decking, there's only one thing to do: pop over to our decking showroom and have a chat with the TimberTech team! We're always pleased to see new faces, and our garden decking experts will be more than happy to discuss designs and installation with you.

The TimberTech showroom is easily accessible from Cardiff, and all of our wonderful decking styles are on display there. You can choose which colour you want, ask for recommendations, and even request a 3D deck design - it's a great experience, and the perfect way to get your dream deck started!

Of course, we don't just provide garden decking to the people of Cardiff. No matter where in the UK reside, our decking products are available to you, so give us a call today on 02920 371584 to discuss decking options.

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