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TimberTech Composite Decking Colours

TimberTech composite decking comes in a range colours and styles to suit any style of garden. Here, you can see a complete list of the stunning composite decking colours we offer.

Note: Due to different display settings, we cannot guarantee that you are seeing the decking’s true colour on your computer or mobile phone. The best way to see which colour best suits your garden is to order two FREE samples.

Brown Decking

There’s no denying that brown decking is a crowd pleaser, it is the most traditional decking colour on the market and it is sure to suit any garden or outdoor space you want to transform. We stock brown decking in a range of shades and textures.

Light Brown

Light brown decking is by far the most popular due to its versatility, whether you’re going for a contemporary or traditional look in your garden, light brown decking will look great. Why not add a dark brown border to your light brown decking to create a picture frame effect. View our light brown composite decking here:
Teak EasyClean Tropical
EasyClean Tropical: Teak
Warm brown coloured decking that emulates the look and feel of real teak, but with less of the maintenance.
Tigerwood EasyClean Legacy
EasyClean Legacy: Tigerwood
A neutral light brown coloured board with a striped surface that has the same striking appearance as real tigerwood.
Cedar Reliaboard
ReliaBoard: Cedar
Gorgeous light brown decking with a reddish undertone. It looks just as good as hardwood timber decking but won’t require sanding or staining.
Cedar Vertigrain 2
VertiGrain 2: Cedar
Stylish warm toned light brown decking with a real wood texture. Looks deceptively like natural cedar but won’t splinter split or crack.

Dark Brown

Dark brown decking is favoured for its rich and sumptuous appearance. We offer dark brown decking across our different ranges, which means you have the option of different grains and finishes. Take a look at our dark brown composite decking here:
Dark Ashwood EasyClean Legacy
EasyClean Legacy: Dark Ashwood
A deliciously dark decking option that will bring a rich and decedent feel to your garden. Perfect when contrasted with light coloured furniture and features.
Edge Dark Teak
Edge: Dark Teak
A sumptuous brown decking with burgundy undertones that will complement any garden space. This dark brown decking is particularly popular with people trying to achieve a more traditional look.
Walnut EasyClean Tropical
EasyClean Tropical: Walnut
Probably the richest and most chocolatey decking colour we offer, walnut decking looks incredible in all settings.

Grey Decking

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional warm brown decking, grey decking might be the perfect choice for you. Grey is a stunning cool toned colour that looks great in all kinds of outdoor spaces. Take a look at the different shades of grey composite decking we offer:

Light Grey

Light grey decking can be used to brighten up a particularly shaded area of your garden, or it can provide a neutral base for you to add brightly coloured furniture and features. Most of the composite decking ranges we offer have a light grey option, you can explore them here:
Edge Maritime Grey
Edge: Maritime Grey
A gorgeously grey option, this decking is sure to brighten up your garden and look beautiful for years to come.
Grey Reliaboard
ReliaBoard: Grey
This grey decking retains the stunning look of natural timber but, when combined with the ultra-modern shade, it offers a uniquely modern finish.
Grey Vertigrain 2
VertiGrain 2: Grey
A super stylish grey decking option with a grained surface that emulates real wood. It’s neutral enough that you can pair it with decking or furniture of any colour.

Dark Grey

Adding dark grey decking to your garden will add a sultry look and feel. Dark grey decking looks incredibly beautiful when it is contrasted with lighter coloured decking or furniture. We stock the following dark grey composite boards:
Storm Grey EasyClean Tropical
EasyClean Tropical: Storm Grey
When you choose storm grey decking for your garden, you can be sure it will stand out from the crowd. This dark decking looks great on its own, or as part of a multi-coloured deck design.

Silver Decking

Silver decking is strikingly modern in appearance because it offers a unique ‘spectrum’ effect. This decking colour looks beautiful in contemporary spaces that get a lot of sunlight so you can really appreciate the multi-toned finish. Explore our silver composite decking here:
Silver Maple EasyClean Terrain
EasyClean Terrain: Silver Maple
This decking is made by layering a dark silvery wood grain effect over a light grey base colour. The finished boards have a multi-tonal effect that is impossible to achieve using natural wood boards.
Ashwood EasyClean Legacy
EasyClean Legacy: Ashwood
The soft silvery-grey colour of this decking is subtle but adds a contemporary feel to any garden. Unlike natural wood, these boards offer a duo-tone that looks beautiful in natural sunlight.

White Decking

If you want to achieve an incredibly clean and modern look in your garden, white decking is the way to go. White decking will really brighten up any space and looks particularly stunning when you combine it with darker coloured decking such as dark grey or silver. We offer the following white composite deck boards:
Vintage White EasyClean Legacy
EasyClean Legacy: Vintage White
White decking is not the most traditional option, but this white decking boasts a vintage finish that is easy to work with. Brighten up your outdoor space with this gorgeous white decking.
Our composite decking is bound to look great in your garden, whichever colour you choose. Be sure to make the most of our FREE decking sample service to have a look at your favourite shades in person before you buy.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the decking you see here, or if you’d like to see how different decking looks once it’s been installed, watch our TimberTech Decking Colours Video on YouTube or head over to our gallery.

If you have already chosen your favourite and would like to make an enquiry, call us on 029 2080 3756 or fill in an enquiry form here.
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