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herringbone composite decking

Herringbone decking is a timeless classic when it comes to flooring patterns. Found in schools and town halls dating back decades, herringbone decking pattern is just as popular now as it was back then. What exactly is herringbone decking, and why is it such a great flooring choice?


Timber Tech composite decking


If you’re considering installing composite decking in your garden, you might have a few questions before you get started. Composite decking is a very popular choice for decking projects; but why is that the case? Well, it’s well known that composite decking is slip-resistant and low maintenance… but what about longevity? More...


Composite decking

Composite decking is a highly popular option for modern decking; comprised of a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibres, its durable nature makes it a popular choice for people looking to embark on a decking project.

Another feature that makes composite decking so popular is its wide range of versatility in designs and styles. Composite decking can come in a variety of colours, even in colours and textures that are similar to other decking materials, such as wood.  

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As popular as it is, composite decking is also one of the more expensive decking options. So why exactly is composite decking more expensive than wood?


does composite decking warp

If you've decided that you'd like to add decking to your garden, you'll be faced with the seemingly impossible task of choosing which decking material is right for you! There's traditional hardwood decking, plastic decking and composite decking - all of which have their own benefits and downfalls. In order to decide between these options, you'll need to take a few factors into consideration, for example the cost, the durability and the impact on the environment.

One thing that doesn't always get considered is whether or not the decking will warp. Plastic decking is well known for warping under pressure, while timber decking tends to crack and splinter, but what about composite decking? Does composite decking warp? Let's find out...


how do you secure composite deck boards

Choosing the right deck boards for your garden can be tough, there are a lot of different things to consider including, how long the boards will last, how difficult they are to maintain and how easy they are to install. You don't want to choose a deck purely on looks to find that you need an army of people to install it! Here at TimberTech, we believe adding a new deck to your garden should be a simple and stress-free process. There are a few different ways you can secure your chosen composite deck boards depending on the results you want to achieve.


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