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Composite Decking from TimberTech

Our WPC decking is a strong, sustainable alternative to traditional wood decking.

TimberTech’s beautiful, low-maintenance composite decking is the perfect choice for practically any outdoor space. We use an environmentally-friendly combination of recycled wood and synthetic materials to create high-quality plastic decking boards that will stand the test of time and enhance your property for years to come.

TimberTech Composite Decking: Ranked #1 for Quality!

TimberTech deck boards were named ‘Highest Quality’ in the PVC / Composite Decking category of the 2021 BUILDER Brand Use Study.

*Except for EasyClean Edge and Edge+ deck boards, which come with a 25-year residential warranty including fade and stain cover.

If you want the best decking material for your garden, our sustainable, slip-resistant composite boards are the perfect choice. TimberTech remains one of the UK’s most trusted wood-plastic composite decking suppliers, and our durable, naturally beautiful deck boards have been used in all kinds of spaces nationwide – no project is too big, too small, or too unusual!

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It doesn’t end with deck boards!

In addition to our decking products, we provide an all-in-one service that will help you to completely transform your garden. TimberTech’s hard-wearing plastic decking is unsurpassed in quality and visual appeal, and our exceptional service means that you’ll be enjoying your deck for many, many years to come.

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TimberTech’s Composite Decking Lasts for Years!

A garden deck should last for decades. When you add TimberTech decking to your outdoor space, you can rest assured that the boards will stand the test of time.

We frequently hear from customers who purchased composite decking from us 10+ years ago and still have beautiful decks that look as good as new. Choose TimberTech and you’ll continue to enjoy your deck long into the future!

All of our composite decking boards come with an extensive warranty to give you total peace of mind.

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Our Happy Customers

"I am so satisfied with my TimberTech deck, It’s amazing, a really worthwhile investment – I just wish I had done it sooner!"
Mr Pearman, Oxon
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"I have recently had my property re-valued and the decking has added to the value of my house"
Mr Stamford, London
Our Reviews

What is composite decking made of?

Composite decking is made of real wood and synthetic polymers. These materials are blended together to create an exceptionally sturdy product that looks just as good as hardwood decking, but requires significantly less maintenance.

What is ‘capped’ composite decking?

Capped composite decking is a relatively recent innovation that has revolutionised the decking market. Capped decking products are protected by a moisture-resistant polymer sleeve that keeps out moisture and protects the board from damage. The polymer sleeve typically covers three of the board’s four sides, although some high-end boards are ‘capped’ on all four sides.

Capped composite decking is even more durable and hard-wearing than the first generation of composite decking products were. Perhaps the biggest selling point of capped decking is the fact that spills can be instantly wiped clean, making it easier than ever to keep your deck in pristine condition.

How does composite decking compare to wood?

Composite decking has a number of advantages over traditional hardwood decking Wooden boards require regular maintenance, whereas composite deck boards require virtually none – if you want a deck that will never need to be stained or deep-cleaned, composite decking is the answer you’re looking for.

Composite decking is also easier to install than wood decking, and it’s arguably a lot safer, with a much lower risk of cracks and splinters.

Is composite decking water-resistant?

Yes. Our decking boards have a very low absorption rate (less than 1.2%), giving them superb protection against staining and water damage. For this reason, composite decking is a great choice for swimming pools and hot tubs.

Is composite decking slippery?

TimberTech composite decking is specifically engineered to minimise the risk of slips and falls. Because our boards absorb less than 1.2% of moisture, they dry very quickly – usually within 30 minutes of a jet-wash or rain shower.

Composite decking is also resistant to potentially slippery growths like algae and mould, and because water disappears quickly, your deck is unlikely to freeze over during the winter months.

Is composite decking expensive?

It’s true that wood-plastic composite decking tends to be more expensive than decking that is made entirely of wood or entirely of synthetic materials. But remember, you get what you pay for: high-quality composite decking boards last longer and require significantly less upkeep than other decking products.

If you want a deck that will last for years with virtually zero maintenance and no need for costly repair work, composite decking is worth every penny.

Does composite decking get hot on sunny days?

Unlike solid wood decking, which can occasionally become too hot to walk on during the summer months, composite deck boards resist heat and stay relatively cool to the touch even on hot days. TimberTech decking products are coloured using special pigments that are specifically chosen because they’re good at reflecting heat.

Is composite decking scratch-resistant?

While it is possible to scratch composite decking, our boards are very hard-wearing and hold up well even when you’re using them every day. And you don’t have to take our word for it – here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our customers:

"I love this decking. After a party with lots of people, there wasn’t even a slight scratch on it." – Melanie from Bury

"Our TimberTech decking has now been in place for a month, and we couldn’t be happier. Despite garden furniture, plant pots and numerous BBQs, there is not a mark or scratch on it. Very resilient!"– Ian & Daphne from Maidenhead

Will composite decking warp?

Unlikely. Composite decking is very resistant to warping, so even the notoriously inconsistent British weather should have no impact on the appearance of your TimberTech deck.

This is another reason to choose composite decking over traditional hardwood decking. Wooden boards have a tendency to warp after a few years of exposure to the elements, but not our composite decking!

Does composite decking rot?

No – this is yet another department where composite decking easily outshines solid wood products. Because our composite deck boards don’t absorb much moisture, and because they are made using a combination of natural wood and hard-wearing plastic, they can last for decades without rotting at all.

Is composite decking hard to install?

Composite decking is actually quite easy to install, and because there are no knots to get rid of, you can use every bit of each board. We recommend CONCEALoc® hidden fasteners for a flawless finish that requires very little effort.

If you are planning to install TimberTech decking yourself, we have a number of free resources that you may find useful.

Does composite decking fade over time?

Our composite decking boards are specifically designed to resist fading and colour loss. Your garden deck should continue to look as good as new for many years after installation. Capped boards are especially fade-resistant thanks to the protective polymer sleeve.

Does composite decking expand and contract?

Yes it does, though not as dramatically as hardwood decking. Our installation guide does recommend leaving a small expansion gap when installing TimberTech deck boards in order to account for the changes that will naturally occur as temperatures fluctuate.

Is composite decking eco-friendly?

We do our best to offer consumers an environmentally-friendly alternative to hardwood decking products, which often contribute to deforestation and sometimes even use materials sourced from illegal logging operations in tropical rainforests.

TimberTech composite decking is made using reclaimed wood that would otherwise have been sent to a landfill. Our manufacturing process actually keeps many tonnes of wood from going to waste! For more information on how we’re limiting our impact on the environment, visit our Eco Decking page.
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TimberTech’s outdoor composite decking is manufactured to the very highest quality. The boards absorb very little water, so you can rest assured that they’ll cope with whatever the weather throws at them. Adding a deck to your property is a long-term investment, so forget about wood and plastic decking – make sure you choose a material that will last. Order your free sample pack now..
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