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General Decking FAQs

Q: What span should I use between joists?
A: We typically recommend a 400mm maximum width between centres of timber joists.

Q: Do you supply timber joists?
A: Not generally. Most of our customers usually arrange delivery through a local builder’s merchant.

Q: Can I build a TimberTech deck directly onto my flat roof terrace?
A: Yes is the easy answer, firstly take advice about the suitability & strength of your structure from a qualified person & then determine what method of construction has been used, for solid wood or concrete slab roofs with a mineral finish use our EasyFix shoes to position the joists. For a Mastic Asphalt roof use our roof tiles underneath the EasyFix to spread the load preventing any point loading, both products will raise the joists above any standing water.

Q: Do I butt joint boards tight to the next decking board?
A: No, the butt joints should be positioned in conjunction with recommendations contained in the installation guide to allow the decking boards to expand or contract with temperature variations.

Q: Is TimberTech decking material child friendly?
A: Yes our decking does not splinter or rot and is known for its slip resistant properties, therefore, TimberTech decking boards are extremely child friendly while our 3mm gapping requirement reduces the chance of little fingers getting trapped.

Q: Are TimberTech deck boards suitable for salt water environments?
A: Yes – our moisture-resistant boards cope incredibly well in salt water environments, and are a great choice for piers and other seafront installations.

Q: Will the colour of my TimberTech decking fade over time?
A: Yes, though to a significantly lesser degree than most other decking products. You can expect your boards to lose about 10% of their colour density in the first 4 months; after this initial period, the colour will remain stable and consistent going forward thanks to the UV-resistant pigments used to create our decking.

Q: Is TimberTech decking environmentally friendly?
A: Yes – click here to find out how we minimise the impact of our products and processes on the world around us.

Decking FAQs

Q: What fasteners are recommended when installing TimberTech decking?
A: Boards with a grooved profile can be installed using our CONCEALoc® hidden fixing system; boards with an ungrooved profile are face-fixed in the traditional manner using TOPLoc™ colour-matched deck screws. Click here to learn more about our deck fixing options.

Q: Can TimberTech decking be installed over an existing paved/concrete area?
A: Yes, although you will require at least a 50mm joist system (supported by substrate) over which to build the decking. We recommend using our EasyFix joist shoes – you will require 8 shoes per m2.

Q: Can TimberTech boards be cantilevered?
A: Yes – all TimberTech deck boards can be cantilevered 1 inch over the final support.

Q: Can TimberTech decking be fastened or sealed with caulk/glue?
A: No. We do not recommend using glues or adhesives to install your TimberTech decking, and sealing with caulk will prevent drainage and the expansion/contraction of the boards.

Q: Can I install a hot tub on top of my TimberTech boards?
A: No. The spa must sit on suitable joists or concrete; the deck boards can then be fastened around the spa.

Q: Can I use a router on my TimberTech decking?
A: We do not recommend using a router on our capped composite deck boards.

If you are planning to route your TimberTech deck boards, we can supply a CONCEALoc® router bit that will help you to install our products using the CONCEALoc® hidden fixing system (see What fasteners..., above).

Q: Can I paint/stain my TimberTech decking?
A: We don’t recommend it. Applying paint or stain to your TimberTech boards will necessitate a regular maintenance programme going forward, and of course we at TimberTech cannot guarantee or vouch for the performance of any paint or stain that you use on our products, it may also invalidate your warranty.

Q: Do I have to leave a wider joint on butt joints?
A: Yes, you should install in accordance with our installation guide to allow for thermal expansion along the length of the board.


Q: Do I need to leave gaps between the boards when installing with CONCEALoc® fasteners?
A: CONCEALoc® is designed to provide a consistent 3-4mm gap between the boards, though you will still need to gap the ends of the boards at the butt joints.

Q: Will I need any special tools to install using CONCEALoc®
A: No – all you need is a drill or driver. The CONCEALoc® fasteners come with a #1 square drive bit, and we can also provide a special router bit to help you correct the correct groove if necessary.

Q: What are CONCEALoc® fasteners made of?
A: They are made from .060" 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and a long lifespan in any environment.

Q: Can CONCEALoc® fasteners be installed at an angle?
A: Yes, up to angles of 45°. If installing on an angle, we recommend that you offset the centre of the fastener half an inch towards the joist’s long point to ensure that the fastener won’t exit the joist when you drive it in.

Q: Can a damaged deck board be replaced if it was installed with CONCEALoc® fasteners?
A: Yes, it is possible to replace deck boards that have been installed using the CONCEALoc® system.
Please contact us if you require advice on how to do so.

For more information about installing your deck with CONCEALoc® fasteners, please visit our Installation Resources page.

Deck Care/Cleaning FAQs

Q: How can I clean dirt, grime, rust and spot stains (grease, oil, etc.) from my TimberTech deck?
A:Contact us to request a suitable deck cleaner. If the stains have set, you may choose to lightly sand the surface of your decking using a fine sandpaper (follow the wood grain). Note: we do not recommend sanding our capped boards, they can simply be wiped clean.

Q: How can I remove scratches from my TimberTech deck?
A: Do not use a wire brush on our capped boards since these products come with a protective sleeve, scratches will fade over time, though it is possible to recolour the abrasion using a soldering iron. Remember to use caution when working with a soldering iron; we recommend trying this method on a small decking sample before attempting it on your deck.

Q: How can I remove ice and snow from my TimberTech deck?
A: We recommend using rock salt to melt any ice/snow on your deck.

If you have any other questions for the TimberTech team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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