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Get inspired with our deck board patterns!

What will your dream deck look like? Here at TimberTech, we offer an endless variety of options for our customers to choose from – our stunning composite boards can be arranged into all sorts of different deck patterns, and with numerous colours, accessories, and added features on offer, no two TimberTech decks are ever exactly alike!

Before you purchase your decking materials, it’s important to think about the shape of your deck and the layout/pattern of its boards. TimberTech decks can be square, rectangular, curved, octagonal, or practically any other shape you might want, and as for the pattern…well, here are a few suggested composite decking patterns to spark your imagination:

Traditional deck patternTraditional Horizontal
Vertical decking patternTraditional Vertical
Diagonal deck board patternDiagonal
Decking pattern idea with picture framingTraditional Horizontal with picture framing
Traditional vertical pattern with framingTraditional Vertical with picture framing
Diagonal deck pattern with picture framingDiagonal with picture framing
Cask deck board patternCask
Composite decking pattern with diamondHorizontal with diamond insert
Diagonal deck boards with solid centreDiagonal with solid centre
Twin frame deck pattern ideaTwin picture framed
Patchwork composite decking patternPatchwork

Note that some of these deck board patterns utilise two different colours. Our customers are welcome to mix and match multiple products from the TimberTech range; in fact, that’s why we encourage you to order TWO free decking samples instead of just one!

Need some more inspiration for your TimberTech deck? Visit our Photo Gallery to see what our boards look like once installed, or check out our Deck Ideas & Inspiration page for even more examples of what can be done with our beautiful composite decking products!

If you already have a particular look in mind for your garden deck, please get in touch with the TimberTech team to request a quotation – we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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